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Neff B1432W0GB

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Circotherm (forced-air) cooking / Closed-door variable grilling / Circo-roasting (alternating grill and fan) / Defrost setting / Conventional cooking top and bottom heat / Bottom heat only / LED clock / automatic and minute Timer / Glass (stainless steel) control

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      10.11.2003 21:08
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      We bought our first built-in Neff oven and hob when moving into our first house in 1988, moved it with us to our present abode, and until last August it had been in constant use with few problems. Odd things needed fixing, the door seal went, bulbs blew, the fan motor packed in eventually but we continued to use it as a conventional oven. I broke the little catches that release the door for cleaning and, as it gracefully declined without drama or fuss we decided it was well past the time to replace it and began to look around. I won't bore you with the details of the looking around process: it took nearly two years and during that time other bits and pieces stopped working. The hob control knobs broke, auto ignition clogged up so it became increasingly difficult to light the gas and finally the light behind the glass control panel began to flicker and eventually died. Despite all this it still cooked perfectly! This may all sound negative but if you take into account the fact that this oven has cooked food for a family of four in two different houses over a 16 year period, I don't reckon it owed us anything at all. Sadly missed....you sentimental fool. So after almost two years of searching for a suitable replacement and niggles and gripes about the various unsuitable and unacceptable features of models from other manufacturers, we realised we were going to have to buy another Neff, nothing else would do. The order was placed at Biasco online and confirmed instantly by e-mail and delivered by Neff home deliveries. 'Best prices on the internet' their site said and they were right as far as I could tell. ************************************************* The Newbie Installed and Working. What's it look like then? We bought the black model, which has a double glazed Thermax 50 door, (that's what they call it anyway, sounds good eh?) hot on the inside, cool on the outside, useful for peopl
      e with kids (or older idiots) but it doesn't dry the tea towel hanging on the handle quite as well as the old one, still safety first. I think it's a very stylish design, as ovens go, but that's just me. We did like the stainless steel version, but decided against it on the grounds that stainless steel is not actually stainless. Rustproof yes, stainless no, it shows up grease stains and finger marks like nobodies business and I for one didn't relish the thought of constantly wiping it down, oh sure I could use the tea towel on the handle as a disguise but I'd know what was under there. So black glass it was and very nice too. Control centre, simplicity There are only two control knobs on the front, one for the various oven functions and the other for temperature, easy. A red light comes on above each when it's on so you can tell from a distance whether you actually did turn it off or not. The oven functions are: top and bottom heat, bottom heat only, circotherm (fan assisted) circo-roast (fan assisted grilling), defrost setting and closed door grilling, enough toys for anybody I reckon. It is also equipped with an LED clock and timer so you can risk it if you like and let it rip while you're out partying or shopping or working or whatever. Set the timer and come home to perfectly prepared whatever was in the oven when you left! Five small buttons on the left of the glass panel under the clock, control the timer and clock settings. Very simple once you've mastered it (or have had 16 years practice), no but it really is very simple to operate. Removable Door The glass door is easily removable for cleaning and has a better system, just lifting out, than the older model which was fitted with two locks made from some kind of 'toffee' metal which I managed to break as mentioned earlier, meaning we could no longer remove the door for cleaning with hideous consequences as the grime built up. No such
      problems with the new one however. It has a solid feel, just like the rest of the thing, very well put together indeed. It closes very positively; you know like the doors of very posh cars, clunk, no rattling or misalignment, quality that is. Catalytic Linings and Stage Lighting The B1432 is the first (cheapest) model in the current Neff range to feature a full set of catalytic linings, sometimes called pyrolytic, (nothing to do with too much ale) they work by absorbing grease and releasing it as a vapour when the oven temperature reaches 210 degrees centigrade, which means, assuming the entire interior of the oven is fitted out as this one is, that you never have to clean it. Oh dear, I so loved that job as well. There's also an internal light so you can check the cooking progress without opening the door, vital for Yorkshire pudding production. I always seem to open the door to be greeted by puddings about to burst out of the top of the oven only to watch in dismay as they slump back into their tins again, rats. If only I'd waited a little longer OR had a light in the oven, assuming the glass was clean enough to see in there in any case we'll have to see how long the 'cleaning the door' routine lasts....um Racks The three internal racks are all chrome wire and ride in chrome wire supports fixed to the oven sides by thumbscrews (not that kind), which unscrew to release them for cleaning as well. This in my experience is the worst bit of oven cleaning, never can get into the corners of the wire joints and with the best will in the world they seem to get burnt and horrible. Sand blaster maybe? Quality and Cost Neff have built a reputation for excellence, quality and service, and I have experienced it first hand for the last 16 years. OK the old oven had its faults, but they were small things apart from the fan motor and I know people who have gone through four or five ovens in the same period
      of time. The guide price for this appliance c/w its new standard issue 2-year guarantee (all Neff kit comes with this as standard now) is £500, but we paid £385 delivered (it would have attracted a £40 delivery charge but we got a hob as well which took it over the £500 threshold for free delivery) which I don?t reckon is a lot of money for something I expect to be replacing in 2019! Incidentally, the old one developed a terminal fault two days after the new one was ordered....who says appliances don't have feelings...


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