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Co-codamol tablets

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Co-codamol is a strong pain relief medication for more intense pains. Whilst it is effective in this respect, it does come with some side effects, with users reporting drowsiness and stomach upset as a result.

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    43 Reviews
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      19.10.2014 14:52
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to buy"
      • "Ease really strong pain "


      • "Can be addictive"

      Fantastic for strong pain - but read information carefully.

      My wisdom teeth started coming through when I was 17 and ever since then, every summer I have had issues with them coming through and pain. This has also caused swelling meaning I can't speak or eat. Sometimes other pain killers just do not touch it.

      First of all you need to be careful with Co-codomal, it is non prescription and can be bought very easily, but is also very addictive. They advice that this taken for no more than three days. I personally have took it for longer (more like five or six), but I do not have an addictive personality and faced no further issues after taking it.

      There is also a huge number of medicines that can not be taken in conjunction with it, so you need to make sure you read the information provided very carefully. Or ask your doctor for advice if you are unsure. For example they cannot be taken with anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication.

      when I taken these I limit myself to six days and do not take in conjunction with any other paracetamol or codine type products. They ease the pain perfectly and normally within about twenty minutes I am pain free, this will last for a couple of hours before it starts to hurt again.

      These sell at a variety of prices and a variety of shops, but you don't need expensive ones. The cheapest do the job perfectly. They are more expensive than paracetamol but they do a better job, so will cost less over time.

      As always take all medical advise seriously and read all information provided. These really worked for me, but always check they are suitable to your needs.


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      08.09.2014 17:59
      Very helpful


      • "They get to pain fast and effectively"


      • "They make me feel sick and drowsy "

      HIts the pain but makes me feel sick

      My husband uses co codamol pain relief probably more than I so. I only ever use them if I have a severe pain that Ibuprofen and paracetamol will not get rid of. I take two of these and I have used both the soluble ones and the ones which you just swallow with a glass of water. It's quicker and easier to swallow them whole as the soluble type leave a nasty taste in my mouth for ages afterwards and they make me feel quite sick.

      The good thing about these is that they get to the root of my pain very fast indeed and they are super quick to work. On the down side I hate the fact that I need to have a lie down pretty soon after taking them as they make me feel really lethargic and quite groggy and sleepy for a few hours afterwards.

      every time I try to buy them at my local Boots I am put through the third degree and given numerous warnings about them being highly addictive and not to take them for more than three days in a row without seeking medical advice. I rarely do this so I don't think I need to worry and I fail to see how anyone could become addicted to the horrible taste these have.

      I buy mine in boxes of 32 tablets though the smaller sized boxes are also available to buy too. They contain both codeine and paracetamol and it is these two active ingredients which get to the root of pain super fast.

      They do hit pain quickly but I cannot recommend the taste to anyone but still have to give them four stars for being super effective.


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      03.09.2014 17:33
      Very helpful


      • "These are good for strong pain"


      • "It is hard to use the toilet "

      Very good pain killers for strong pain

      WHAT IS IT?

      Co-codamol are painkillers that contain codeine. They are stronger than paracetamol and ibuprofen and can help you with different sorts of pain like dental pain or my irritable bowel syndrome easier than other painkillers.


      Most co-codamol tablets are small and round and they are easy to swallow but sometimes when I get mine from my doctor they have got a long shape and I do not like them because they are harder to swallow. Sometimes co-codamol makes a funny taste in my mouth but that is for a short time only.


      Sometimes co-codamol can make it hard for you to use the bathroom but if you drink alot of water while you are taking them that helps. I sometimes use a sugar based laxative if I am going to use co-codamol for quite a long time because that stops the danger of me getting constipation.

      Some people can not take these pain killers because they have got medical conditions or are taking other medicine but you must read the box carefully to see if they are suited for you.


      I am very happy with co-codamol pain killers and think they work quick and are very effective on all pain. I do not take them for headaches because I think Nurofen or paracetamol tablets work for that but I have got a condition that is like irritable bowel syndrome and when I get pain from that these work so quick that I do not suffer for longer than I have to. I have been taking them this week because I have got to wait to have some dentist work done and my teeth are painful, these remove my toothache all completely not like Nurofen that just take the sharpness off the pain.

      I like that co-codamol work for a long time in between taking tablets because I do not like to take them too much as they are so strong and because of the side effect of not being able to use the toilet properly if I have to use them for a long time. You can not take more than 2 tablets every 4 hours and that is correct for me because I sometimes do not have to take even that many because of them being so effective for my sort of pain.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      20.06.2013 22:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Over-the-counter pain relief that will suit specific problems

      I haven't used co-codamol since becoming pregnant but I used it for a few weeks at one point when I was working a lot of hours at work and started getting migraines. I work at a computer and I have quite a strong glasses prescription so it's no surprise really. I normally find that paracetamol does the trick but with the migraines it didn't so a friend of mine recommended co-codamol, which I found in my local Superdrug store.

      Co-codamol is a combination of paracetamol and codeine, so you get the benefit of the painkillers but also a relaxing influence from the codeine. In fact I found that the codeine made me feel quite drowsy, but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't continue to take it. I just tried not to take it at/before work. Some people might find that it effects them more than me, so it's worth keeping that in mind, as high doses of codeine are also prescribed for anxiety as it effectively knocks you out for an hour or two.

      The tablets are really easy to swallow as they are so small. With paracetamol I usually have to swallow half at a time but these are so small that you wouldn't need to do that. They are circular and perhaps a little chalky but you don't notice this as they slip down easily due to the size.

      It's important to remember the potential side effect of drowsiness too as you may feel it but not realise and drive somewhere, which I would not recommend. For this reason co-codamol is best taken in the evening when you know you won't be going out again, before bed is ideal as it will help you to sleep better too.

      These tablets can be taken every 4 hours but not for a long period of time as codeine can become addictive. If your pain continues for more than 3-4 days you should visit a doctor for other medication, however I found that mine ceased on the weekends when I wasn't working so I just took co-codamol in the week when I was working long hours in quite a stressful environment.

      It is recommended not to take these tablets if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have certain problems like liver problems or specific allergies. Always check with your pharmacist for contraindications as well. The tablets are very effective so I suggest starting out with the low dose of 30g and working up to the 500g dose only if the 30g is ineffective for you. I found the 30g to be sufficient for my needs and the tablets usually worked within 15 minutes of taking them with a glass of water.

      I do recommend these for specific types of pain that you feel able to self-remedy,but remember to get yourself checked out if your pain is prolonged or too intense, and be aware of the potential side effects. Co-codamol can be bought over the counter from a pharmacy for a few pounds. I give it 4 stars because it works but there are risks involved and it can't be taken long term.


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        20.06.2013 21:30
        Very helpful



        5 stars

        When you're in pain you want nothing more than to be able to take that away. I use Ibuprofen and also paracetamol usually for when I have headaches or joint ache but I tend to find that sometimes I need something stronger and it is those times when I need to use cocodomol.

        Co-codamol contains two drugs paracetamol and codeine. Both are good for pain relief. Because it does contain paracetamol you can't take paracetamol as well as these. You can buy this over the counter which is really good. I find it's the most effective pain killer you can buy over the counter without needing a prescription.

        Always read the label. It shows various side effects that could happen such as shortness of breath, dizziness, sickness, rash and a few others including fatigue. I have never experienced any except the fatigue which is actually quite overwhelming so for this reason I only ever take these when I know i don't have to drive and I can go to bed for an hour else I cannot function properly and I really dislike that awful tiredness feeling it gives me.

        I tend to use these when my joint pain is really bad or I have a migraine to help with pain. I never use my daily dose, instead I tend to just take 1 tablet and then 4 hours later another. You can take more (read the label) but I have read recently that pain killers like this are easy to get addicted to and you should never take them for more than 3 days in a row.

        I find that these take about 20 minutes to take effect and when they do they really make a huge difference as they help take the pain away or at least give a good relief from it. I think these are really effective, far more so than just paracetamol on it's own. I recommend it highly but because it is rather a strong drug you must make sure you do read it thoroughly first.


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        23.04.2013 18:43
        Very helpful



        Good relief for moderate pain, but use with caution and always read instructions!

        My initial encounters with Co-Codomol have been the prescription strength ones containing 30mg Codeine and 500mg Paracetomol. I haven't used them regularly (or indeed been prescribed them myself - bad me, I know!), but have found that they work when other painkillers don't. I know several people who have taken them regularly and found themselves addicted, so they can be dangerous.

        Today though I am reviewing the Co-Codomol which you can buy over the counter from the pharmacist, which contain 8mg codeine and 500mg paracetomol. I don't know anyone who has had problems with over-the-counter painkillers, HOWEVER, codeine is addictive, so these could potentially cause you problems. If in doubt, always consult a doctor or pharmacist.

        ---The tablets and taking them---
        Co-codomol tablets (8/500) are round white pills, similar to paracetomol sized tablets. They are not sugar coated, so don't have a nice taste if you accidentally catch them on your tongue!

        They contain the active ingredients of paracetomol (500mg) and codeine phosphate (8mg) and also contain other non-active ingredients such as maize and potato starch (check instructions for all of them).

        Take 1-2 tablets every 4 hours (with a glass of water), but not exceeding 8 tablets in a 24 hour period (the dose may be lower for elderly people). I find this annoying as when pain is bad I find that you can end up using your quota of tablets during waking hours and then be left with no allowance for night time, when quite frankly I feel that pain is always at its worst. But this is an issue with all painkillers and their dosage.

        However, when used in combination with Ibuprofen with a recent toothache, I limited myself as much as possible, and I managed to not exceed the dose even on the worst day.

        ---Do they work---
        It is typical that after raving about my teeth in a recent Diet Coke review that a day later I was struck down with toothache. It seems that at the age of nearly 32 my luck has run out and I need a couple of fillings (I blame my one remaining wisdom tooth). Whilst waiting for the dentist I took Co-codomol tablets along with Ibuprofen, and rubbing Sensodyne toothpaste and clove oil into my teeth and bonjela into my gums (since I couldn't figure out where the pain was coming from).

        Although there were a lot of different variables, initially I was taking paracetomol but then switched to the co-codomol (obviously you can't take both at the same time as both contain paracetomol), and I definitely noticed a decrease in pain once I was taking the co-codomol. Unfortunately nothing seemed to get rid of it completely, but these did help make it bearable. Luckily I only needed to take them for 2 days, and by the time I saw the dentist the pain had already gone.

        I find that the pain relief kicks in after about 15-20 minutes which isn't too bad. These definitely do help with mild to moderate pain. If you're not used to them, they might give you a bit of a spaced out feeling or dizziness. Personally I've not experienced this, even with prescription strength co-codomol, but I know that some people are more sensitive.

        For something that you can get without prescription, these are probably the best you can get. However, they are barely going to touch the surface with severe pain (and I frequently kick myself for the time that I flushed 50 prescription co-codomol tablets down the toilet which I found stashed in a cake tin - long story!) Mind you, for really severe pain then you're probably going to need something even more heavy duty than the prescription Co-codomol.

        ---Price and availability---
        I bought a pack of 32 tablets for £1.75 from Boots (over the counter, so you do have to ask, and usually answer a couple of questions) which I think is a pretty good price, but I imagine they can also be found cheaper elsewhere (since Boots isn't renowned for being cheap). There are of course much more expensive branded versions which contain exactly the same active ingredients - the choice is yours!

        Your packet of Co-codomol tablets should contain a list of instructions and warnings (including numerous possible side effects - dizziness and constipation are common ones which I hear of) which MUST be read carefully before taking. Perhaps I'm being childish, but I smiled reading that you should not take Co-codomol if you're in a coma!

        I worry about people sometimes with these tablets, because I think that due to the addictive nature of codeine, people can end up taking more of these tablets just to get the codeine effect, but failing to realise the devastating effect of exceeding the recommended dose of paracetomol.

        You shouldn't take these tablets for longer than 3 days - in which case see your doctor. It might be that you need some higher strength pain relief.

        Not to be used by pregnant women (unless under medical advice) or children under 12. Others who should not take Co-codomol or should seek medical advice first are listed in the instructions.

        As the instructions say, do not take these for longer than 3 days (consult doctor or pharmacist) due to the addictive nature of codeine, and always seek help in the event of overdose as soon as possible. It is also possible that you might get withdrawal symptoms after stopping taking this.

        I try whenever possible to avoid painkillers (and thankfully haven't needed anymore since my two day toothache), but sometimes they are necessary, I only turn to co-cocomol if a combination of paracetomol and ibuprofen isn't working, in which case I'll swap the paracetomol for the co-codomol.

        When used with caution I think that these are good for moderate pain relief.

        4 out of 5 stars.


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          04.04.2013 21:56
          Very helpful



          Two paracetamol will usually suffice, but sometimes you need to bring out the big guns!

          I was advised to take co-codamol by my GP when I contracted a nasty chest infection over the winter, as I have asthma chest infections can be particularly nasty for me. I had managed to avoid them for years though so I suppose I was due. With the infection, I was coughing a lot but also suffering quite severe muscle pains in my back and chest and bizarrely in my arms and legs. The co-codamol helped with all those symptoms to some extent.

          Co-codamol is a pain killer that is a combination of paracetamol and the mild opioid drug codeine. Combined together, the codeine adds a little extra power to the paracetamol for longer lasting and stronger pain relief than the paracetamol alone. Now, I'm a big fan of paracetamol, I think a lot of people underestimate just how good it really is, the only pain I've ever had before that paracetamol couldn't help are my migraines, for pretty much everything else its never let me down. However, with this chest infection I was finding that with ordinary 1 gram doses of paracetamol the pain was coming back about 60-90 minutes before I could take another (you have to be very careful not to take too many, paracetamol overdoses are very serious even when they seem small).

          Co-codamol provided that extra bit of relief I needed to get me through to the next dose, in fact I didn't even take the maximum 'allowed' amount of the co-codamol. The added bonus that makes it perfect for pain from a chest infection is that opioid drugs such as codeine also act as an anti-tussive, that is, they suppress coughing. So as well as the pain relief I got some relief from the constant irritating and painful cough that was driving me up the wall. Because I wasn't coughing as much, I wasn't getting as much muscle pain, so I didn't need as much pain relief, the very opposite of a vicious circle!

          There are some side effects. I'd never taken an opioid drug before and I did feel a little bit 'spacey' and chilled out about 10 minutes after I took it the first couple of times. The worst side effect however is the constipation. The codeine slows down your digestive system so its pretty inevitable that you're going to have this problem. I won't go into too much detail but I would advise you to buy some Senokot at the same time as buying your co-codamol, you're going to need it within a few days!

          Co-codamol is available in relatively weak dosages from behind the counter at the pharmacist without a prescription. The pharmacist will ask a few questions to check its safe for you to use the drug. You can also get stronger doses on prescription but my GP advised me to start with the over the counter strength as its cheaper than a prescription charge and most people with relatively minor illnesses find that its strong enough.


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          04.04.2013 16:32
          Very helpful



          they help me.

          Cocodamol is an over the counter medicine which is really quite strong and is not recommended to be used for long. New guidelines have come in which say that you should not use painkillers like this for more than two days without consulting your doctor as it can lead to addiction. I always have a pack of these in my house but will only ever use them when I absolutely have to. They are very powerful (in my opinion anyway) and make me feel quite light headed.

          It contains two pain killers; paracetamol and codeine. It may have other names such as Codipar so always read labels of drugs to make sure you know what you are taking. Because this already contains paracetamol you must not take paracetamol too or you could risk an overdose. There are different strengths of this drug but only one can be bought over the counter, the other two have to be given as prescription.

          When taking this drug it is important that you read the leaflet first. There are various side effects that you may experience. Sometimes I read the side effects of various medicines and feel really anxious about them, there are loads, but then nothing happens but with this drug I do experience some of the side effects. Side effects that you could experience include nausea, constipation, tiredness, rash, dry mouth and vomiting. It is advised not to drink alcohol when using these pain killers.

          Before taking these tablets you should really consult your doctor as there are various people who cannot take this for various reasons. You may not be able to take it if you have breathing problems, are breastfeeding (although I was told I was safe to if I needed to when I was nursing), if you have blood pressure or heart problems, if you have had a recent head injury... as well as other scenarios too so it is really important that you do check.

          Usually I take paracetamol and /or ibuprofen but when they don't work I then have to turn to these but make sure that I am well out of the timings of having just taken a paracetamol. I find that if I have severe pain that by turning to these right away it is usually most effective and by this I mean post surgical pain, infection pain, severe migraine and that kind of thing and not just a general headache or period pain.

          The dose may vary for you but I usually take 2 tablets every 4-6 hours. I find that they start to work rather quickly. The first thing I notice is that I get quite tired and this helps to relax me and take me away from feeling intense and worrying about the pain and within about half an hour it begins to really kick in and take the edge off the pain. I usually feel quite sick when I take these so take advantage of the drowsy feeling and go to sleep. This usually helps for the sickness to pass and then when I wake up it's usually really kicked in so I feel much better.

          I would never take this if I knew I had to do something or was being responsible for my daughter as I know it usually makes me drowsy. I would certainly never drive after taking one.

          I think that these kick in quite quickly and are effective. They do begin to wear off towards the end of the 4 hours so I do take another if I feel I have to. I will never take these for more than 2 days as I would hate for it to have a negative effect.

          I personally think that these are really effective painkillers that help when pain is extreme. They are strong though so you do have to be careful about how you take them.

          If you have pain for an extended amount of time and these don't help then you should speak to your doctor.


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          27.03.2013 17:22
          Very helpful



          A cheaper pain relief for many types of aches and pain

          I don't know whether it's as a result of stress or some kind of allergy, but I suffer from migraines. These can vary from just a very bad headache, when I'm very sensitive to bright light and loud noises, to the full-blown vomiting, flashing lights, pounding head type that is totally debilitating. Apparently up to 8 million people in the UK suffer from some kind of migraine but that's no comfort when you cannot function because of your pounding head.

          Thankfully my migraines only last a maximum of a couple of days and I'm usually back to normal after 24 hours. I do get them fairly regularly though. Over the years I've managed to identify when I can feel a migraine starting and I've found that the only thing I can do is to take a painkiller and go to sleep with the curtains closed.

          I hate taking any form of medication, but as my migraines leave me totally incapable of functioning, I've found that I have to take over-the-counter painkillers to try to get rid of the migraine and get me back to normal as quickly as possible. I used to take Migraleve and always had a pack of the yellow tablets in the first aid cupboard (I rarely bought the pink ones which are for controlling the symptoms of nausea as I find that vomiting is not usually a major issue for me). At around £5.50 for 12 tablets, though, it does work out quite expensive, but they worked and I was willing to pay this for the relief they gave.

          However last year I started to get a migraine one day at work. There's a small pharmacy near to where I work and I called in there for a pack of my usual medication. The pharmacist took the time to talk to me about my symptoms and suggested that I tried Co-codamol instead. He explained that the two main ingredients in my regular tablets and in Co-codamol are paracetamol and codeine and in the same strength (apparently 500mg paracetamol and 8mg codeine). He did advise that if I was suffering from nausea as well that these would not be sufficient, but on his advice I decided to try them.

          I've been using Co-codamol tablets now for around 6 months and I can say that, for me, they work exactly the same as my previous medication. I still also have to go to sleep in a darkened room but I don't think that I am debilitated for any longer than I was in the past.

          I now buy the packs of 32 tablets and they usually cost in the region of £1.66 which is an enormous saving on what it was costing me before. They come in blister packs containing 8 tablets and you should only take a maximum of 2 tablets at a time with water. You should not take them more frequently than every four hours and no more than four times in 24 hours. They are habit forming. though, and should therefore not be taken for longer than three days continuously without consulting a GP or pharmacist (codeine is an opiate which I understand is extracted from the poppy plant in its natural form, but which is made using a synthetic process in pharmaceuticals). I find that I need to get the tablets down as quickly as possible because they taste awful - they don't have any kind of coating. They work quite quickly for me - I start to feel the effects within 30 minutes or so - but they do cause drowsiness. I usually only need to take two tablets though to cure my migraine - only on the odd occasion will I need to take a second dose but then I find I become 'spaced'out' (I can understand how people can become addicted to these).

          Of course, Co-codamol can be used to relieve other kinds of pain also but must not be taken with any other products containing paracetamol. It does claim to relieve toothache, period pains, rheumatic pains, muscular pains and backache, but as always the instructions contained in the pack should always be followed as Co-codamol is not suitable for a number of people because of existing illnesses or medication being taken already and also it can cause side-effects.

          You can buy Co-codamol at most pharmacies (often now called 'paracetamol and codeine tablets'). They should also be available at supermarkets with pharmacies but you won't find them on the regular supermarket shelves. I always buy mine from Lloyds Pharmacy and as I've mentioned above they are currently priced at £1.66 for 32 tablets.

          In conclusion, I've found that this is a much cheaper alternative way to cure my migraines and just as effective as more expensive tablets. I've used them for other pain relief and have found them to be effective, but of course they may not work for everyone.

          As always, if in doubt about any form of medication, you should consult your GP first.

          I hope you found this review helpful and thanks for reading it.


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          25.02.2013 21:58
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Effective strong over the counter painkiller

          I recently underwent a laporoscopic cholocystectomy (gall bladder removal) and was prescribed co-codamol for the pain relief. Not really knowing what sort of a painkiller it was, I was slightly worried about the pain after the op as it was one I needed general anaesthetic for and I had been signed off from work for at least a week, so I wanted to know what I was taking, and also what else I could take with it if I needed to.

          Co-codamol contains two thingsa: codeine and paracetamol. Codein is an opioid, so sits in the same family as morphine, while paracetamol is its own little family and is considered the standard pain relief drug. Reacting badly to anything opiate based runs in my family, and so I was somewhat nervous about taking this, although I had spoken with the doctor regarding this and they used morphine after I came round and I didn't react too badly to it, so they were happy with co-codamol as prescribed pain relief.

          You can take 8 tablets during a day, and it's best to do this at regular intervals. Taking two at 6 and then 12, am and pm, worked best for me, and the first few days after the op I really needed them. I thought after three days that I'd lower the amount I was having, and so I took only 1 tablet at each of the times, but this soon proved to be a step too far, as I combined it with a gentle shower and a short, slow walk and it was just too much. I later spoke to the doctor about this and he explained that it was the paracetamol element that was missed the most here by dropping to one, and that I could take a paracetamol with the co-codamol and this would be a better way of doing it, by dropping the codeine element from the second tablet. This seemed to work fine.

          The pain subsided quite dramatically towards the end of a week, but I had one niggling itch, like a really sore itch, on one of the wounds, and the rest of me was fine. One night I forgot to take a pair of pills and ended up sleeping through another time, and when I woke and realised I was almost paralysed with fear as if I'd be in complete agony because of this, but I was actually fine. It was almost as if the painkillers were causing a more local pain top materialise every time I coughed, and this spun me out.

          I'm glad I only took these for the best part of a week though, as the side effects can be quite sever. I can't honestly say I hallucinated at all while taking it, but I know others have. It did make me somewhat drowsy the first few times I took it, but this soon wore off. I can also say that I'm lucky I didn't get hooked on it, as it does have addictive properties, as any drug that you use would do. I was able to take a tramadol along side it (at a slightly different time though) to enhance the pain relief early on when it was particularly bad, as apparently this is in yet another separate area, and you can also take ibuprofen based painkillers.

          I found co-codamol to be very effective for my needs. The first batch was given to me on discharge from the hospital, but the second lot my mother in law bought for me at Lloyds Chemist, where it was £1.99 for a pack of 32 tablets. These come in slabs of 8 tablets, I guess this is for easy counting if you're planning on having 2 four times a day then it would be a tablet a day. If you get a complete prescription for them then you get loads, but I was just given enough for four days from the hospital. They were very optimistic and somewhat conservative about the length of time I'd be in pain for!

          Overall then, an effective painkiller. Beware of the side effects such as drowsiness and getting hooked if you take it for too long in one stint. It's not particularly powerful so I'm told for my doctor - there's far more powerful stuff you can have subscribed for you. However, for painkillers you can buy yourself over the counter, it's certainly affordable and effective. Recommended.


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            08.06.2012 02:03
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            effective pain relief at an affordable price

            I have taken these tablets to provide relief from menstrual cramps which can make you pretty miserable and I find that two of these do the job of easing the pain of that horrible time of the month.

            Co-codomol tablets are cheap normally costing you around £1.25 and are sold over the counter at most chemists. The packet you can pick up over the counter contains 500mg of paracetamol and 8mg of codeine. They can be used in combination with NSAIDS (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen.

            They are only recommended for 3 days use. If you are buying any medication I strongly recommend you read the leaflet enclosed before taking and if symptoms persist see your GP.

            Co-codamol tablets are relatively strong so can quash most common aches and pains but they can cause drowsiness and or nausea therefore, you may wish to consider a different form of pain relief if you have a sensitive stomach.

            You can buy these pain killers in tablet form or in soluble form. I tend to buy the tablet form because these can be taken on the move without the need for water however, the soluble form can be easier to take if you find swallowing tablets difficult as the tablet form are quite large and can be difficult to swallow.

            The soluble form do not taste particularly pleasant. You drop two in a glass of water. They are effervescent so fizz up. I do find that the soluble form tend to work a little faster as they are already broken down when you put them into your body. They are also more expensive than the tablets.

            Codeine relaxes the muscles which makes it good for any sort of muscle pain or stress related head aches. However, codeine can become addictive therefore, I would suggest you only use these in the short term. As co-codamol contain paracetamol you should not take any additional products containing paracetamol if you are taking co-codamol.

            That being said I personally find these pain killers very effective in helping with period pain and they do not make me particularly drowsy. I am able to conduct normal activities without any trouble and they are much cheaper to buy than other brand names such as nurofen plus or solpadine which are very expensive but do exactly the same job.

            A tablet pack will come in a box of 32 in blister pack form so they are easy to pop in to your bag or pocket to use on the go.

            You can take co-codamol with ibuprofen which may be useful if you have any inflammation and are looking for something to take the edge of the pain and bring down the inflammation.

            I would recommend you ensure you don't take these tablets on an empty stomach as this can make you feel more drowsy but they are effective for killing every day aches and pains.

            Good luck in finding some relief.


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              06.12.2011 10:53



              Good pain relief

              I wasn't sure how to rate the side effects of this medication because they differ for everyone but personally I have found that the older I have got, the more pronounced the side effects are for me.

              Sometimes I just cannot rid myself of a bad headache or muscular aches and pain and I will take both paracetamol and Ibuprofen at the same time as my doctor said this was safe for me personallyto do, but I don't really like to do this as I always feel it s a bit much together. Also, I would never ever advise anyone else to do this - but my pain was so bad and would not shift that my doctor told me it was fine for ME to do this but only as a 'one off'.

              I have been buying cocodamol now since I was in my teens but I try not to take it too often as I find the side effects of this medication can be extreme drowsiness and letheragy to the point that I cannot be bothered to get up from the chair. Yes, it will cure my pain, but at what cost.

              If I have real flu like symptoms I will take these but you have to be careful not to take them for too long as they can cause bad constipation, as both me and my partner have found out to our cost. Though I don't know if this would be the case for everyone.

              I always buy Boots own brand of codeine tablets and they come in a box of 32 soluble tablets which I dissolve in a glass of water. I usually find however, that they rarely dissolve properly and there are usually little gritty bits left in the bottom which can be a bit annoying.

              I use these for bringing down a fever if I feel like I have a flu (but it has to be abad one before I use these). As these are also a muscle relaxant they do make me feel drowsy. I was advised by my doctor not to take more than eight tablets in 24 hours.

              The tablets contain codeine and paracetamol and each one is 500mg and they dissolve in a tumbler of water. You can take either one or two tablets depending on how bad you pain actually is. I always find I have to take two of them to get rid of the pain.

              They taste nasty - sorry but they do. I will often dissolve mine in juice just to take the bitterness out of them and that makes them a bit more tolerable.

              They do work very fast and are very efffective but I just feel so sluggish after taking them I want to go to bed immediately.

              They can calso be addictive so care must be taken not to use them over a long period of time as I believe they are easy to become addicted to.

              Other than tiredness and intermittent constipation I have personally not experienced any side effects from these tablets and they do work and are cheap and easy to find in most chemists.

              Review also posted on Ciao as sorehead


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              08.08.2011 13:48
              Very helpful



              Hard & fast working tablets but can understand how can become addictive.

              I had never taken Cocodamol until last week. Over the years I'm had back trouble that usually lasts a day or two, no known reason for it just something that happens. Well last week if I was sat down it took me ages to get upright again and be able to move about, by the next day I could hardly move without being in severe pain and having 2 kids bed rest was not a option. I managed to get my doctors to do me a prescription over the phone which was picked up for me, I was initially concerned about such a strong pain killer as I am breastfeeding but I was assured that only a trace goes to the milk and would be safe for me to take.

              The tablets are white cap-lets a bit bigger then paracetamol. I believe they come in different strengths but mine are 30mg/500mg as they are some paracetaomol and some Hemihydrate codeine. These particular ones are called Solpadol.They are taken with water and mine say 1 or 2 four times a day. You will need to seek medical advice about this medicine and never rely on a review posting.

              Now I was in so much pain when I got these I read the instructions and took 2 at once with water as was desperate for pain relief, after 20 minutes I could feel relief coming and after 30minutes I was able to stand and walk around with just a slight aching, phew these little white tablets are good. Then after about an hour I happened to look across the room to be met with spinning room and felt really light headed and dizzy, thought little of it really but about another 10minutes later I was on the floor clutching my abdomen area of tummy in total agony, I was sweating and losing my breath so got very panicky as had no idea what was happening. My back pain had gone thanks to the tablets but couldn't understand how suddenly I was in pain again.
              Well done to NHS who called back in a matter of minutes after I didn't let partner called 999, Basically what happened is a big side effect to the tablets, not helped by having on a empty tummy. They caused spasms under the diaphragm leading to the lacking of breath and sweating. It was very scary at the time but at least I now understand what happened.
              However on needing to take more tablets I made sure I followed advise from NHS and ate before hand and only took 1 single tablet, One tablet still done the job and eased the pain hugely.

              These tablets work by communicating with the brain making it send signals away from the pain area.

              I can understand how people can become addicted to these especially if they get the spaced out feeling from them which some people like. I however wouldn't wish my experience on anyone however totally recommend these painkillers. They work fast and seem to keep the pain away for I'd say about 4 hours before I start to feel any pain start to crept back. Thankfully I'm not feeling the need to take them for last couple of days but will keep hold of what I have left as they have a 5year expiry date on the.


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                31.07.2011 16:22
                Very helpful



                Great pain killer for migraines, headache, period pain, back pain and other moderate pain.

                Over Christmas I suffered from a very serious flu which landed me in hospital a couple of times. It left me with severe pain and tiredness which turned out to be something called Post Viral Fatigue - basically, when your body has taken a beating from a serious viral illness, it can leave you feeling very tired and with aches and pains all over your body. I was advised to take co-codamol 8/500 for when the pain was bad and just plain paracetamol when it was slightly less severe.

                I also get occasional migraines so I usually have co-codamol tablets in the house and do know that they agree with me and work well for me.

                ~~~ Introduction ~~~

                You can buy Co-Codamol over the counter in any pharmacy in the 8/500 strength. The stronger, 30/500's are only available on prescription. However, you can get the 8/500 on prescription too if you have certain chronic conditions which require pain relief.

                Different pharmacies use different suppliers for their over the counter co-codamol and so the packaging can vary. They are always sold in boxes of 32 tablets or caplets which can be swallowed with water. There are also boxes of 32 soluble tablets available.

                The name co-codamol is used to show that it is a compound of codeine phosphate and paracetamol. Some pharmacies, like Boots, sell their own brand paracetamol and codeine tablets which are exactly the same as co-codamol just without the name. The over the counter co-codamol contains 8mg of codeine and 500mg of paracetamol.

                There are other brand name co-codamol products such as Solpadine. However, these are generally much more expensive. A box of co-codamol tablets usually costs about £1.80 whereas a box of Solpadine can cost about £2.99 for the exact same tablet compound! As with many forms of medication, you pay a lot for a brand name. In some cases, the brand name item IS better quality, but for simple products like paracetamol, codeine and cold and flu remedies, it is always worth buying the generic product as is has all of the same ingredients and costs much less.

                ~~~ The ingredients and dosage information ~~~

                Co-Codamol 8/500's are a good analgesic for mild to moderate pain and work well for things like headaches, period pain, broken bones, back pain etc. They contain two active ingredients which I have already mentioned - 8mg of codeine and 500mg of paracetamol.

                Codeine is an opiate (it comes from opium i.e. from the poppy), I was surprised when I first found this out, but on discovering the number of people who are clearly addicted to co-codamol tablets it all began to make sense! Codeine is used predominantly for pain relief, but can also have a very weak effect as a muscle relaxant. This is the strongest ingredient in co-codamol.

                Paracetamol is a general analgesic and is used for mild pain and is effective in bringing down a fever. The 500mg of paracetamol in co-codamol tablets is the same dose as in normal over the counter paracetamol alone. So what makes co-codamol so much more effective is the combination of the mild pain killing properties of paracetamol, with the stronger codeine.

                Co-codamol tablets are recommended for mild to moderate pain and no more than eight should be taken in a 24 hour period. It is usually advised to take no more than two every four hours. You can also take one every two hours or one every four hours depending upon the level of the pain.

                You should not take Co-codamol unless you need them. If normal paracetamol will get rid of the pain, you should use that instead as codeine can give some side effects.

                ~~~ Side Effects ~~~

                Some people can suffer from side effects from taking codeine, most of these are rare and if experienced, you should seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist.

                Common side effects from Co-Codamol include a feeling of euphoria or calmness (this is the opiate at work and can cause addiction), nausea, constipation, dry mouth.

                Less common side effects include drowsiness, depression and itching, strangely enough!

                I have to admit that I have experienced the feeling of calm, euphoria, nausea and drowsiness at various times taking these tablets. One of the worst side effects I have experienced was over the Christmas period when I was ill and taking my full quota of eight tablets per day to ward of the aching in all of my limbs. I suddenly got this horrible crushing headache. As someone who gets migraines, I can handle a headache, but this was a horrible, pulsating, ache I had never experienced. The doctor on the ward described this as a codeine headache. Apparently you can experience headaches if you take codeine products regularly. At the time I remember thinking how ironic it was that a medication to help with pain can actually give you a side effect of pain!

                Another serious side effect can be addiction. It seems that if you take co-codamol regularly and for a long period of time, you can become addicted. I think this is because of the opiate codeine (if any of you watch House you will know how addictive opiates can be!).

                ~~~ My Experience ~~~

                Being very, very ill, I was first prescribed the stronger compound of 30/500. However, I was only on these for a week and then able to take the coo-codamol 8/500's which is what this review is based upon.

                I found that these tablets were quite effective in minimising the often severe pain which I was in. The virus I had caused my whole body to be in agony, with a very high temperature and a resting heart rate of 170. The co-codamol tablets did help to calm some of the pain and the mild euphoria eventually helped to calm me and let me get some sleep. This helped to lower my heart rate slightly.

                I take co-codamol for migraines too. I usually find that two tablets at the start and two four hours later is enough to maintain some level of sanity during the agony of a migraine. They can, in some cases, take the pain away completely which is wonderful! Other times they just dull it enough to let me sleep through the worst of it.

                When I take two co-codamol with a migraine, I usually go to bed. After about 30 minutes, you feel yourself relaxing and becoming drowsy. This is the codeine kicking in. It's great when you're ill, but it is also a reminder that even although these can be bought without prescription, they are still a powerful drug!

                If I have a headache or a pulled muscle or something equally trivial, I find the one co-codamol tablet and one paracetamol is usually enough. I have also found co-codamol to be very effective for calming down period pain and would recommend them for this.

                ~~~Conclusion ~~~

                I think co-codamol are highly effective. The true test was being very ill and in great pain - these tablets helped where normal paracetamol did nothing, they are clearly strong enough for moderate pain and can seem to work wonders for headaches, period pain, migraines and other minor complaints. I would recommend these tablets if you find that paracetamol are not quite taking the edge off of the pain.

                It is usually advised that you do not take co-codamol for more than three days without speaking to a doctor. When buying them over the counter they are purely a short term treatment for a headache or whatever. If you have a long term condition you should speak to a doctor who will be able to advise you about other methods of pain relief which may be more suitable.


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                  21.06.2011 14:06
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Codeine is not just a posh kids name... it's a great pain reliever

                  Several years ago, whilst doing my job I was injured during a rather explosive incident, which put me out of action for a few months, laid up in a hospital bed, suffering with many different injuries, although I did manage to keep all my limbs, which was nice. But when I came out of the other end of the tunnel I had developed a rather painful muscle disorder and what the doctors called a Peripheral nerve damage.
                  Since then I have suffered years of pains through out my body, especially in my arms, hands and legs, making my normal life in work a bit of a struggle some days, causing me day of almost unbearable pain.
                  Luckily I have a good doctor who has helped me through the painful days, or should I say that the drugs he has prescribed have helped me through the painful days, so I could continue going about my daily routine at work without feeling like wanting to crawl into a dark place and curl up to die.

                  I have tried several prescribed drugs, and quite a few over the counter drugs too, but there is one drug that I have found can actually control the pain I suffer and, in some cases, take the pain away entirely, even if it is only for a few hours.
                  That particular painkilling drug I ma talking about is called Co-Codamol and, for me, is the best (legal) pain relief you can administer yourself, although it does have its down sides.

                  ** WHAT IS CO-CODAMOL..?

                  Co-codamol is an 'analgesic' pain killer which is a mixture of codeine and paracetamol, making it more effective at getting at the pain better than paracetamol alone.

                  In the UK there are several strengths tablets containing codeine phosphate, with each tablet containing 500mg of paracetamol, plus a certain amount of codeine phosphate, these strengths are...

                  ** Available over the counter...

                  * 8 mg
                  * 12.8mg

                  ** Available only via prescription...

                  * 15mg
                  * 30mg
                  * 60mg

                  ** HOW DOES IT WORK..?

                  It is the codeine, (or opioid) in the tablets that mimics the bodies naturally occurring endorphins, which are found in the brain and spinal cord, thus reducing or blocking the nerves pain receptors to and from the brain.
                  These pain killer, as with all pain killers, block the pain but at the end of the day the pain is still there, you just can't feel it.

                  ** WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR..?

                  It is to aid mild to severs pains, (depending on the strength), as it is designed to 'confuse' the nervous system around the brain and spinal column.
                  It is ideal for neuralgia, (nerve) pain, and muscular pain, and it is great for other pains such as dental and periods.
                  Plus it can help reduce temperature in fevers.

                  ** CAUTION...

                  This medication should only be taken under doctors orders if you suffer from a range of ailments, such as...

                  * If taking other paracetamol based tablets
                  * Severe asthma sufferers
                  * Liver damage
                  * Low/high blood pressure
                  * Muscle weakness
                  * Epilepsy
                  * Underactive thyroid
                  * Gall stones/bladder disease.

                  And it should never be taken by children under 6 years of age, although 6- 12 year olds may take it under doctors guidance and at smaller doses.

                  ** SIDE EFFECTS...

                  Side effects can happen, as with any form of pain killer, and each person may feel different effects, some people may experience none at all, but most side effects do fade over time if you have to continue taking co-coda mol over a set period.
                  Some of the more common ones are...

                  * Constipation
                  * Skin rash
                  * Lethargy
                  * Dizzy spells
                  * Nausea/ vomiting
                  * Memory loss/confusion
                  * Dry mouth

                  And there is a possibility that these can be addictive due to the fact that these are from the opiate/opioid family, from the resin found in the opium poppy, (Papaver somniferous to give it it's Latin name... the internet is a marvel isn't it)
                  It's not as powerful or as addictive as morphine, even if they do come from the same plant


                  I know this may sound a little strange but taking these tablets for headaches, as with many pain killers, can actually lead to your head ache becoming worse. This is what is medically known as MOH, (medication overuse headache), also known as 'rebound headache.


                  If you are effected by drowsiness when taking this then you should try to avoid such things as alcohol, (I know..!?), heavy machinery and even driving.

                  ** MY EXPERIENCE USING CO-CODAMOL...

                  When my doctor first prescribed these to me, giving me a prescription for the 30/500mg strength, which is one of the stronger ones, he told me all about the positives and the negatives surrounding it, especially the fact that it contains codeine, which can be quite addictive. But as I had tried almost everything else to help ease my pain I decided to give this one a go in the hope that I could walk around without the feeling the need to stop every few yards, or be able to carry something without my fear of my hands having that horrible 'electric shock' feeling.

                  Fortunately, within less than an hour of taking my first couple of tablet I was almost pain free throughout my entire body, almost. Which was a first in many many years.
                  Unfortunately I did suffer from a few of the side effects, but not too severe, such as nausea, tiredness and a little trouble going to the toilet, although these were sorted out with a slight change in my diet.
                  But the one side effect that stood out was the 'dizziness/headrushes' which I still get when ever I take these now, but this 'dizziness/headrushes' side effect isn't that bad and doesn't stop me going about my daily life.

                  As I said, the tablets I was prescribed contain 30mg of codeine with 500mg of paracetamol and I was advised to take two tablets if and when required, although making sure there was at least four hours between each dose.
                  These days I still have to take them, but not as regular as when I first started, but this depends on how bad my pain becomes, so I can't say if I'm addicted to them as I have not been able to come off them completely, but when I have cut back on them I have had no adverse effects.

                  You should only take 8 tablets in a 24 hour period, taking two at a time, although I find 8 is quite sufficient to ease the pains, apart from some days when I have to add a little extra help courtesy of good old Tramadol.

                  In all, co-codamol is without doubt a bit of a life saver for me due to the fact that if I had never been prescribed these I would no doubt be unable to work, in fact some days I would struggle to get out of bed. So this little wonder drug is so beneficial to my daily life.
                  It does a cracking job blocking pain receptors so that you can feel pain free for a few hours at least.
                  But, as with all pain relief, it does have its downsides, which can be worse that the benefits if the drug in some cases.
                  If your pain is low then stick with paracetamol, or even anti-inflammatory, but it those fail to relieve the pain then look at taking some co-codamol as these will knock that pain right on the head.
                  But do show caution before taking these as they CAN be addictive so ask advice from your doctor or even the pharmacist before taking them.

                  As for the price, well I get 400 a time on prescription which cost me just over £7.40, (these usual last me a couple of months or so).
                  As for the over the counter price, this ranges from around £1.00 for a box of 32 tablets with 8/500mg strength, but this price does vary a lot.


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                • Product Details

                  An over-the-counter preparation that is a mixture of paracetamol and codeine phosphate; used for the relief of mild to moderate pain.