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Zanussi ZOB690X

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Manufacturer: Zanussi / Oven Type: Double / Energy Source: Electric / Oven Functionality: Bake / Self Cleaning: With Self Cleaning / Capacity: 1.87 cu. ft. / Number of Racks: 2 / Design: Built-in / Overall Height: 23.35 in. / Overall Width: 22.05 in. / Overall Depth: 21.65 in.

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2010 22:16
      Very helpful



      A kitchen device that is more trouble than it's worth!!

      Perhaps the biggest issue in writing this review will be attempting to be fair. It is fair to say that the Zanussi ZOB690X has caused me more pain, both physical and emotional than anything else on the face of the planet today.

      So details first of all. It is a built in unit measuring 59cm x 59.4cm x 56cm, weighs 34.6lbs with a capactity of 53 litres. The external casing is constructed from brushed steel, with a black glass panel in the top in which resides the LCD display. Below that are the 6 buttons which allow you to programme the oven for whatever task you require. Beneath this and taking up the majority of the units' front is the door. Hinged at the bottom, it is the width of the unit and has a viewing window into the oven itself.

      The ZOB690X is a multifunction oven, 9 to be precise, that is electrically operated. This means that it will require hard wiring, but it has an efficiency rating of A, which is good. The oven is a convection oven which operates a system which Zanussi call Thermaflow. This means that it is a fan assisted oven to ensure that the temperature remains constant on all levels of the oven. Particularly useful when cooking multiple items. No more top of the oven cooking faster than the bottom.

      There 9 functions which are tailored to suit different food types. These include thermal grilling for a healthier way to cook meat and a pizza oven setting which allows the base to crisp while the topping melts rather than crisps.

      Prices start from £429 and it comes with a 1 year warranty and all the relevant paperwork including instructions. All in all based on what is described it would appear to be a good buy. However...

      I have had this unit for a few years and the first piece of advice I will give you if you have purchased or are thinking of purchasing this unit. Ensure you take up the extended warranty from the retailer, you will use it. So far I have had the door seal replaced twice which according to the second engineer who visited, is a regular occurence. In addition the door itself needed replacing, just the once, the internal clock, the element replaced twice and a fuse. I suppose I could have done the last one myself, but what can I say, I didn't know it was something so simple.

      So those are the things that requiring external help. Cleaning the ZOB690X on a weekly basis is a requirement. If not the element produces a wonderful pungent smell that fills your nostrils and sets the smoke alarms off. The viewing window clouds up regularly. If you cook any meats, they have to be done at the lowest level of the oven, so they spitting juices cannot hit the element and produce the atomic bomb cloud when you come to open the door. After a while the timer bleep, which to begin was pretty low and feeble to begin with has died.

      Now perhaps the smoke and the issues with the element maybe a result of my cooking and as such could be ignored, but the issues requiring the engineer visits cannot be down to me. That sort of regular maintenance can only be put down to poor construction.

      It works with ease and it cooks foo to a good standard but the issues surrounding are too much, if you are considering this as an option, my advice would be don't. I won't be considering an option for too much longer either!!

      UPDATE 16/09/10

      RIP you worthless piece of ****. Coughed and spluttered it's last meal yesterday and will be rusting out it's days on a scrap heap by Sunday.

      Bon Voyage


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