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AF Multi-screen Clean

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2012 23:10
      Very helpful



      A useful screen cleaning product

      ~AF screen cleaner~

      I have used this AF Screen cleaner solution to help clean computer monitor and laptop screens, as well as to give matt finish LCD TV screens a quick once over and found that it works fairly well. The small easy to hold and use spray bottle holds enough of the cleaning product so that you can carry out a good number of cleans successfully meaning that a little of this can go a long way if used sparingly. The artwork used on the product bottle has changed a little with it looking more up to date on the bottle I used, although the pump action spray still seems to work in the same way as before. This cleaning product is meant to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria that can be found on screens etc, although I had no way of testing this I trusted that the information given on the product in that respect was accurate.

      ~Using the product~

      When I had a bottle of this in use the 250mls of screen cleaner it held lasted for some time as I used it carefully so as not to drench the screens I was cleaning in too much of the cleaning fluid. I found a very light spray with this was most often enough. I also used the same product to give the computer keyboard a wipe over and found that it worked quite well on plastic surfaces and computer keys. The product didn't leave any marks or smears on the screens I cleaned, as long as I used just a little of the product and wiped it off whilst still a little damp. I found that using a fresh soft clean anti static cloth each time was the best option when using the product and as the product is an anti static cleaner I found I had no issues with dust and dirt clinging to surfaces straight after cleaning.

      I found that I was able to clean LCD screens as well as glass screens when using the spray where it gave good results. I tried using this product on the iPad and found that it left the glass touch pad clean and smear free and I am pleased to say that I didn't need to rub the cleaning cloth across the screen at all in order to remove finger prints from the glass. As any ipad user knows smears and marks easily end up on the glass touch screen after repeated use and can be rather difficult to clean off, however using this product enabled me to remove those with only a small amount of effort. Another way I considered using the spray was to clean the glass of the scanner/ photocopier/ printer that I have in use, as it does get a little dusty and marked over time and again the spray cleaner worked as well as could be expected when used to clean this.

      ~Product rating/ price~

      I feel that if used with care and attention the spray cleaner can be quite helpful as it means you don't need to rub too hard on delicate surfaces in order to clean them to a good standard. As the cleaner is anti static it leaves surfaces clean and also dust free after use. The cost of the spray cleaner is variable with prices being as low as £2.75 up to £4.50 depending on where you buy it, which I feel is fair value. The product is easy to handle and quick to use and as I had no issues when using the cleaner I feel it ought to get a 4 star product rating.


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