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Electrolux EOU63143X

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2012 22:54
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      An aesthically pleasing oven, which is just a little complex to use

      My new flat came with this electric double oven and, as coincidence would have it my mother has the same cooker, just an earlier model making it possible for me to evaluate the improvements Electrolux as made.

      The Product
      It's a double, fitted oven which runs on electric. They are made from stainless steel, and mine has the stainless steel finish, also I believe it is also available in white and black. The design is quite sleek with 4 knocks for controlling the oven and 3 buttons for the clock/timer. The oven handles are sturdy and well integrated into the design. Both ovens are plenty big enough and will accommodate the large baking dishes/roasting trays you can buy. With the top oven, unless you are using very slim dishes you can only have one shelf in at a time.

      The Ovens
      Both the top and bottom oven have a self clean surface on the sides. The roof and floor of the oven isn't self clean but is easy to wipe clean. Each oven is controlled by 2 knobs, the two on the left for the top oven, the two on the right for the bottom. This is where I think the new design has become more complex as one knob controls the temperature, the other the setting. So for the top oven there are 2 grill settings, 2 oven settings, plus fan setting and apparently you can use the grill and fan at the same time for roasting. However, the signs for how each setting cooks are not obvious and I often get confused and end up grilling when I meant to cook and cooking my toast, when I wanted the grill. The bottom oven seems to be at least as complicted and apparently you can defrost, however I've never experimented with that, too worried I'll end up giving us food poisoning.

      After several rather disasterous attempts with the bottom oven, including a joint of lamb which took hours to cook, I have quit with it. I therefore now only use the top oven. I do find that when I get it on the right setting it cooks well, although a little show, and needs a higher temperature compared with my mother's earlier version. The earlier version was very much easier to use with just 3 knobs, one for the top oven, one for the bottom and one for the grill. It is fan assisted and therefore cooks evenly and I find it grills toast etc. nicely.

      This is where Electrolux have made a major advancement from the earlier model. The earlier model you have to unscrew the panels in the ovens to be able to get the glass out to clean, nightmare, it takes ages to do. With my new version it's very simple, just clip out the sill over the door and the inside glass panel slides out. It's really easy to clean. I do find that crumbs each end up in the seal of the lower oven, which is a bit annoying but it's easy enough to clean them out.

      I have never experimented with this, I can't even use the cooker knobs effectively so I don't think I stand a chance here! I do keep the oven switched off at the mains so the time, which is displayed in a panel in between the 4 knobs is always out, and therefore I don't ever reset as I would be forever dong this. I believe you can save quite a lot of electricity by not leaving devices in the home on standby.

      One thing I do like about this cooker is the safety of it. It has a "cool door" which means the cooker doesn't get at all hot on the outside. This is very useful to have with kids around as it doesn't matter if they touch the glass doors when the oven is on. Also they can sit and watch the cakes they made rise without me worrying they may burn themselves!

      As I mentioned it is fan assisted, therefore cooks evenly, however the fan also goes onto a cooler mode when you switch the oven off, which is rather noisy and annoys me, another reason I switch it off from the mains - only way to shut it up!

      I didn't buy mine, it came with the flat but I believe the oven alone is around £700, so it's not cheap!

      I wouldn't choose to have this oven again, I like my oven to be simple to switch on and I don't want to be routing for the manual to remind me what the settings are! The matching hob for this is however brilliant, it's gas, simple to use and I love it, but that's another story...


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      Electrolux Inspire Built Under Double Oven / Short name: Electrolux EOU63143X

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