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    1 Review
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      05.03.2012 02:55
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      A great bit of equipment every small family/apartment should have installed!

      I have always preferred fan ovens to conventional - solely for the fact that they don't usually require pre-heating before cooking, and this model (with its electrically powered heater) is a great example of a glass fronted fan oven which performs well for hours at a time. The 'CDA SC510SSS' is a fully programmable, standard sized appliance which will fit under a standard sized cabinet in a fitted kitchen environment - a 60cm high x 60cm wide gap to be precise. It is styled to work with most kitchen settings and this is one of the devices strong points, glass and stainless-steel fit in with most colour schemes, most cabinet/draw styles.

      The CDA is valued at just under £300, a pretty standard price for a cooker of this magnitude, maybe slightly over-priced - as the oven has only two uses: to fan and to grill. If you live in a big house-hold or you're often finding yourself cooking extravagant meals on a week night, this isn't the machine for you.
      However, for someone just looking for an every-day cooker I recommend it thoroughly. Cleaning the thing after use every-day is easy as well, the exterior and interior side of the glass wipes well with the help of a Bacterium busting spray, and the stainless-steal polishes up a treat with aid of the right product. Inside the oven, surrounding metal structure is also easy to wipe down and keep clean.

      Because the cooker is electric, it heats at a quicker pace than gas powered alternatives, and with the aid of an interior light you can keep a close eye on your foods progress without the need to open the door. This combination of form and function provides users with the best cooking experience, and with the aid of the devices controls (nobs and buttons), your cooking can be carried out in a precise and organised manner. The CDA has two revolving oblong pointers which control the cookers temperature (50 - 225 degrees) and its various functions (light only, fan, grill, fan and grill). Obviously, there are many different combinations to set these controls, all seeming to work to excellent precision and accuracy - if you cook a pizza at 200 degrees for 20 minutes one day, and at 210 for 20minutes on another, the slight difference in temperature will make a noticeable (yet slight) difference to your pizza's crispy coating - highlighting the devices subtle tendencies.

      The cooker also brags a digital clock to help people keep track of how long they've been cooking for, enabling them to follow the instructions of food packaging and cookery books. The clock can also be utilised as a stop-watch and is controlled using several plastic buttons lined up below. The buttons are slightly flimsy and feel as though they'll be the first thing to malfunction on the product - also, grease marks from food-handling fingers seam to clog up this area of the cooker (requiring extra cleaning).
      The handle of the cooker door is wide and easy to grip, allowing for tea-towels to flop round it and oven-gloved hands to grip it easily - the handle also adds some bulkiness to the contraption, strengthening the image of the thing and bettering its aesthetics as a result.
      A manufacturing logo spelling '|C|D|A|' in that exact way rounds off the design at the base of the product - it is scribed in a dark grey colour which sits discretely as it should (unlike some company logos).

      All in all, I can see little way of faulting this neat standard sized machine. Its looks seem to work, it performs well by heating up quickly and never over-heating after a period of cooking, and its controls and handle work well to give the user an excellent cooking experience. Overall nothing to fault so far, and I've had mine for about a year now (another thing to bare in mind).
      *Available from kitchenscience.co.uk for a mere £287.99 - bargain-ish price!


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    • Product Details

      CDA built-in stainless Steel Electric Single FAN ASSISTED oven / Short name: CDA SC510SSS

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