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Philips 3D TV Glasses PTA03

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    2 Reviews
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      22.06.2012 18:02



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      01.08.2011 12:45
      Very helpful


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      A good pair of glasses but not sure how long they will last

      My parents have just bought the Philips 40PFL9705, a magnificent television with 3D capabilities. My parents who are terribly excited about the Olympics have bought the television in preparation for the games. I think it was just an excuse for my dad to buy something new seeing as the games are not held until summer next year!

      The television came with two sets of 3D glasses and to complement the whole set, my dad bought another two adult pairs for when he has visitors or my sister and I come home. It is a little frustrating that I have a Samsung 3D television complemented by two pairs of expensive Samsung 3D glasses and yet because my father chose a different brand of television, he has to buy Philips 3D glasses that only work with Philips 3D televisions. It frustrates me that other glasses are not be compatible with different televisions because until someone makes a pair of glasses that are multi-compatible with a spectrum of products then companies such as Samsung and Philips can keep their prices sky high.


      My father paid around £77.00 for each pair and bought them from Amazon. Samsung glasses are priced around the same mark. They are very expensive for that they are; but a necessity in order to watch the television in 3D!

      After being won round with the promise of a Sunday lunch, my partner and I went round to my parents for a meal and then afterwards we all settled down to watch one of the latest Blu rays in his collection in 3D with surround sound. A full on cinematic experience.


      I popped on the glasses which measure 16.8 x 4.7 x 16.5 cm and weigh around 60 g. I have a pair of the Samsung glasses at home and found that the Philips ones felt much heavier than the ones I own. This is down to the fact that the Philips ones have very heavy set frames. Despite being made of plastic, they are much more cumbersome than other brands. The plastic arms of the glasses that hold on to your ears to prevent them slipping off are thick but this does mot make them any more robust or sturdy. They are quite flimsy in design and would not like to imagine how they would look if they slipped down the sofa and someone accidently sat on them! They do look like they could stand much manipulation either and care must be taken when unfolding and folding them. The glasses come in a little pouch for care which is standard practice for most 3D glasses. I found the glasses rather uncomfortable at first, they pinched around my ears and I could feel them resting on the bridge of my nose throughout. My mother wears glasses and she wore hers on top of prescription ones; her verdict was more positive and found them more comfortable than I did. Despite the pinching, once the movie started, I was drawn and I forgot I was wearing them until after the film and I had little indentations to show for it!

      *Turning on...........*

      The glasses have an automatic on and off button which saves the battery on the glasses which makes them truely plug in and play. One battery, which is similar to a watch battery (CR2032) can give up to 200 hours of use. The batteries have yet to die but when they do they are easy to remove and replace. There is a littler indicator at the side of the glasses that lets you know when the battery is running low so that you do not get caught out mid film. You cannot use the glasses without battery power as you need this in order for the glasses to open and close the shutters of the glasses. Without getting too complicated, the glasses work by closing the shutter in one eye and then the other and this, miraculously creates the 3D images you see. It ias the television that sends a wireless transmission to open and close the shutters of the Active 3D glasses, this is why other glasses are not compatible with different brands. The television has to "find" the glasses in order to send the transmission.


      At the moment the glasses are compatible with the 58PFL9955, 46PFL9705, 40PFL9705, 52PFL8605, 46PFL8685, 46PFL8605, 40PFL8605, Latam region:, 58PFL9955D, 40PFL9605D.


      The television that my parents have does suffer from ghosting more than my Samsung television which does affect your 3D experience. This is not a reflection on the glasses though but caused by the signals sent by the transmitter. It is basically when the left eye sees some of what the right eye should see and vice versa. Despite this, the images are on the whole beautifully crisp and do seem to fill the room. We watched Alice in Wonderland and enjoyed many of 3D spectaculars such as being surrounded by falling leaves and seeing the Cheshire cat appear from nowhere. I like the glasses and seen there are only two different types of Philips glasses you can chose from you are a little stuck if you don't like them!


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  • Product Details

    Be enthralled by 3D movies at home with extra pairs of Active 3D glasses. With high-tech Active 3D glasses, you can extend your 3D upgrade kit further so that you can share a truly immersive 3D experience with the whole family!

    Technical Data

    Product Description: Philips 3D TV Glasses PTA03 - 3D glasses
    Product Type: 3D glasses - active shutter
    Battery: CR2032
    Run Time (Up To): 200 hour(s)
    Package Content: CR2032 battery, stereoscopic 3D glasses
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 16.8 cm x 4.7 cm x 16.5 cm
    Weight: 60 g