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Electrolux EOB5610

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Energy Source: Electric / Oven Type: Single / Capacity: 1.84 cu. ft. / Convection Types: With Convection

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    1 Review
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      21.10.2006 11:53
      Very helpful



      Cheap and very useful in your kitchen...

      For over a year I stayed without oven, the thing is that I was not so much around the house, and this means not in the kitchen. My own oven at the time was "shut down" or as I liked to say "gone with the sin", from a short cut of electricity, something burned inside and couldn't be recovered; no need, the microwave was perfect for the kind of food I was buying. All I was eating, ok we were eating, was take away or some sandwiches from Zorbas (the most known patisserie and cakes shop here in Cyprus). But when I decided to quit my job and start to work from home and in the same time to continue my studies thru distance learning, I wanted to make my self useful in the house, I think most of the women like's it so, and I wanted to cook for me and my husband, and besides this I wanted to start to improve my aptitudes regarding new recipes and why not making my own discoveries.

      Fair enough till here, but as my oven was not working; I had to consider buying a new one. Maybe for some of you this is an easy job to do, for me it was like hell, when finally I was taking a decision what brand I'll buy, always some helpful friend will tell me that will have a short life. So this period of trying to buy a new oven took 1 month and a half, and still no result, because I could not any more take a final decision.

      ***** How did I took the decision of buying it *****

      One day my father in law, came to visit us and wanted to eat to our house, the only thing I could prepare (not having an oven), tasty I mean, was a Russian Salad and some Suvulaki (grilled meat, pork, lamb or chicken, special Cyprus recipe, in a word Greek food). After we had our lunch on the veranda, my father in law asked me when I will make him that stuffed chicken I promised him, I answered: "When I'll have an oven, is so difficult to decide!" and he asked me to let this matter on his hands. Ok now to be sincere, because I know he is really good with this kind of thing, I felt relieved that finally somebody will help me out with this problem.

      ***** Here comes Santa *****

      After 2 days a delivery guy came to me and told me that he has something for me, guess what?! A big package was brought into my house, with an envelope that had inside a note: "I hope you'll enjoy this gift, is one of the best ovens I ever had too". So there it was the oven that I looked for it almost 2 months, Electrolux EOB5610, white one.

      After the guys from Electrolux installed it, in the place of the old one, I could see how nice and shiny is. Ok maybe it is only an oven, but is a very big thing for this element in my kitchen, to fit with all the rest; being white made him looks as it was there since I decorated the place. I was so anxious to start to cook (I'm that kind of person if I buy something new, I have to wear it in that day, and otherwise I'll not have any pleasure of taking it :P).

      ***** The oven *****

      Once I was left alone, the people from Electrolux left, I started to explore my new acquisition. As maybe you realized, is a built in oven, based on electric functionality, easy to clean (this from a first look).

      Dimensions: H: 596mm W: 592mm D: 567mm
      Weight: 30kg
      And as I was informed, this model comes in 3 colours: white (the one I have), brown, Stainless-steel (if you choose this will cost you extra, something as 30 £ extra)
      Total oven capacity: 53 litres
      Price: £ 189.00 - £ 207.96

      1) General overview

      - Control Panel where you'll find: oven function, minute minder and temperature selection.
      - Door Handle, white as the rest of the oven.
      - Full Glass Door ( the door is made from 2 pieces on glass, the one outside, that is incorporated in the skeletal and the one inside that can be taken out to be cleaned when needed)
      On the control panel, there still are: oven power indicator and temperature pilot light (that is going off, after the temperature rich the setting you chose), red color both of them.

      2) Oven Features

      - Top heat and heating elements
      - Oven lighting
      - Fan heating element
      - Shelf positions
      - Oven shelf runners, removable

      3) Oven Accessories

      - Combination shelf (for dishes, cake tins, items for roasting and grilling)
      - Grill pan with handle (support for the grill tray as a collecting vessel for fat)
      - Grill tray (insert for the grill pan for grilling smaller amounts of food)

      4) User information manual

      These are the elements of the oven and the accessories that it comes with. Forward I'll make a small presentation of how the oven works and a few advantages and disadvantages.

      ***** Oven Functions *****

      Before using the oven for the first time, you should cleaned, may contain some residual traces from the manufacture, do not use caustic or abrasive cleaner, you can scratch the surface. Turn the oven light on, remove all the accessories that are inside, clean the surface and after dry it. After you are sure that the oven is clean you can start to cook as I did, exactly after I did these steps. When I put it the oven light on automatically the oven power indicator switched on.


      Not to forget exactly the bases so I'll make the presentation more in details of the control panel, where the oven functions are. Is the first button on the left side as you face the oven, has 4 functions, the first one it will be the oven lighting as I said earlier.


      The second one it is the fan oven, which is used for roasting and baking on up to three levels simultaneously. The baking table you can find it in the user information manual; the baking times referred in the manual are to be used as a guide only. There are explained which shelf to be used to put the trail on, the approximate temperature for the best result, and the baking time in minutes. My first recipe was cheesecake and I putted on the number one shelf (when you'll read the manual you'll realize which one it is, but as picture, is the first one counting from the bottom of the oven) and I set the time first time 60 min on 155º C, the "bell" ranged and I set it again other 25 min on 140º C. I can not tell how my cheesecake got out being, the only thing I remember now is that it last less than 6 hours.


      The third function of the oven is defrosting. You can defrost items like: flan, butter, bread, fruit or other frozen food. For this function the fan operates without heating. The only thing I defrost, because usually I cook fresh meat or vegetables, is frozen pizza; I removed the cellophane, I put it on the grill trail, under the shelf, it took almost 5 minutes, or 6, I don't remember exactly, I got it out, put it in a round trail and turning the function to fan oven to be baked.


      The forth function, is the grill one. When you choose to grill your food, such as: steaks, escallops, fish or for toasting, only the top heat and the grill are used. For the grilling food, in general the first shelf is used, and the temperature for this function it will be between 250º C and 275º C. The timing information you'll find it on the page number 22 under the grilling table; but usually the food that will use the longest time to be grilled is the chicken, something between 20 and 25 minutes, here I mean the chicken halves and the chicken thighs.


      As I said earlier on the control panel you'll find the Minute Minder, which has no effect on the oven operation. The maximum time which can be set is 60 minutes. A signal is sounded when the set time has elapsed. To change your setting, just turn the knob to the desired duration. If you want to stop the timer before the set time has elapsed, simply turn the knob back to OFF.


      The last but not less important on the control panel is the temperature selection, where you can set the required temperature for the kind of food you want to bake, the maximum is 275º C.

      ***** Cleaning and Care *****

      After cooking you may consider cleaning the oven inside, you can do it as I said at the beginning, remove all the accessories that the oven has inside. Even the shelf support rails, can be removed for cleaning the side walls. Removing the shelf support rails has some small steps to follow: first pull the front of the rail away from the oven wall and then unhook at the back. To reinsert, first hook the rail into place at the back and then insert the front and press into place.

      In case you need to change the oven light bulb because is not working anymore, you need to remove the glass cover by turning it anti-clockwise and replace it with the same kind of bulb (25 watt, 230 V, 300º C heat-resistant oven lighting), after refit the glass cover. The same step must be followed when needed to be removed if you want to clean the cover.

      Oven roof can be removed too if you want to clean the oven roof, this can be done after you removed the side shelf support rails. Grip the heating element at the front and pull it forwards and out over support lug the inner wall of the oven. The heating element will fold down. You have to do it nice and easy, if you force it you can break it. After you cleaned the oven roof, move the heating element back up towards the oven roof, pull the heating element forwards against the spring pressure and guide it over the oven support lug, settle into the support.

      To clean the oven door, you have 2 possibilities, or you remove out the door completely to clean it, or you just simply open to its maximum. To remove the inside glass from the door, grasp the top glass panel underneath and push it towards the door handle against the pressure spring, until it comes free, hold the panel and slide it out. After you cleaned it slowly with the same steps but reviewed you'll place it back into the frame.

      ***** Product Warranty *****

      If during 12 month the oven comes out with a fault, the repairs, or even the possibility of being changed will be free of charge.
      If this unpleasant thing will happen here is some information from where you can receive help:

      - sending a letter to these addresses:

      Costumer Care Department Electrolux
      55-77 High Street Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1DZ


      For Costumer Service in the Republic of Ireland:
      AEG/ Electrolux Group (Ire)
      Long Mile Road/ Dublin 12
      Republic of Ireland

      - Calling to this numbers: UK - 08705 350350
      Ire - +353 (0) 4090753

      - Or visit website at: www.electrolux.co.uk

      *********This oven doesn't have child lock, so if you have babies you should keep them away from it.*********

      These are the informative things about the oven.

      ***** My Opinion *****

      After looking for so long to find one, I can say I'm more than pleased (and because it was a gift, why not to admit to it), to have this oven in my kitchen. Fits perfectly with all the rest, doesn't take so long time to be cleaned, cooks very good, ok with the steaks can be considered I have a problem, because they don't get out as the ones made on charcoal for example, but I understand is an electric oven and not a gas working one, in which your steaks will get out more than excellent. This it can be one disadvantage, not a big one, but if you like stake, you'll get a bit upset about it. But the fan oven cooking, if you are making cookies, or pies, or stuffed chicken, or other kind of recipes, you'll be more than satisfied. Not to forget, the grilled fish gets out amazing :- ) The vegetables end fantastically done, for example if you want to make egg-plant salad, and you have to bake them first and after to peel them off, the oven is almost doing the entire job; the same with the peppers.

      All I can say about it (not that they are not more many things to say, but I don't want to bore you) is that is the perfect oven somebody can have in the kitchen. As an advice, you should clean it after each time you use it, because if you let it uncleaned for a long period, you'll have a hard time to do so later.
      If some day you'll decide to buy Electrolux Oven EOB5610, have in mind that you chose one of the best out there.


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    • Product Details

      Built-in electric single oven, Ultrafan cooking, Mechanical minute minder, Practical and safe grid runners, Easy to clean hinged grill, High gloss enamel oven lining, Oven light, Double glazed door with heat reflective glass, Large viewing window, A Energy Rating / Short name: Electrolux EOB5610

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