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    1 Review
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      02.12.2007 13:10
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      A stylish, easy to use oven with more features than most of us are likely to use.

      I've owned this oven for about 9 months and so far I've been very pleased with it. It's a stylish-looking appliance for a start compared to many of it's competition - it's controls are inconspicuous whilst still being easy enough to use.

      The oven has a wide range of different settings including fan, normal, pizza, top and bottom heat etc etc - very few of these are ever used to be honest. I tend to stick with Fan, No-fan or Grill and I think that probably most other people are the same. This particular model also has a temperature probe which I haven't used yet (but may get used on the Turkey!).
      When you switch the oven on it has a little clock to tell you how long it's been running which is useful if, like me you tend to forget to look at your watch! It also beeps to tell you when it's at full temperature and therefore the best time to actually put stuff in the oven.

      The glass door never gets too hot which is a good thing because it tends to be at around child-head-height.
      One of the main reasons I chose this particular model was the Pyrolitic cleaning function which basically cleans the oven for you. You remove the shelves and shelf supports and then switch the oven to cleaning mode - it can take up to 3 hours for the full cycle although you can manually set it to a shorter time if required. It works a treat - just wipe away the dust residue with a damp cloth and it's perfect! Perfect when the mother-in-law is on her way over! Shame it doesn't also do the glass door...

      Other excellent features include the non-tip shelves which are very useful especially with large roasts. The grill has two settings - one full blast and one with only the central elements running which saves energy. The oven is A-rated for energy anyway so that always helps.
      The only slight negative I can think of is that there are definite hot-spots within the oven - but then I've never used an oven that doesn't have hotspots - you just need to keep an eye on things and turn cooking items if necessary.

      In general it produces good results across the range of cooking - cakes are fairly evenly browned and roasts are a treat!
      In conclusion - it's very stylish looking, easy to operate produces quite good results and it cleans itself - pretty much all I could ask of it!


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      Short name: AEG B8871-4-M

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