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Biocomfort Massator

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Brand: BioComfort / Type: Pain Relief

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2010 20:07
      Very helpful



      A massator for treating people with circulatory and joint problems.

      "A massager which caresses you"

      Recently I attended a retirement show - purely for educational research, you understand. There were some quite interesting talks and displays going on. Advice about how best to invest your annuity money, gardening tips, and fitness displays. Hmm, line dancing looked fun... That tai chi display looked just the thing for keeping one supple. And then there was the predictable range of stalls - mobile homes for sale, SAGA holidays, blood pressuring and hearing monitoring gadgets, very fancy juicers, etc.

      A particular stall drew my eye. On display were large posters of knee and shoulder joints, and a couple of people demonstrating what looked like a giant plastic hairbrush without bristles, designed to treat bad joints. Well, being someone who suffers with her joints, I just had to experience this.

      I sat on a small stool whilst the demonstrator massaged first one shoulder from behind and then the other with this gently vibrating 'thing'. He then showed me how to do the same using the massator on the front of my shoulders. I then tried rotating my arms and shoulders and yes, they DID seem to be moving slightly more easily.

      When I commented that my knees were bad as well, he massaged each side of each knee. I was then told to walk about ten yards to see if my knees felt any easier and more pain-free. It may have been psychological, but yes, this did indeed seem to be the case. Finally he then invited me to remove a shoe and to place my foot onto the 'thing' which had been placed into a holding tray. OHH! How it tickled! Absolute torture. This was supposed to help to improve my blood circulation. (Hard to prove but, to me, perfectly feasible.)

      Be warned: I am no scientist or medical expert.

      As I understand it, the theory is that some people build up uric acid crystals in their joints, usually starting with those in their fingers. The crystals prevent the synovial fluid from doing its job of lubricating the joints properly. After a period of time one might develop problems such as osteoarthritis.

      The claim is that the daily use of the massator can slow down or prevent the build up of these crystals and so help to prevent further deterioration of the joints. The vibrations, which are indeed quite powerful, break up the crystals so that they will dissipate and disappear naturally.

      (However, it should be pointed out that drinking the required 8+ glasses of water per day should flush these crystals out of your body naturally anyway. Then the crystals should not collect in your joints.)

      Some basic facts about the BioComfort Massator:

      Well, I must admit that I was not tempted to buy this miraculous product there and then. Largely because of the cost. It was on offer at the bargain price of approximately £450, apparently a saving of some £50 to £100. (I can't remember the exact figures, I'm afraid.) Guaranteed for life. But, before you gasp too loudly, consider the price of regular treatment by a professional masseur and then maybe, just maybe, you too might have been tempted. Hmm to choose between possibly effective treatment for chronically aching shoulders, or the price of a week in, say, Greece. Tough choice, but for me the thought of another nice holiday won the day.

      However, that evening I checked out EBay, the source of all temptation! To my surprise, I found one for sale in Germany, at the much better price of £159.99 plus p&p. Duly ordered, received, and tested. Within days it arrived, expertly packaged. Inside the large cardboard postal box was a strong plastic box, complete with a selection of interesting looking attachments and a small information leaflet.

      There are three interchangeable plates.

      1.The first is a spiked plate that you can use to massage the scalp or one's feet. Not very comfortable, to be truthful.
      2.There's a much more user-friendly brush plate, to use for massage on any part of the body, eg for massaging and, hopefully, dispelling cellulite. 3.The third plate is the one that I use the most. It has rubber studs, great for massaging shoulders and feet.

      There are also four smaller attachments which I confess mystify me. Each one can be screwed into the base.

      1.The cosmetic sponge, which was developed for face, neck and cosmetic massage, and is ideal for distributing skin lotions. Not an attachment I can find any use for.
      2.The natural hair brush, which cleans and stimulates the skin to the depth of the pores. For face, neck and shoulders. Umm?! What's wrong with good old-fashioned soap and water, or face cleanser?
      3.The massage finger, which is used for effective reflex zone massage and acupressure. I think this could be very useful, in the hands of an expert.
      4.The suction cup which supports the blood circulation in the peripheral cutaneous tissue. Perfect for face, neck and bust. For me, this one is probably the most useful of the small attachments, as it can also be used to massage the finger joints, to break down the uric crystals and to prevent deterioration of those joints. Now if only that suction cup were large enough to fit round my shoulder! It would be ideal.

      There is also a stand that you can clamp onto a table, to support the massator so that you can 'operate' on your back independently. I'm afraid to use that as it would damage the family heirloom oak dining table.

      I was surprised just how heavy the BioComfort massator was. Theoretically I should be able to hold the massator over my shoulder to reach the shoulder blades. However, it is impossible to get the right angle, partly because of the limited level of flexibility that I currently have. So poor old husband gets pestered when I need my treatment.

      The Biocomfort Massator is made in Germany and is actually quite difficult to obtain. Apparently there is just one licensed importer in the UK, one in Australia and so on. Thus creating a closed franchise situation. This is justified by their claim that you should have the massator fully demonstrated before purchase, so that you fully understand its purpose and the correct way to use it. After all, it is a piece of medical equipment used by physiotherapists and professional masseurs.

      If you suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis, or similar joint problems, I recommend you consult your doctor before considering buying this device. Detailed information about the massator can be found on:


      Then look on EBay, as I have seen more of them being advertised there at a very reasonable price.

      Used in the hands of a professional, this is a great device. Used in the hands of a willing partner / spouse, it can be very effective. However for use without help, not so good because it is heavy. It is not cheap but it does seem to be fairly effective. So, for me, the jury is still out.

      The decision is yours. Just remember...

      A massage a day helps you work, rest and play.


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