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Siemens HB86E560B

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2010 17:13
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      If you're looking to upgrade a small kitchen, this is the oven for you!

      The new flat my husband and I have just bought came with an exclusively Siemens kitchen - being a flat in the centre of London, the kitchen designers were clearly aware of the need to make the most of what little space they were given, and thus our oven is this combination microwave and electric oven offering from Siemens.

      It took a while for me to figure out how to use this microwave, but in all honestly, this was because I refused to read through the guide as I wanted to learn via experience instead. This mode has slowly but surely paid off, as I'm now completely familiar with the workings of the oven.

      I have nothing but good things to say about it - it is a tremendous space saver, having the two functions combined, though admittedly I have not tried to cook a roast dinner yet as I'm unsure of how I would work the timings of everything that needs to be chucked in the oven as it is quite small. I have used it for many dinner parties though, as it has a plate warmer function.

      Besides the somewhat small size (which is both a blessing and a curse), I have two other minor quibbles with it:

      1. When I have tried to microwave things without taking the big baking tray out, the food has remained stone cold while the baking tray has gotten finger-scaldingly hot. Admittedly this was due to me being a bit of a dunce, but having used 'normal' micorwave ovens all my life prior to this, it took a bit of getting used to - now I always remember to take the big baking tray out before nuking anything.

      2. It's incredibly noisy - and in a very small flat, it can get in the way. As the oven heats up and then cools down, it makes a very loud mechanical whirring noise, which is more than a little irritating when we have friends over for meals, or even when we are just trying to talk before or after dinner. It also makes catching up on the phone whilst I'm baking something of an ordeal.

      Other than those minor problems, though, I am incredibly happy with this piece of equipment - the benefits definitely outweigh the cons in this situation!


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    Short name: Siemens HB86E560B

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