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    1 Review
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      04.03.2012 15:08
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      A very effective screen filter that protects the screen from dust and scratches with 100% Privacy.

      Product Title
      3M PF17.0 display privacy filter

      The Producer of the Product

      The Target Audience
      People who want privacy on their laptop, notebooks or desktop monitor's so I only they can see what they are doing on the screen and to the outside world the screen looks black.

      £39.99 - Amazon (Recommended)

      Is the product for you?
      If your screen dimensions are up to 17.0" viewing and you want a product that acts similar to blinds in that you set it up on your screen, slot it in and to the rest of the world your screen will look black, giving you complete privacy, perfect for aeroplanes, work, trains etc, and would like a screen protection at the same time from dust and scratches then this is the product for you.
      If you are after just a standard screen protector then I would recommended looking around as you can get them literally 10x cheaper than this one.

      The product in one
      This product does exactly what it says it does - for a costly price. The product is quite easily set up, upon opening up the set of instructions are sat nicely on top of this flimsy screen. The instructions aren't really needed though as this is pretty straight forward, you are given 4 adhesive strips which you stick onto the screen where you need to use them and simply slot the darkened screen in.

      I step back and take a look to see the effects and I'm pretty impressed. The only place I could see what was on my screen was sat directly in front of the screen, 20 degrees left and right and the screen darkens, so any further and you cannot even see the screen it just looks as though it is switched off. I had my family come and see the same results as I did and they were impressed too.

      I would say perhaps this screen is best suited to business men and women, or people who want privacy on there computers whilst on a train or plane. It would also come in handy in an office where you need privacy. I think the only problem with this is you might look a bit weird on a plane or where ever you are looking at a blank screen haha, but for me I guess I'm not too fussed what others think as long as I know they are not spying at what I am on.

      There is quite a few positives to using this screen and one of those is the fact that you do feel completely secure when using one, you know that nobody around you can see anything that is on your screen, and although the screen is easily removed, if you would prefer to leave it on the screen when your laptop is closed then that is also more than suitable as well. The screen is able to protect your screen from dust and scratches and anything else that may be aimed at a computer screen. It adds contrast and it also reduces the glare to help prevent eye strain and headaches from prolonged use. The contrast also helps as to not distort or blur the image whilst creating privacy, un like some of the cheaper screens, so be careful what you buy if you want one of these, this can definitely be a trusted one.

      The adhesive on the sticky strips last an extremely long time as well, it's not one of those that will fall off your screen at the end of the week forcing you to replace the strips, if anything they can be quite tough to pull off the screen.

      How does it compare to other Products?
      Compared to other products this filter does pretty well, an older model I had used to blur the images a little bit or make them slightly distorted which didn't really give me full advantage of privacy as I was losing quality as well. This screen keeps quality and does its job perfectly. The only drawback is the price of the filter as nobody really wants to pay this amount for a screen filter - unless you really need it.

      Does the Product Achieve its Purpose?
      The product achieves its purpose in providing a filter that is easily fitted to any screen within correct size, one that gives complete privacy like stated and is able to keep all of the screens quality whilst reducing glare.

      Breaking it down

      · # Patented 3M Micro-louvre technology makes on-screen data visible only when directly in front of screen.
      · # Feel secure knowing that your valuable data is not being overlooked.
      · # Improves contrast and privacy without blurring or distorting images on the screen.
      · # Guards against scratches and damage to the screen.
      · # Reduces glare to help prevent eyestrain and headaches related to monitor use.
      · # For laptop and desktop PCs
      · # Easy to remove, though can be left in place while laptop is closed

      How to Improve
      There are no ways that this product could be improved.

      Product Rating 5/5

      (Thank you for reading my review, if you get chance please take your time to read and rate my other reviews, it will be highly appreciated and I will always go out of my way when I get chance to read through yours and give an honest rating. Many thanks J)


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