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Hama Office-Clean screen cleaner

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2013 20:16
      Very helpful
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      This is very good screen cleaner for all types of screen

      WHAT IS IT?

      A cleaner for the screens on laptops, desktop PCs and televisions.  You can use it on anything that has got a screen but it is mainly for computers.


      The bottle has got a pump top instead of an aerosol and that is good because it releases a very fine mist to stop your electrical products getting too wet. Each time you press the pump you get just enough cleaning fluid out and it is smooth to press. I have used about 12 bottles of this now and the tops have never got stuck or jammed even when the bottle is nearly all used up.  The only bad thing is that the lid for the bottles that covers the pump top always cracks before the bottle is halfway used and I have to throw it away, I don't like that because the pump attracts dust and that makes the bottle look dirty and old.


      The cleaner smells soapy and clean. There's a bit of a chemical smell but that isn't unpleasant and it fades as soon as I wipe the screen I'm cleaning.  I like the smell but am glad it does not linger.  The fluid is effective and when I lightly rub the screen I can see it looks cleaner straightaway, it's a bit bubbly when it sprays out but is very easy to wipe and it doesn't matter what sort of cloth you use to do the cleaning.


      I think this is very good cleaning fluid for my laptop screen and has got lots of other uses.  I clean the screen of my sat nav and my digital camera with it because it doesn't streak or smear so they are left spotless clean and clear as they need to be. You only have to use a very short press on the pump when you're cleaning small screens like that but the spray is very easy to control and if you are careful you should not accidentally use too much.

      I like that the cleaner doesn't smear even on my phone screen even though usually everything makes smears on that screen.  Using the Hama Screen Clean fluid leaves screens shiny and you can see that they are clean because there are no spots of dust or dirt and no smears to make them look dirty. The fluid is dry as soon as you wipe it so there's no drying time for you to wait through.  It's not greasy and just has a bit of a soapy feel but that is gone once the fluid has dried, there is no alcohol in this screen cleaner and that is good because it means my hands do not get dry when I am going around cleaning the different screens round the house.

      I have seen that using this screen cleaner instead of other brands stops static from developing on my screens, that is good because I hate to see a dirty screen and I think that when dust is attracted is attracted to the computers that makes them look horrible.  Since I started using this cleaner it has stopped that happening even if I only clean my screens every week.  


      This screen cleaner costs about £8 a bottle.  It comes in different formats like gel or foam but this is the liquid version and the best one to use I think. It is suitable for all sorts of screens like LCD and TFT but you should check suitability before you use it.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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