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Thomas & Friends Tri Scooter

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    7 Reviews
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      28.08.2012 13:04
      Very helpful



      Thomas scooter, fiddly to get together but a great ride

      My daughter Hollie has my Granddad wrapped around her little finger. She asks and she gets. Hollie is 3 and a half and for a long time now has been begging me to get her a scooter.

      A few weeks ago, Hollie asked my grandparents to get her a scooter for Christmas. They then wanted to buy her one from Argos for £19.96 and would give it to her straight away. They mentioned they wanted to get her a treat and this was just a mid year present for her being a good girl.
      We go to my grandparents for dinner once a week, so my granddad had sent my dad to go fetch the reserved scooter from the local Argos and bring it with him on his way home from work. Boy was Hollie excited!

      When my dad arrived with the scooter, it was in a box. Hollie loves boys toys and anything blue at the moment, so she begged them for a Thomas the tank engine one.
      We made Hollie sit and eat her dinner before she was able to open the box to get the scooter out, so it was one of the first times she ate her dinner in less than 30 minutes.

      We opened the box to see it needed setting up.

      Setting up the scooter:
      Setting it up was rather difficult not only because there was a 3 year old buzzing around us wanting to help, but then we realised the instructions were a little confusing too. We managed to get the frame and front wheel on which was simple enough. It needs tightening very well so it may be best to have someone strong help you out.

      The back wheels however are a big pain in the bum. It uses a long metal rod that slots through the back of the scooter, then placing the two wheels on and then needing to tighten a bolt on either end. This part will need two people.

      The scooter comes with two spanners which have the hexagon cut outs in the metal for you to place over the bolts and turn it to tighten.
      You will need to turn both at the same time but in opposite directions. Me and my dad struggled with that part tremendously as the spanners kept coming off the bolts and then you had to remember which way you were turning it.

      Towards the end we realised one person could just hold their side still rather than turning it but at the beginning it would take both bolts being turned to secure the wheels in place. It comes with some bolt covers too so stop rusting or catching skin on the raw bolt metal.
      The frame is made from metal tubes and it blue with some stickers of Thomas the tank engine stuck around it. The handle bars are red rubber and Hollie seems to find them comfortable enough to hold.

      The board for feet is made from very sturdy plastic and is said to hold around 45kg. The wheels are great quality and a plastic, rubbery wheel makes her riding experience that much better.
      In the photo of this product, it shows a different foot board and the plastic Thomas disk attached to the front is a different image to the one we have.

      The instructions and safety advice stated that safety head gear and pads are advised for the scooter but if you're not going too far and you are keeping your child in a safe, traffic free area these shouldn't be such a problem. How fast can a 3-5 year old really go on a scooter to do some damage? We will be getting a helmet to match as she isn't happy with her pink Angelina Ballerina one that goes with her bike so she insists on a Thomas one.

      The scooter also has adjustable handle bars to fit to your child's height. This can be adjusted when putting the bike together and un-doing some bolts at the front of the bike will allow adjustment after putting it together.

      First ride:
      After watching Peppa pig and seeing her ride a scooter, Hollie has wanted one for the past year. She has asked me almost every weekend to get her one when we are in town but a year ago, she wasn't old enough to ride.

      Once the scooter was set up, she got on and straight away understood how she needed to ride it. She started off in the living room riding around the dining table and learning how to turn the scooter. At first, to turn around she was picking it up and moving it, but after a few lessons from her granddad, she started to get the hang of it.

      We took her outside in the garden where my grandparent have a very long path way going all the way from the front of the house and around to the back. This was perfect for her to practice going round corners and being stable on it.

      She was a natural from the start. On a normal scooter it has just two wheels, but this one has one at the front and two at the back which makes it much easier for Hollie's stability and she doesn't need to learn her balance on just two wheels just yet.

      The bike was recommended for children 2+ but Hollie is very tall for her age and can ride this easily and is perfect height. If she was 2 when she got this, She would have found it very difficult to use. Now she has been walking for over 2 years (blimey that seems just yesterday!) and she is very stable on her feet with walking and running, she can scoot along very well.

      The next day I took her out on her scooter around the block. Our road is very safe in the day as most people are at work and there is hardly any cars around so I knew she would be safe if she were to fall down. She rode on the path very well and went around the whole estate which is about a 15 minute walk for us but she was going pretty fast which meant I was power walking behind her near on jogging but she wasn't going to slow down for anyone.

      Since getting the scooter, she hasn't let go of it. We have an argument every night as she wants to take it to bed with her in case someone "steals" it. We leave it at the bottom of the stairs so she can see it first thing when she wakes up in the morning.

      Our garden is no good for riding her scooter as we don't have much patio space for her to ride on so we tend to take the walk around the estate when we are at home. She has gotten very good at riding now and we haven't had any accidents on it yet.

      Where to buy?
      This scooter is available at Argos for £19.96 (correct as of august 2012) and is worth every penny. Hollie loves playing on her scooter and will be very dissapointed when winter comes and she won't be able to use it as much as before.

      I feel that the quality of this product exceeds my expectations when it was ordered as I wasn't sure what we would get for the £20 price. I feel Hollie is very safe riding this scooter and all we need now is a helmet and we will be using it much more than just round the block.

      Argos also sell this scooter but with different characters and colours. You can buy a Hello Kitty version, Fireman Sam and also Peppa Pig. Prices do vary on those so double check before purchasing.

      I would recommend this to anyone with a child around 3 upwards. As I mentioned before, It does say for 2+ but maybe waiting a while would be best for them to get their own stability improved and be able to understand what you are explaining to them when helping them to navigate around corners.

      Thanks for reading my review.



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        28.04.2012 19:30
        Very helpful



        a fab scooter

        When our son started telling us about playing on the scooters at nursery, we decided he would like one for Christmas. His Uncle George decided to buy him one and it was fate that he would end up with Thomas the Tank!

        *~Thomas Tri Scooter~*

        Model no : MO4616 - there are a few designs available.

        Age range - from 3 years onwards with adult supervision and protective equipment should be worn (helmet etc). This should only be used on the pavements and is not suitable for road use (common sense really). It is suitable for weights of up to 20kg.

        This scooter has been designed to be ideal for beginners. It requires to be assembled before use and everything is presented in a cardboard box with full instructions. The scooter is made from metal and plastic. The scooter features :

        *Adjustable handlebar - from 63-69cm so you can change it depending on height of your child.
        *Three tyres - one at the front and two at the back. The tyres are designed to be puncture proof.
        *Anti-slip footplate

        The model we have is available from Amazon priced at £25.66. Slight different designs can be bought from Argos and Tesco for around the same price.

        *~My Thoughts~*

        My son was so excited to receive his scooter on Christmas morning. Despite having a house full of presents and around 10 people over to see him, his Papa and Uncle Craig were instructed to build the scooter (and the tool bench). We don't let Daddy build ANYTHING as bits end up upside down and back to front. Anyway, this came flat packed with some little spanner things and the bolts. After a few choice words, the scooter was ready to be used after 10 minutes - it isn't too difficult to build according to my brother in law.

        My son was spent the first month or so using this indoors. We don't have a garden but we like to go out long walks near where we live and Boo likes to take his scooter out with him. He also plays indoors with it as we have laminate flooring (poor neighbours). He now has a Thomas bike too so the scooter isn't used quite as much but sometimes it is too much hassle for him to drag the bike out.

        *~Quality and Appearance~*

        The finished scooter is lightweight yet sturdy. My son is 4 next week and it is the perfect size for him - he is quite tall so we adjusted the handle height to suit him as he has grown - this is fairly easy to do. It is definitely the perfect size for a pre-schooler. It stands up right thanks to the two back wheels and the larger front wheel. They are quick thick and sturdy and haven't deflated in anyway.

        The design of the scooter appeals to my son. It is predominately blue and red. There is a large Thomas plaque which clips onto the front of the scooter. This comes off easily and I have lost count of the times that Boo has asked me to put it back on - it looks less appealing without it! The footplate is a good size and to give a rough idea of the length, if I put my size 8 foot on it, there is still space left at either side lengthwise. It is quite wide too. The foot plate has little indents which are anti slip and the picture of Thomas is still vibrant. The scooter has two rubber covered handles.

        Overall the build is good. It doesn't look particular strong but the metal is sturdy. It is easy to wipe over and has remained in good condition with minimal scratches. It holds my sons weight well and even Daddy has had a go but I wouldn't recommend this lol! We have had to tighten the back wheels once or twice.

        *~Scooting About With Thomas~*

        My son usually wears his helmet when on his bike or scooter. He has never fell off yet but better to be safe than sorry. He loves his scooter and is now a pro at scooting about. The scooter is lightweight enough for him to carry but I carry it across roads and down stairs for my own peace of mind - my boy is too independent!

        Boo can fit both feet on the plate and can comfortably grip the rubber handles. He generally likes to gather some speed by keeping one foot on the plate and using the other to push himself along the ground before popping both feet back on. He is very careful not to go speeding away down hills and isn't allowed near roads when on it as it is very easy for a child to lose concentration.

        He enjoys going out on his scooter and can control it very easily. The wheels move at a steady pace and the ride is quite smooth. The wheels negotiate ground easily and laminate flooring but of course a little extra boost is needed on thicker grass. Generally, Boo can go the scooter perfectly well and always has fun on it. He does get a little bored after a wee while and I am thankful that it is lightweight and easy to carry home!


        Overall we are impressed with this scooter. I can see it lasting until he goes to school then we may invest in a bigger scooter for him. It doesn't get left outside so won't rust. It is well priced and I would recommend it to children aged 3 - 5 and Thomas fans!

        Thanks for reading :)


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          20.09.2011 12:33
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          aee review

          My little girl is Thomas the Tank mad and following her big sister's birthday when her uncle bought her a Hello Kitty Scooter the little one promptly requested a Thomas the Tank engine one!

          Birthday duly arrived and lovely Uncle Sam not only purchased a Thomas Scooter but he also managed to provide one that made noises needless to say he will not be left unsupervised next birthday!

          What is it?
          Essentially this is a tri scooter which has a wheel at the front and two at the back ideal for toddlers, the design of the Thomas one has lots of graphics on the foot plate and also a oval plate at the front this is where the Thomas noises are!

          Cost and Stockist
          My Brother-in-law purchased his scooter from Amazon and whilst I cannot see exact one they have similar for £25.00- to £30.00 and Argos also sell these scooters at £19.99 again not certain these ones make a noise although there are ones that come with trains and a secret compartment to put them in.

          The scooter is made from steel and plastic, has puncture proof wheels anti slip footplate and has adjustable handle height. The scooter once assembled cannot be folded so it isn't the best if you have a small space.

          My Daughter absolutely loves this and it is well made and very hardy she does tend to scooter as if she was raking part in the grand prix! I have to be honest and say this is one of her most favourite things to do but equally she also likes to keep stopping to press the bottom so she sounds like Thomas meaning the trip to school takes twice as long as it should!

          I think this is a must for any Thomas fans one they will love just possibly pick the basic straight forward one if you want to go anywhere!


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            01.08.2011 15:32
            Very helpful



            A great scooter

            My eldest boy is Thomas mad So on his birthday naturally he got a lot of Thomas toys one of them being this Thomas trio scooter. Looking around there is an up to date version on this scooter which has a hidden draw but as we brought this 2 years ago this review is of the original version without the hidden draw and accessories.

            I paid £25 for this from Amazon and when it arrived it was flat packed and needed assembled. This after looking at the instructions was very easy took around 10 minutes and is just a case of putting things together although at first it looks very daunting.

            The scooter is made of metal and the wheels are made of hard plastic so are all very sturdy. It has a very thick foot plate which is great as my son can step on it with both feet and as it has 2 wheels at the back it stands by its own and there is no need for worrying about his balance.

            The scooter is very bright blue and has Thomas printed all over it so enough visuals of Thomas and his friends to keep my little Thomas fan happy. There is a picture of Thomas on the footplate which is slightly raised to provide a bit of grip for little one so that they do not slip. Then on the front of the scooter is a plaque with a picture of Thomas on it so that is the first thing you see when looking at the scooter.

            The wheels are very sturdy and roll freely so that it is easy for my son to push the scooter along without having to put a lot of effort in he can glide down the garden. As they are made of hard plastic there is no chance of them becoming damaged even on the roughest surface which is great as my son really likes to test this.

            The handles have rubber grips on them so that a child can comfortably push the scooter which is good as with the amount of time Connor uses this scooter I am sure his hands would have been red sore by now if they were not there.

            It is a perfect height for 2 -5 year olds I would say although it is recommended from 3 plus there are no small parts and my 2 year old daughter really loves to ride this scooter as much as my little boy does. He was actually 2 when he received this scooter and he used it for the last 2 years and it is still a good height for him now.

            Over all it is very well made the scooter is great fun for anyone especially a Thomas fan. It provides them with the support they need on 3 wheels and provides hours of fun. The scooter has so many bumps and scrapes as you would imagine from use of a toddler but is still going strong with just a few scratches to the paint work.I believe it is worth the £25 we paid for it and it is one of his favourite out side toys.


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            08.05.2011 21:09
            Very helpful



            A number one scooter for any boy, Thomas fan or not.

            My children literally do seem to own everything. When my mother in law asked what to get my little one for his birthday i was struggling a bit, but then remembered that my 3 year old has recently been trying to ride big brothers scooter, and although his efforts were admirable, he was holding the handle bar under his chin and was getting nowhere fast on it.

            Grandma produced the argos catalogue, and there were several scooters along the same lines with 2 wheels at the back, and one at the front, with a character plate to tell you which cartoon character you are buying into. Most of these were round the £30 mark, and i couldn't see any physical reason why some were more expensive, so we decided she should buy the Thomas one at £20. My boys like Thomas, but aren't mad fans like some kids are. Ideally, i think they would choose Ben 10 or Toy Story, but this is what we went for and it has been a popular (read that as fought over) choice.

            When we unwrapped the box, my son was delighted to have his own scooter. We took my bigger son to nursery, and my son was adament that we were going to be building it. I was trying to dissuade him as Daddy is usually far better at assembly than me, but i thought i would give it a go.

            When the box was opened, all the pieces were wrapped individually with bubble wrap around the painted sections to keep it looking nice. I immediately felt my hear sink as this needed complete assembly, and the only help i had was an a4 instruction sheet, two pretty flimsy spanners and a hyper 3 year old.

            Once i got him to calm down, i realised that the instructions were actually ok. There were pictures of all the parts in the box, and a key to tell you the name of the part. With a bit of cross referencing between the instructions and the pictures of the parts, i could work out what went where, and assemble it with not too much effort.

            As i clipped the handle bars to the steering stick, i had a mini disaster when a bit of one of the bolts snapped off. I was starting to think perhaps there was a reason it was only £20, but i think this was me holding the flimsy spanner at a weird angle and not so much the toy.

            It gradually began to take shape, and the only really tricky bit was assembling the back wheels as i needed to have a spanner attached to each wheel nut and tighten them at the same time so they were on evenly. The tools provided just kept slipping about, so this took me ages until i was happy it could be used without the wheels moving about.

            Overall, assembly took me about half an hour. It would have probably taken my husband half this time, and i guess even less if he used tools with decent grip.

            The finished product is lovely. The colours of blue and red are bright and attractive. The foot plate is more than big enough for a clumsy toddler foot. The handle bar is adjustable, so he can finally ride a scooter without looking uncomfortable. Within a few minutes of him getting on it, he was whizzing up and down the driveway with lots more speed than he was previously achieving, and being a daredevil he was loving it.

            I would highly recommend this scooter for a 2 to 4 year old toddler. Both of my boys fit fine on it. My 4 year old is more like the height of a 5-6 year old at 4 foot tall, so it will last a bit longer. It is really stable so there is very little danger of falling off on an even surface.

            All children need to have energetic outside play to keep them healthy and to encourage their physical development, and i really recommend this fun toy to keep them occupied. You don't have to be a Thomas fanatic to enjoy this one.


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              13.01.2010 13:16
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A decent scooter, at a respectable price!

              My twins were 2 the end of November and of course me being a soft mummy went overboard with the presents again. One of the many presents I bought them was a Thomas the Tank Scooter. They, as well as I, are Thomas the Tank Crazy so I knew it would be money well spent!

              You can buy the Thomas the Tank scooters online or instores such as argos or amazon and they cost roughly £20-£30 depending on offers etc at the time of purchase. You can even buy this same scooter now with a musical panel on the front, for a little extra in price of course!

              The scooter comes in many pieces in a recyclable cardboard box. The box has the same light blue and yellow thomas coloured theme making it en exciteable box for a child let alone the toy itself! The box itself provides us with pictures of the scooter we will find inside as well as some informative points, these including
              The scooter has a
              *Thomas character plaque
              *Bold colourful graphics
              *Chunky footplate
              *8" (20cm) EVA front wheel
              *6" (15cm) rear wheels
              *Adjustable handlebar height 60-65cm

              The bottom of the box advises us that the scooter is not suitable for children under three years of age due to small parts, but when the scooter is put together properly there are no small parts that could be of any danger really and so long as your child has a watchful eye over them anyway there should be no real danger to them. The only way I could see the scooter being a hazard is if it hasn't been tightened up properly there is a chance it could come apart, as I found out trying to carry one of them down my stairs and it came apart as I hadn't tightened it up correctly and tightly enough.

              When I first opened the box, I threw everything back in as I had a quick glance at the instructions sheet provided with it's vast amount of writing and fiddly looking drawings and all the parts on their own looked scary. When the twins went to bed though I decided to have a proper look, ensuring I had every part that was listed seperately on the instruction sheet. There were alot of pieces, but I noticed that the smallest pieces were attached to the feature they were meant to be attached to on the scooter making it alot easier for me to differentiate each nut, bolt and washer on the instructions leaflet. The pictures were clear and precise and each set of instructions were numbered and grouped in order, they were clear and easy to understand and follow making the assembly of the scooter fairly quick and simple which I was more than pleased about. The majority of the assembly was common sense as to where the pieces went just by simply looking at the picture of the scooter on the box as most of the pieces were the main body of the scooter.

              The scooter was coming together slowly and I tightened where I needed to until it was one whole Thomas the Tank scooter.

              The footplate is as promised chunky and wide, so even two little feet could fit on it together, and thanks to the two stabiliser wheels on the back it's safe and stays in one place so children can't fall off if they are just standing still on it. The footplate is a plasticy material but safe, strong and sturdy none the less. It took my weight on it a few times anyway so I knew it would take the weight of each of my 2stone plus boys no problems. The back wheels feel a bit cheap and a 'light' hollow plastic, I was expecting them to snap or crack on the first ride but they are surprisingly strong and hold the weight to as well as allowing a smooth scooter ride, the same with the front, larger wheel. The handle bars etc are a heavier, metal material but still continuing the light blue colour theme. The handle bars have an attractive red rubber material on them allowing for a firm and comfortable grip for little hands. Although you can tighten the handlebars into place and adjust the height by loosening the bolt and either lifting up the metal bars or pushing them down into the desired place, once tightened they show no sign of moving or loosening which I'm sure would result in many accidents (such as coming apart walking down the stairs lol - my fault!). They are tightened securely onto the body of the scooter but they turn with the large, front wheel so the scooter ride isn't boring and dead straight intead your children you can wheel in many directions safely and comfortably. The Thomas the Tank plaque on the front of the handlebars is again a metal material, it already comes attached and is the main feature of the scooter making it an attractive, appealing Thomas toy. The body of the scooter also has some colourful Thomas decorations such as stickers to, perfect for any Thomas fan.

              I personally feel it has alot of use and wear to it it seems strong and sturdy enough to take their weights as well as their rough hands and many bashes. The bashes may result in a few minor scratches to the blue paint work of the metal parts and peeling stickers on the plastic bits but I don't feel it will break enough in one fall to completely wreck it so it can no longer be used. Thanks to the adjustable handlebars at the front the scooter can grow with your child and last for many years making it worth the money, instead of it being one of them two minute wonder toys rammed in the bottom of a toy box.

              As it is a scooter it does stand up right so could quite possibly be stored out of the way, or in a shed etc or you could even take it apart when it's finished with and put it back together before use if you decided to keep the box for it.

              To me a scooter is just a scooter, they all work in the same principle but the Thomas aspect of it is excited for any child who does actually like Thomas the Tank, so it will seem alot more appealing. It is strong and sturdy like you'd expect and provides a smooth scooter ride for my twins. I'd reccommend it if somebody was looking to a buy a scooter. I don't think the price is all that bad, especially as it is a character scooter, even cheaper scooters for children fall into the £20+ category. It's an attractive and appealing Thomas scooter that I feel will last for a good few years yet making it a toy that's definitely worth the money!


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                16.10.2008 23:12
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                a fantastic fun scooter whcih my son loves and never had a problem with

                My son had this bought for Christams, as he was only two and a half years was a bit dubious how well he would get on with but was amazed at how easy he found it to use.

                Rather like any other tri-scooter, it comes with a wheel at the front and two at the back, making it very stable and stands on its own, so no worries about having to try and hold it up. It is the usual Thomas the Tank engine blue colour, with a cute little motif plate on the front with Thomas' face on.

                The handlebar is adjustable so can increase the size as the child grows meaning they can get many years out of it. The scooter does require assembly when bought but is pretty easy to put together, even for a woman like me, you just need to attach the wheels and the handlebars and your off.


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