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Indesit FIE56K.BBKGB/1

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2011 12:22
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      A good, decent oven at an affordable price

      I was looking at buying an oven but not wanting to spend more than £200. I'd settled for a sub £100 oven before and it had various problems from heating everything outside it whilst not evenly cooking anything inside it to not turning on at certain times. I prefer electric because you can easily fit them yourself where as with a gas oven you would have to call out a gas safe engineer to fit it for you and that alone would cost just over £100. Its best to do some research before spending this amount of cash on something and during my research this oven came out top in terms of price, features and performance. I then started looking for the best place to buy this from and Boots seemed to be the cheapest. I managed to get it for just under £250, which was £50 over my budget but i though it was worth spending that little bit more for something that was a little bit more energy efficient (B), and one that came with a timer unit.

      Before this i didn't even know boots sold electrical items, but they were pretty good, they managed to get it to me two days after I had ordered it. The packaging was OK, it had all the features as well as a picture of the oven on it, the user manual was quite good in that it shows you first how to install the oven, whilst giving you tips on ventilation for best results, it also gives you a run down of all the features as well as some suggestions for what to cook in it. Once I had the plug on it was just a matter of putting this into its housing. After this i just lined up the four screws and screwed it securely in its place.

      It looked very modern and stylish, it also went with the rest of my stainless steel kitchen. The oven came with a dripping tray and a grill mesh that can be fit into any of the five position racks, depending on the food you are cooking I normally just leave them on the middle rack. The control panel is also quite fancy, it has a knob on each side with a timer / clock in the middle, one for selecting a function for the oven, and the other is the thermostat for selecting the temperature you want to cook at. The timer / clock works like you think it would, you select the amount of time you want to cook something using the plus and minus buttons below it and then press the set button. It then lets you know when the time is up with a buzz that is a little on the loud side. One complaint is that the volume of the buzz cannot be reduced, although that is a very minor complaint.

      The functions that this comes with the oven are as follows: -

      1) Traditional cooking mode, which uses both the top and bottom heating elements to cook the food.
      2) Multi-Cooking mode, which is that same as traditional cooking mode but with the addition of the fan.
      3) Top Oven mode, which uses only the top heating element.
      4) Grill mode, which also uses only the top heating element but at a very high temperature.
      5) Gratin mode, which is that same as top oven mode but with the fan on as well.

      Now if your going to do any large roasts, e.g. duck, turkey, beef or pork, I would use the traditional cooking mode, as you do not want to evenly heat it. It gives a better all round finish and keeps the flavour, which i have only picked up due to trial and error. I would still roast chicken using the multi-cooking mode because it seems to come out better when its evenly cooked. Likewise, pizzas, lasagne and pies come out a lot better using the multi-cooking mode. The top oven mode seems to be useless for anything apart from finishing off anything that hasn't cooked properly, and grating mode is also only good for when cooking fish, as you do not want to overcook fish. Grill mode is probably useful for cooking burgers but this doesn't get used much in our household.

      Cleaning the oven externally does not take much of an effort, cleaning it internally is a bit of a chore but it depends a lot on the product you clean it with, using the cheap value type stuff can take ages, whilst using the good branded stuff takes minutes. I use the value stuff mostly so it does need a bit of elbow grease. It also gets quite hot and that heats is passed onto the housing it is in, although this is not as bad as my previous oven.

      Overall, i am quite satisfied with this oven, its easy to use, it does everything that I want from an oven and at quite a reasonable price too. It is also quite energy efficient, which again is saving me something along the way.


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    • Product Details

      Indesit built-in black single multifunction oven with combined grill and easy clean enamel liners / Short name: Indesit FIE56K.BBKGB

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