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Belling G707SS

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Glass lid with auto shut off / Four variable rated gas burners / Cast pan supports / LED Clock/Minute Minder / Top oven with gas grill / Gas main oven / Oven light in main oven / Electronic ignition / Cooker Type 60cm double oven / Fuel Type Natural Gas / Hob Type

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    2 Reviews
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      16.02.2012 15:12
      Very helpful



      Do not buy!!!! And if you do make sure you extened your warrenty

      When myself and my boyfriend purchased our first house togther the only appliances we had between us could of fit in boot of the car. So once we purchased the house we knew we had quite a bit to spend in kitting out the kitchen. No washing machine, no fridge and no cooker. We hunted around for a while for a cooker as it was only a small space so we wanted something compact. Our must have list was for it to be free standing, black, gas hob and gas oven and if possible to oven compartments.

      After a look around a few showrooms the Belling G707SS ticked every box. It was available in stainless steel, black or white and unlike others we had found the black was the same price as the white. So the cheapest price we found was £425 from Comet. They would deliver and install so even better.

      It was a little cheaper than some of the other cookers but not that cheap that you thought you was getting a basic cooker.

      For the first year everything was fine, it fit nicely in our small kitchen with it just being 60 cm. It had the double gas oven (top can be used as a grill), 4 goodsized gas hobs and it looked fab. The hob dials were a little out, so you never quite got the same gas mark more than once and we couldn't set the clock which stayed flashing for the whole of its 2 year stint at our house but as novice homeowners we thought, hey its cheap and it looks ok, we'll stick with it!

      Then came the problems.:-

      Just as the warrenty ran out, the top oven started turning itself off. Several times I would go to check on the dinner and everything was still frozen let alone cooked. So we got into the habit of just using the top oven as a grill, but soon after this started switching off too.

      The belling cooker has a glass lid which can be pulled down over the hob when the cooker isnt in use. The hob has a safety feature whereby the gas will switch off if the lid is down. As you lift the lid up it pushes down a button that allows the gas to work. But what happens when the lid breaks. This broke after a year and a half as the catches are cheap. Now our lid was left open 90% of the time so this breaking definatly wasn't from overuse! We had to prop the lid up to depress the botton by holding it in place with a nail and wedging it behind our microwave. As you can imagine that didn't look great!

      Other problems included:-
      + both oven door catches breaking so you had to wedge the doors shut.
      + bottom oven flame started going out leaving gas coming out
      + 2 of the knobs for the hob broke
      + the oven temperature know gave no difference in heat no matter where it was
      +the grill stopped working alltogther

      All of these problems emerged after 1 year of use and slowely got worse till it was just 3 years old. When the flame started going out leaving gas pumping out we immediatly took it to the tip and got another cooker, but I will never be buying a Belling product again.

      In fact as we were shopping for our replacement cooker we saw a couple mulling over the Belling G707SS and advised them not to get that one. I hope they took our advise!!!


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      08.09.2009 11:46
      Very helpful



      Just avoid at all costs!

      When we were looking for an oven to set off our newly fitted kitchen the Belling G707SS stood out as beautiful and stylish, yet had the all round specification we wanted for our family requirements. Now three years on, what has become of this perfectly formed machine?

      Well actuallywe threw it out about two months ago, and no it was not exactly all that we hoped it would be. The reason this cooker was not a match made in heaven is surprisingly simple; it was appallingly designed and manufactured. So lets get to the nitty gritty.

      Once again on paper this machine should impress, with its double oven, cast pan supports, its sleek silver polished finish and its stylish sweeping door handles, no wonder we were lured into purchasing it. This Belling creation had a price tag of over £500; a reassuringly expensive purchase surely?

      When we had it settled into its final resting place, installed by an old fashioned Corgi registered engineer (they have a new name now), the Belling G707SS did look a splendid sight. We even had a matching silver polished extraction hood hovering proudly overhead. So what really burst the bubble in the end?

      Well, the first noticeable issue came when using the main oven. There are two ovens of course, the top one doubling as a grill as well. We found that the main oven would not cook food in a traditional manner; instead it would defy the normal laws of physics and actually provide greater heat in the centre of the oven than the top. This bizarre concept resulted in many a burnt pizza until we learnt the strange ways of the Belling. To this day I cannot explain how or why this happened, but we would consistently place food on the top shelf instead of the middle and adjust the cooking time upwards anything up to 50 percent higher than the instructions recommended. After much trial and error (mostly by my wife to be honest) we learned to work with this odd arrangement of oven cooking. So was that the limit of the eccentricities'? Well no, to be frank.

      The next odd feature we discovered (not made widely available by the sales rep) was the grill set up. We discovered that in order to use the grill you have to slot a metal plate around the top of the grill in order to protect the control knobs from excessive heat. Yes, bizarrely the oven is designed first of all so badly that large amounts of heat leak out to the front of the oven, and secondly the control knobs are made of a composite which will not withstand this heat! The mind boggles as to how that design review meeting must have gone. So surely we have reached the climax of our faux pas list? No, perhaps just one more then.

      After about a year of use we discovered that the main oven door became difficult to close. We would have to lift the door slightly to make the flimsy catch contact. Eventually one memorable day the top hinge just snapped off, leaving the door hanging helplessly by the bottom one. Obviously being outside its pathetic one year warranty I then began a long series of patch up jobs in a vain attempt to keep the beast alive as long as possible. The door seal fell off shortly afterwards and so we limped through almost a further full year using the top oven whenever possible, although its small size was a limiting factor.

      So apart from looking pretty did the Belling have any other redeeming features? Well the gas hobs worked well; two large rings and two smaller ones, with the previously mentioned cast pan supports gave us no complaints. The smoked glass flip down top also worked and performed admirably providing the standard function of auto gas cut off to boot. The grill did work reasonably well but suffered somewhat from uneven heat distribution, but to be fair I find this with most gas grills. The electric clock and timer also preformed without issue.

      Well at least she looked good; for a while at least. Yes the silver polished finish did tarnish quickly and a layer of grease worked its way around the control knobs. Why didn't you polish I hear you say. Well Belling in another inspirational moment of design genius decided to paint the makings for the hob layout etc on top of the polished finish. So any slight rubbing in this area would result in removing the paint.

      You won't be surprised to hear that I am not recommending the Belling G707SS in any way, perhaps it matters not as I don't think it is available any longer. So I guess I am sending a warning to anyone out there who spots one on eBay looking for a bargain. Luckily it won't be ours as it is currently residing at the local council waste recycling area; or the dump as we used to call it!


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