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    1 Review
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      24.04.2012 16:40
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      Useful cases made by Sony

      ~My Sony soft case~

      I have had a Sony soft case in use for a number of years that I bought to house my camcorder in and I am happy to say that the case has proven to be sturdy, well made and extremely durable during its working lifetime. The case I have is a good size with it having a number of useful storage compartments that have been of great use. The material used to make the case is plain and simple in its finish yet still looks neat and smart even though it has faded just a little over time. Sony make a number of soft case that are suited to the storage of all kinds of camera, projection and video equipment and in my experience they seem to be of good quality as well as offering value for money in many cases.

      ~Sony style~

      The style of the Sony soft case I have is very matter of fact and business like in its presentation in my opinion as there is nothing fussy or flouncy to be seen. I like the way that the functionality of the case has been the main focus of the design rather than adding distracting design points that would not have really benefitted me during the use of the case. Whilst this case is not massive in size when compared to a standard bag or holdall, I feel that it would most certainly be classed as a large sized camera/ camcorder/ projector bag that could be used for storing away all kinds of this type of equipment.

      ~Sony storage~

      I like the way that the top zip of the main compartment opens all the way around 3 sides of the bag yet stays firmly attached to the 4th side giving a neat and accessible lid to the bag that can be folded all the way back to reveal the contents. This makes it really easy to get your things out of the bag as you can easily see what you have placed inside and can gain access to items without having to move the whole lot around. The inside of the main storage section can be partitioned with the use of a material covered soft foam inner piece that sticks in place with velcro, so that it can be removed as and when needed. I find this very useful as I can pack items in to this section of the bag and get them positioned so that things don't end up knocking against each other when the bag is being carried around.

      The underneath part of the lid section of the central compartment has a very handy mesh type section sewn in to it that can be used to store extra items in such as cleaning cloths etc which is another thoughtful detail I like about the bag. Each of the ends of the bag have their own small yet effective storage compartments sewn in that have zip style closures to them and these can be helpful for storing lenses, batteries and all kinds of extras that you cannot do without but don't really have room for elsewhere. Again the zips work well and allow easy access to what ever is stored away with them opening up more than half way around the top and side area.

      There are additional compartments that have been thoughtfully placed along the longer sides of the bag and these can be used for longer slimmer and less bulky items as they have mesh partitions inside that keep various items away from each other, thus offering each item a good level of protection from knocks and bumps. The top of my Sony soft case has a sturdy well made handle sewn on to it that can be used to carry the bag when filled if wanted and I find that this works quite well. The handle has remained firmly attached and has not come away from the main body of the case at all which I am pleased about.

      ~Get carried away with Sony~

      The case can be carried by using the shoulder strap provided if wanted and this is something that I have made use of when using the bag. The webbing style material that has been used to make the carry strap is very strong and durable, with it having a regular textured feel that doesn't feel too rough when carried on your shoulder. There is a shoulder protector pad that has been threaded through the carry strap and this has just enough padding to it my opinion. The plastic style clips that hold the shoulder strap in place seem to be strong yet have a degree of flex to the closures that make them reliable in use.

      ~How I rate Sony soft cases~

      Over all I have been pleased with the way that this bag has worked as it has not let me down and has provided a safe place for me to store camcorder equipment in. I have found that the bag on its own is light to carry although once loaded it does feel considerably heavier which I feel is to be expected. The outer material having been a neat and smart jet black when new has faded just ever so slightly over time, although in my opinion the bag with its Sony branding does still look smart and ready for use. Bags like this one are still available to buy and can be found on on line sites as well as in stores. Prices for these bags vary a little and you should expect to pay between £24 to £29 for a bag like this one. As I have had no trouble at all when using the bag I feel it ought to get a 5 star product rating.


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