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Gino D'Acampo EKO523 12 Litre Halogen Oven

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2011 07:28
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      A quality piece of cooking equipment and something which I could not do without in my kitchen

      I am someone who simply loves cooking and find it something which is very relaxing and love being able to have the ability to be in complete control and due to this I am not someone who is the biggest fan of using ovens as once you have your foods in the oven and shut the door then you no longer have any control other than timing as if you open the door then you are allowing heat to escape from your oven so when I heard of halogen ovens I decided it would be something worth looking into a little more. Following on from watching a few advertisements on home shopping channels and being impressed with what I was seeing I decided to go for it an purchase my own halogen oven with the one I chose being an offering from Gino D'Acampo...here are my thoughts.

      Halogen ovens use much less energy than traditional ovens thanks to the fact that you are heating a much smaller area than you would as standard. The oven also heats up immediataly so once you have your food in then it is just a case of setting a time (adjusting this in line with the fact that you don't have a pre-heat and also that you are using direct heat rather than simply heating a huge area around the food).
      Even heat distribution is a must and thanks to the fan on this oven you needn't worry as it pushes and swirls the heat to ensure that your food is able to get an all over cooking process.
      Great amount of cooking space. This oven provides you with 12 litres of cooking capacity which when you see it for yourself is simply huge and more than enough space for cooking your meat and vegetables all together. The oven also comes with a 5 litre extension ring which allows for the occasions when you may need extra space (like at christmas) which you simply slide into place so no difficulty in this.
      3 modes of heating - direct heat transmission, infrared waves and a convection heat whirlwind.
      Excellent value for money with this only costing around the £50 - £60 mark.
      Watch your cooking thanks to the glass bowl so you can have a better understanding of the cooking process and make the food how you wish it to taste.
      Simple controls - set your temperature and you time, push down the handle and away you go.
      Self wash facility - put a little bit of water and washing up liquid into the glass bowl and set this to have a rinse and it will use the convection fan action to swirl the water to enable you to give this a nice rinse to make it easier to clean off.
      Comes with low and high racks and also a set of tongues for picking out the racks to ensure you can easily remove these.
      A simple manual with some recipes for you to try. The manual is worth a quick read but as it is so simple then you will be away and on your own quickly enough.

      I haven't come across any and have been using this for a number of weeks now.

      Having cooked a variety of different things in this oven I have found it a much better solution than a standard/traditional oven. I have cooked things like sausage rolls and cheese and onion pastries in this which are beautiful as you can watch and time your food to perfections thanks to being able to see the colour and how the items are puffing up. I have also used this for simple oven ready meals which whilst fine in an oven are even better in this as you needn't wait for the oven to warm up which makes it a quicker and so more viable option for me. I have so far only tried a couple of meats in the oven with a nice bit of gammon topped with garlic butter and a chicken breast with cheese, bacon, tomato puree, basil, parsley, oregano and a little garlic olive oil the ones thus far tried and I have been very impressed with how these have turned out thanks to being able to monitor the cooking process and if required to simply lower or raise the temperature to ensure it is cooked how I want it.

      Overall if you are someone trying to eat healthier food (something I am actively trying) then this is something I highly recommend as the cooking modes ensure that your food is cooked to be fresh and tasty but also making it so that your fats are cooked and so reducing the amount of fat in your foods.
      This was simply great value or money and allows for simple cooking to be carried out in a quick and easy way which is something that saves time, effort and money. Overall this is a great investment.


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