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Wader Summer & Garden - Fruits Moulds

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Manufacturer: Wader / Plastic fruit shapes for sand play.

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    1 Review
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      25.04.2012 17:16
      Very helpful



      A great educational toy

      These are a super simple toy that I love the children to play with as it encourages them to use their imagination rather than just mindlessly play. The little ones love these so much because they can play shopkeeper and the other child or children can be the customer. It is hilarious to watch them as they take on the roles of mummy, daddy and baby. It is so funny to watch them exaggerate the roles as they see them. It is also fantastic that they use numbers, amounts, colours and words as they "shop".
      For example they say; I want two strawberries for dinner and one lemon for pudding (what a delicious meal that would be) but toys like these help with colour recognition and also social skills as the children interact with each other.

      These hard plastic fruit shapes come in a mesh like bag just like vegetables such as onions would be in, in the supermarket. I however put this bag in the bin once I had opened it as I just emptied these fruits in to their play bucket with the rest of their food shaped toys. I did this for safety reasons as any bag could end up being a danger to the child.

      Each toy is vividly coloured in a mix of deep blue, sun yellow, rich red, and grass green. The toys are hollow making them very light to play with and also have a textured / dimpled front to them to make them fun to touch and more realistic to look at. The only difference between each piece is the difference in colour as they all resemble a strawberry in appearance. This however goes unnoticed by the children and they soon begin to call them by their proper names in relation to their colour. They call the yellow a lemon, the green an apple, the blue a blueberry and the red a strawberry. These toys are made of a shiny plastic which makes them very easy to keep clean. I give them a wash in the sink in some warm soapy water every now and then just to keep them as clean as possible. These are also great when used with other food related toys such as tea and kitchen sets. The little ones love to pile these in to their pots and play like they are preparing the evening meal.

      Another thing I have noticed is that the children like to pair up the fruits with their proper match. By this I mean they get two blueberries and hold them back to back to make a full fruit, they then use their play knives from their tea sets to cut the fruit in half. When you see a young child doing this rather clever move you can't help but be impressed. That's something worth adding these are perfect for indoor or outdoor play as they are very well made and quite sturdy. They have survived being stood on by children many times and only scuff if they are rubbed along the ground. I love how these help the children to learn all while having far more fun than they would by sitting in the house staring at the TV. So for that reason I give these toys five stars


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