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Toy Story Bike

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Brand: Toy Story / Type: Bike / Size: 10"

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    3 Reviews
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      11.04.2011 13:12
      Very helpful



      Great for the right kid.

      I noticed this bicycle in Sainsburys, it had been reduced to £34 so I decided to get it for my son who was nearly 2 and a half years old. The bicycle was advertised for 2 to 4 year olds. I didn't really look at the item properly as it was in the box and as it was a bicycle I assumed it was a normal bicycle with a chain and pedals in the middle of the bike. This is my fault as I should have properly looked at the image in the front of the box.

      My son already had a tricycle so I was more interested in a proper first bicycle for him bit I never really looked into it until I saw this bicycle and he was going through a phase of loving Toy Story so I assumed this would be perfect. He is short for his age and still hadn't mastered how to use his tricycle at the time which has a similar pedals stuck to the front wheels look.

      I brought it home to realise I had bought a bicycle which is designed differently to other bicycles. Meaning it had no chain and pedals in the middle and no brakes. Just a basic one with the pedals at a odd place in the front which is actually harder for little kids to do. It was a Sunday and Sainsburys was closed to return on that day and my son had now seen it and would cry madly if I was to return it. He wanted it badly and it would break his heart if it was returned. Therefore my husband blamed me for not checking the bicycle properly before buying and we decided to keep it so he assembled it for him.

      I later did discover that most 10 inch wheel bicycles like these come in this design and 12 inch ones typically start looking like normal bicycles. As my son was short he did find it hard to pedal and never got the hang of it until he was 3 years old, he would still use it by dragging it along with his feet or getting us to push it, which we didnt really enjoy.

      I did notice the bicycle was made well as my son dropped it many times and still it looked in nearly new condition even after 6 months of use, however he did not use it much as I said before he had difficulty in pedalling. My nephew who is a similar age to my son at the age of 2 and half he also found it hard to pedal and could only manage it backwards and he is much taller then my son so I do think it is a difficult design for 2 year olds.

      The funny thing is we thought my son would never master how to actually pedal and use the bike no matter how much we helped him so we decided to buy him a new bicycle. We got him a Scoopy Doo 12 inch bicycle which was a proper bicycle with pedals in the middle, with a bike chain and brakes. He got it straight away and loved it from day one. It is used so much more then his Toy Story bicycle. He can comfortable pedal and is a confident rider. After a few days of using his Scoopy Doo bike he tried the Toy Story one and all of a sudden can ride that one too. So after buying him a new one with the traditional design he can pedal the Toy Story one, but we were stuck with two bicycles and decided to rehome the Toy Story one.

      I think that the front pedal bicycles are poorly designed making it tougher for toddlers to learn to pedal. I think these front pedal bicycles are only designed due to the lower cost of manufacturing it. Older kids that know how to use a bicycle have no problem though and can confidently use this type too, but for kids that haven't learned how to pedal yet it can be tricky.


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      28.09.2010 01:15
      Very helpful



      A cute little bike that my little boy adores.

      My littlest boy has a Bob the Builder bike but it seemed a bit big for him still, so for his birthday I bought him this Toy Story bike from B&M Bargains for £29.99.

      It's a really nice looking bike. It's nice and colourful, bright and covered in Buzz, Woody and it's basically a very boyish bike.

      It has a metal frame, the centre piece of the bike is also a solid plate of metal with a Toy Story picture emblazoned across it.
      The front of the bike has a plastic panel that fits on the handle bars, this also has a picture of Buzz, Woody and the gang.
      The wheels of the bike are solid, not hard plastic but like a foamy rubber, I find this quite handy with littley bikes as they can't puncture.

      There are no brakes fitted to the bike, but it's meant for light play, it's a small bike suitable for ages 3 - 4 years or so, so I can't really imagine a child this age really needing to use the brakes!! My little boy rides it around the park and around the front garden with ease and to be honest I don't think he even knows how to work the brakes of a bike so this isn't a problem for us.

      It's a lovely little bike, it has stabilisers fitted and is an ideal first bike after the little plastic first trikes etc.

      Overall I would say this is a great bike for little ones, but it is on the small side so wouldn't suit children 5 years and over.


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      16.09.2010 22:52



      ok bike at a bargain price. Isnt safe for outside use as it has no brakes. Looks good

      With the release of Toy Story 3 everywhere you look there is something Toy Story being sold. Both my children have been sucked into the craze so have slowly been building a collection of 'merchandise'.
      For my sons 2nd birthday I wanted to get him a bike and I saw this one in my local B & M store priced at £29.99. I had a quick flick through my Argos book to see they too sold it for £39.99 so it seemed like a great bargain in B&M's.

      100 inches, comes with stabilisers and front plaque, super robust tubular steel frame, EVA tyres, mudguards and easy grip handles.

      The bike is only a small bike at 10 inches and there are some differences between this and a normal, larger bike.
      First thing the pedals. They are located at the front part of the bike on the front wheel like a trike-NOT centre like bigger bikes.
      There are no brakes.
      Wheel are plastic not rubber.
      Also the bike cannot be used WITHOUT the stabilisers, this was something I found out after I purchased the bike. But with it being a small bike I would say it could only be used until a child reaches the age where they learn to use one without stabilisers.

      The Product.
      The bike is fabulous in details. Its covered in everything Toy Story from army men climbing the frame to the bright coloured front plaque with all the films favourite characters on.
      My sons eyes lit up when he saw it and he just sat and looked at it for a while before attempting to ride.

      Now the attempted ride-he is 2 and is the same height as his 4 year old sister. He is very tall for his age but he cannot ride this bike.
      His feet dont reach the pedals with them being placed at the front, he isnt long enough even with the seat lowered to the very bottom. I feel if they were in the centre like a bigger bike he would be able to use them. Now because of this he cannot move on the bike unless he gets pushed. With it only being a 10" bike I assumed it would suit a child younger then 3/4 years old therefore I would advise checking size of the bike if purchasing for a child younger then 3.

      My only other issue is the fact there are no brakes.
      I dont know why they assume it doesnt need any as I really think it does. My daughter can ride this bike and very fast at that and she has to jump off to stop/ride into something, so if I'd known there were none I would have probably had second thoughts about it. I feel it isnt safe enough for use outside.

      In the end we got this bike for a bargain price of £17.50 from Tesco. I think that is a great price as it is small and feels very lightweight. For the time it will last I am glad I didnt pay more for it.
      The bike was simple to put together but check you have everything in the box first! We didnt have any of the covers for the stabilisers (there green in the picture) so we had to phone the company up who only had white ones in stock.

      There also seems to be an issue with the handle bar part of the bike as it keeps turning inwards and getting stuck. I really have to yank it round (A few times) to unlock it, obviously this is a pain for 2 small children.

      Overall I like the bike-seeing my children happy makes me happy but if I had paid £50 like some places are selling for I wouldnt have paid that amount for what feels like a piece of plastic, seems to have some issues and wont last a long time. If its a bargain price it is worth it.


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