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Manufacturer: TP / Type: Outdoor Play Equipment

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2012 17:13
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      An old idea that IS fun to use BUT it isn't as safe as I would like, and I wouldn't buy it again.

      I bought this for my little sister but I'm embarrassed to say that I have had a go on it quite a few times. The key to this "toy" is good personal balance. It feels more like a workout than a fun game (for me that is my little sister bounces around on it like it is the easiest thing in the world) you use your leg mussels and even your core mussels to keep straight.

      This toy is nothing new pogo sticks have been around and very popular for decades. The idea is you place the rubber grip end on the ground, hold the top securely and the slowly step up onto the foot support area one foot at a time. Then jump in that position still holding on tight and the pogo stick will go with you and then enable the user to hop around on the stick. In my experience this simple toy doesn't hold the attention of children that are more used to video games and toys that flash lights and makes sounds. This is a traditional toy, very simple looking, fun to use but do judge whether or not the child you are buying this for will actually enjoy it or not. Mother care is selling this for just under thirty pounds at the moment so it's not the cheapest of toys either.

      Construction wise it is well made (as you would expect seeing it has to support a child's weight) it is made of heavy duty aluminium and the foot support base is made of strong, thick plastic. The bottom of the pogo stick has a thick black covering to protect the stick, but not only that it also protects the surface that it is being used on and most importantly it prevents the pole from slipping on smooth surfaces and sending your child flying. The last use for this end cover is to cushion the bounce and prevent uncomfortable vibrations being passed up through the stick into the legs, knees and hands of the user.

      Be aware that once this is presented as a gift to a child they will want to use it indoors. This is a very bad idea, the hopping movement can become quite high depending on the strength of the users legs and then add the height of the child to that and low hanging light fittings become a health hazard. Also using it indoors makes every sharp edged piece of furniture very dangerous indeed.

      My mother hates this and wishes I had never bought it in the first place and I kind of do too. The reason for this is the amount of tears that have been shed dew to scratched legs, knees and elbows. It doesn't take much to fall off this toy and it is not unheard of for other children to find it amusing to push the user off balance.

      All that aside this is a well made, strong OUTDOOR toy that brings back memories of a more innocent time but children to need to be observed while using it for their own safety and the safety of others (if this and the weight of the user comes down on to the foot of another child you can imagine the outcome) two final things worth adding are that this is only suitable for children aged seven and up and must not be used by younger children (another reason to keep an eye on them as little ones will want a go on it too) and the maximum weight it can take is 54kg.

      I have given this three stars for the quality of the toy but marked it down dew to the dangers involved.


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    • Product Details

      Heavy duty and robust, this pogo stick will provide a real pogo-ing challenge.With a concealed spring for higher and safer bouncing and a lifetime guarantee against rust causing failure.Maximum user weight 54kg. Age range: From 7 years.

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