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Toys R Us 9ft Giant Slide

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Brand: Toys R Us / Type: Kids slide for the backyard

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2011 17:35
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      I can't believe toys r us sold this knowing it is defective.

      My sons love slides, as I think most children do. A few years back we got a second hand swing set with an older ELC slide. This slide was old and a bit battered when we got it, but most likely would have done my children for many years. However, I made the mistake of bringing in a very troubled child to play who did manage in a fit of rage to destroy it, leaving me with two heartbroken children, so although it took me months to pay it off I went out and bought another slide.

      We looked at a good number of slides before purchasing. This slide was £99.99, which was quite high for my budget at the time, as this was a very unexpected purchase. It was, for it's price though, by far the least expensive one going, that was this large. This is 9ft long and the height is given as 5ft, but it's really about 4 ft because they include the handles at the top in the measurements. By contrast though, ELC's slide which came out the within about £3 after adding in postage was only 7.5 feet. Smyths often has ones for £99.00 but they had them near £150 at the time.

      I have read other reviews stating this was easy to assemble. Perhaps they are just much smarter, stronger, or somehow better at assembly then we were. I did find assembly a bit difficult and some parts did require strength. Fortunately my husband was there and brawn is his strong suit, but this was by no means a curse word free assembly. As he does most of the assembling - I rate the level of difficulty by the number of profanities in the air! I ended up reading the directions and helping out - my husband isn't big on instructions, and eventually we did get this put together after about 90 minutes. Getting the green plastic bit on the end was the worst.

      My sons were delighted from the start. This is an extra 18 inches in length from their old slide, and as another wonderful benefit, it does not have a pole along the bottom, so you can lift the bottom up and slide a paddling pool underneath, something which has brought my sons a great deal of joy on those few days we get warm enough for water play. They run a garden hose up to the top of it, and have their own mini water park.

      My initial impressions of this slide were very good. It looks to be extremely thick and sturdy plastic and looks virtually unbreakable ( nonetheless, I shall not be inviting the same troubled child to test that theory out - I'm afraid after he expressed his desire to see another child die and torturing animals my patience for his difficulties ran out). In spite of looks though, a plastic coupling on the ladder did in fact break. The plastic coupling on the ladder split, and as this was quite new at the time, I phoned Toys R Us. The manager said yes, they would replace the parts, but asked me to wait to see if they had any slides left in stock. I was in luck he said, they had two due to be returned the next morning, but he would stay late, get the part from a broken one and have it waiting for us the next morning. I am so glad I bought this from Toys R Us, the man still has my deepest gratitude, and I would prefer to drive out of the way to buy from them whenever possible. After their handling of this situation I am quite happy to agree with their slogan of "The worlds greatest toy store".

      In spite of the slide ending up with a broken part, I am still giving this item 5 stars. I do think it was a rather it was just a one off and these things do happen. After a year of use, I have to say this slide is worth the money spent, and I'm almost glad the wee boy did break the old one. The fact that this is bigger, faster, heavier make, and can be put in the pool does make this far better than our old slide. My sons I am certain are well pleased that they had to get new slide, and say this is the best slide ever.

      Other than assembly difficulties, the only drawback to this slide, is that it seems to kill an even larger patch of grass at the bottom then the old slide did, but of course this is the price of having a slide in the garden. It is also expensive, but no more so then any similar products and quite a bit less then many, especially when you consider that this slide is sold complete, the frame, ladder, extension and slide all together.

      The couplings broke a second time, this time toys r us did not have any, but the manufacturer replaced them. Then the slide itself began to split, cutting my child's leg. Toy R Us admitted there was a manufacturering defect in the plastic causing the couplings to split. The same plastic was used to make the slide. I was told this is not meant to kept outdoors and that paperwork stating this was included - it must be brought in as soon as the weather turns bad. A 9 ft slide is pretty big for most houses!


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