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Treasure Trove Geyser Tube

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Brand: Treasure Trove

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    2 Reviews
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      29.06.2011 16:02
      Very helpful



      A very good toy/gadget

      I am obsessed with the latest gadgets in the world and quite a while ago now I got the Geyser Tube and the idea behind this item was it looked amazing on a show I saw on television.

      The gadget or toy depending how you look at it is a basic piece of plastic in a tube shape which you fasten on to a bottle of fizzy pop. At the bottom of the tube when it attaches itself to the bottle of fizzy pop are two holes and you insert a very small pin inside.

      This pin then holds the mints you have put down the centre and when you are ready you remove the pin and the mints drop inside the bottle to produce a very special moment of fizzy pop bubbling up the bottle and into the air to form a fountain type effect.

      The idea is that you use as many mints as possible which fit inside the tube and then release the pin and then the fun begins. I have found a few better ways to get different results.

      I was told to put in any type of mint but I found the best for this is the Mentos ones as they seem to generate the best overall Geyser effect and then you have the more expensive mints such as extra strong mints which do very little in terms of the effect.

      The fizzy pop also can generate different results. The Tesco own value Coke was so poor that I will never use it again the results were poor and lasted a few seconds. I tend to go for a cheap coke but not the cheapest but the next one up about 50p.

      You have to remember this gadget will basically make the entire bottle of coke disappear in the air and anything you have left inside the bottle sadly will not be that nice to taste afterwards either. You also have to make sure you do not go out and buy the mints in a single pack because you lose most of those as well.

      There are a few other points to remember when I played with this I was covered in Pepsi the first time and that can be the most sticky substance when it lands on your arms and if you let this off outside make sure it is somewhere like a park maybe because it can leave a mess behind.

      I have to admit that the tube was an item I wanted due to a television programme which highlighted how good they were but after like five or six times the process gets boring and to be fair just not worth it anymore.

      The price for one thrill of seeing the fizzy drink exploding is quite expensive when you think about it as well. The tube is made from plastic so you have to be careful in case you stamp on it accidentally because that could easy crack the tube.

      I would say this is something I see around now and then and for what it offers in terms of excitement then it is worth investing in. The price for fizzy drinks and mints perhaps takes away some of the thrill a bit when you add the cost of them into the final total.

      Overall this product cost me £6 and it's a fair price and something people will enjoy.


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        03.07.2008 10:19
        Very helpful



        What a laugh!

        We were looking for a perfect and fun Fathers Day present and stumbled across firebox.com where you can buy an amazing array of unusual presents for the Daddy in your life. One such item is the Geyser Tube which can be purchased for just £4.95 which is well worth it for the fun and laughs it produces.

        A Geyser Tube is a clever little plastic device that screws onto the top of a standard 2 litre bottle of fizzy pop in place of the lid. You then need to slot a pin through the two holes located towards the bottom of the plastic tube and slide a handful of mints into the tube, when you remove the pin the mints will drop into the pop and within seconds a tall geyser of pop will fly out of the tube and into the air.

        You can use any type of fizzy pop for this, the instructions that came with the Geyser Tube said that diet fizzy pop works best, so I went out and bought a few bottles of the awful Sainsbury's Basics lemonade as this is only around 20p a bottle. Remember that each geyser you want to produce will waste a bottle of pop and practically a full pack of mints so do buy the cheapest possible brands. I find this cheap lemonade works just as well as a bottle of 7-Up I had in the cupboard so there is absolutely no need to go out and buy bottles of pop costing over £1 just to have them spray all over your garden.

        Playing with the Geyser Tube can be a sticky business, once you have pulled the pin you have only a few seconds to dart back up the garden and avoid the pop shooting up and then splattering down. The frothy geyser of lemonade will go up the tube in a perfectly straight line and it is also fairly accurate when it comes back down again so shouldn't cover your entire garden with sticky froth, but because this is basically just a simple plastic tube there is always the possibility that the geyser will shoot sideways if your lawn isn't level but then the worst that can happen is you'll be covered in lemonade and will need a shower. There is some degree of force behind the geyser, but not so much that it will hurt if the liquid hits you.

        This clever toy works because something in the mints reacts to the fizz in the pop and believe it or not I think it's educational as well as fun. My 9 year old granddaughter was entranced and wanted to know how it worked from the very first geyser, this has resulted in her having more of an interest in science matters and led to me buying baking soda and a bottle of Cherry Coke to show her a more sedate version of the geyser in a glass.

        We all had such a laugh when we first used the Geyser Tube, my son in law didn't move quite quick enough the first time and ended up drenched in lemonade (which eventually resulted in a wasp sting!) and that was so funny that we all fell about laughing. It is fun to watch and when you see your very first geyser you'll be absolutely amazed. According to the box the geyser can reach up to 30ft, I think our highest was about 20ft but that is still massive considering the tallest person in the garden was my son in law - he's 6ft and the geyser was way above his head!

        The Geyser Tube gets very sticky so will need washing out after each use, this is easy though and just involves a soak in hot soapy water followed by a quick scrub with a bottle brush. Allow it to dry naturally and next time you use it the Geyser Tube will be in tip top and clean condition.

        This review was previously posted on mumsnet under the same user name.


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      • Product Details

        Listen up, egg heads. You may recall from your own household experiments that dropping a mint into a bottle of soda causes the said liquid to react violently. Well, the Geyser Tube has been designed to maximise this reaction. Here's what you do: place the screw-on transparent Gesyer Tube on to a bottle of pop. Load the mints provided into the tube and, when you are in a safe place, pull the pin (counting to three is, of course, optional). The moment the mints drop into the drink a powerful soda geyser erupts from the top of the bottle and shoots up the tube. The pressure is enough to send the fizzy drink 30 feet in the air. After a successful launch you may wish to celebrate with a drink. We suggest you buy a fresh bottle of pop at this point.

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