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Calpol Sixplus Fastmelts 12

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Brand: Calpol / Suitable for: Children / Type: Aches & Pains

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2013 23:05
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      An effective method of getting children to take paracetamol when ill.

      I remember first taking these because I wouldn't take a tablet until I was about 16, and as a child very prone to throat and ear infections, I ended up taking a lot of it. A few weeks ago now, I had a terrible flu typed bug, and after running out of paracetamol, I had to brave the outside world to get some more - a task which at the time seemed almost impossible. I could only make it to the tiny corner shop opposite my house, and as the Calpol 'fastmelts' was the only form of paracetamol in stock, I stocked up on them before getting safely back into bed - and I must say I was so happy with them!

      At the time I didn't care that they had cost a small fortune, around £3.25 for a packet, which is a lot more than the 20p a normal packet of paracetamol would cost. As I placed the first 'fastmelt' on my tongue, it was like being transported back to my childhood. They taste so good! They claim to be strawberry flavour, and whilst I am not sure I would describe it as being strawberry, whatever flavour they are is amazing! They taste very similar to the strawberry Calpol suspension that so many people will remember from their childhood. I can certainly see how they would encourage children to take them, they are almost like eating a sweet. You just leave the fast melt on your tongue, and within around 30 seconds it has dissolved into a sort of thick paste, which can then be swallowed and has a similar consistency to ice cream.

      The main negative that I found with this product is that because they are made for children, I had to take 4 'fastmelts' every 4 hours to be getting the normal adult dose, which meant that I soon had to brave the outside world much sooner than I had anticipated. However, I cannot criticise Calpol for this, as the product is manufactured for children, who would be taking between 1 and 3 'fastmelts' every 4 hours, meaning that a packet would last a slightly more reasonable length of time, although still not as long as a bottle of suspension of paracetamol.

      I would really recommend these to any parents out there who find it difficult to get their children to take other forms of paracetamol, as I really can't see how any child would turn down the opportunity to take these, as it really is like being given a packet of delicious sweets. They are quite expensive, but I really believe that it is worth it if your child refuses to take tablets or suspensions. My main criticism of them is the price, which is definitely much more expensive than either an oral suspension or a box of paracetamol tablets. However, they are definitely much more convenient to carry around than a horrible sticky bottle of suspension in mums bag when on the move - and this is a definite advantage!


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    • Product Details

      Calpol Sixplus Fastmelts Paracetamol's are specially developed to make your not so little ones feel all grown up! They simply melt in the mouth making them suitable for children aged 6-12 years.

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