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Back Experts Back Knobber II

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Brand: Back Experts / Type: Pain Relief

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2009 13:48
      Very helpful




      It's got a strange name, the Back Knobber II, and looks a bit like another torture device. The Back Knobber, not knobbler as I would have thoght it would be called, is a tool for self massage. It's an S shape device made of reinforced polymeric resins which feels just like hard plastic and is designed to reach your back with.

      The Back Knobber II is available from a variety of sites but I've found they are cheapest on ebay and cost from £13 to £20 each. They come in 2 halves and when you clip the two pieces together the device is about three quarters of a metre long. The fact it breaks down to halves does make it smaller to carry around if you wanted to take the tool with you.

      The two pieces clip together by one side having holes on either side and the other have protruding bits and you just push them together. To seperate you push on the protruding bits so they slip back out of the slots they are in. The Back Knobber is also quite light and weighs only about a pound at most.

      So, how does it work? Each curve has a round knob on the end, one is slightly bigger than the other as is the curve itself so depending on where you want to reach or the size of the knot one of the ends will be able to do the job. The idea is you position the knob in tight areas of your back and pull on the end you are holding to produce pressure which should help release the tight knot in your back.

      What does it feel like? The knob in your back feels like well, a plastic knob in your back! The rest of the tool doesn't really allow you to press too hard as it has a degree of flexibility that stops it being rigid so you won't be able to hurt yourself with this massage tool. You can apply constant pressure or use the handle to make the knob move in massaging strokes, whichever works best for your particular tight areas.

      Does it work? Yes, it does massage or press on tight knots and it does make the whole of your back accessible. You just hook it around your side, or over your shoulder and away you go you can reach your whole back. For normal knots caused by a days work or tension this works very well and helps relieve them so you can stretch your back out.

      It's particularly good for the upper Trapezius which runs along the top of the shoulders, a very common place for trigger points and knots to form, as you can place the knob in a downward position and pull the handle down to get relief. That's not an area you can get to with tennis balls and is difficult with your hands too.

      It's also useful to do the muscles on the ribcage with, again this is an area you can't really reach yourself unless you use a ball against a wall and balls are less precise than the Back Knobber. It also works very well either side of the upper thoracic spine as this area needs some precision to get close to the verterbrae.

      One more thing this tool can do is get into the sides of the erector spinae (muscles either side of the spine) where lots of knots lurk but go unnoticed as everyone focuses on the back of the muscle.

      Problems? Of course! Many of you will know I have hypermobile joints in some areas of my body and this means I personally get alot of knots and rigid muscles. I find many of the ones in my back produce a big ridge of muscle that the Back Knobber can't deal with. If I try to use it on these I find the knob slips right off the muscle because the muscle is just too solid and hard to get this tool into so on very, very tight areas it can't cope. This is not a usual finding though and normal daily tension will not produce knots of this quality.

      It's not useful for the neck itself as you can't apply pressure to such a degree on your neck. Please don't try, you could hurt yourself!

      Also if a knot is huge, and some can be, this tool may be too precise for a first measure and it's a good idea to use a tennis ball against a wall first then the Back Knobber.

      But there aren't many issues with this and for normal release after sitting in front of a computer or being stressed and having a tension headache from the upper trapezius it's the perfect tool that allows you to reach your own back easily.

      It's inexpensive, lasts forever, can be seperated into two halves so you can take it to work with you (do take it to work and see how many people become addicted to the sweet relief at the end of the day!)and works well on out of reach areas and normal knots. Recommended for anyone who could do with a back or shoulder massage at the end of the day but doesn't want to fork out for therapy.


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    • Product Details

      The Original Backnobber II tool is a carefully designed, deep muscle therapy device, it is the most advanced product of its kind on the market today.Constructed and crafted from fiberglass reinforced, nylon, this tool will last for many years. The Original Backnobber II tool is used by hooking the device over a shoulder or under an arm and using its leverage to apply deep pressure to trigger points in the muscles of the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back and virtually any other location on the body where trigger points may occur. This pressure can significantly reduce tension and pain in soft tissue and increase range of motion and overall function.

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