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Dreamland Therapeutic Heat Pad

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6 Reviews

Brand: Dreamland / Dosage Form: Pads

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    6 Reviews
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      23.01.2013 21:00
      Very helpful
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      I wish I had found out about these sooner

      When we first moved here to Llandudno I was full time carer first to my dad who had Alzheimer's disease and then to my mom who had Vascular Dementia. As well as being ill they were both also getting older with the aches and pains that brought. Dad also suffered from arthritis too which caused him a lot of discomfort.

      A friend of theirs suggested that I might like to get a heat pad as it would be good for the aches and pains and also be comforting and stop them getting too agitated. Suffering as they did with dementia they would both get quite worked up when they had an aches or pains so this sounded like a really good idea.

      Dave and I took a look through the Argos book and decided on the Dreamland Therapeutic Heat Pad although I do think that they are now called Dreamland Thermo Therapy Heat Pads and cost about £30. I had used Dreamland electric blankets in the past so I knew that the firm was one to be trusted.

      The pad came in a smart cardboard box complete with instructions and plug already attached. The instruction leaflet is easy to read and covers all the safety aspects so I do suggest that you read it before using the heat pad.

      The heat pad itself looks very similar to a small electric blanket. It is soft and fleecy and measures about fifteen inches by thirteen inches. The lead is attached at one corner. This is about twenty inches long with a plug on the other end (obviously). The length of the lead does mean that you don't have to sit right next to the socket in order to use the heat pad which is an advantage!

      It has three heat settings and an automatic shut off so that it will never overheat and cause any damage to you or the surroundings. The pad actually achieves the set heat very quickly indeed - much more quickly than an electric blanket would. We have always used ours on the highest setting as this is a really good heat level. It is warm enough to feel as though it is doing some good without being so hot as to be uncomfortable.

      Once you have finished using it you just unplug it, leave it to cool and then put it back in the box to keep it safe until the next time you need to use it.

      The size of the pad means that it can be used on quite large areas of the body. Ours has been used on the back, knee, shoulder, neck, side, thigh and tummy - with great effect every time. The pad is soft and flexible rather than being rigid so it is easy to get it into the right position to give the maximum relief.

      Mom, dad, hubby and I have all used ours and it has lasted for about ten years and is still going strong. I suffer from back pain and find this pad to be a real help to me. Obviously I can only use it when I am sitting still but when I have hurt my back I do tend to sit still a fair bit! I wish I had known about this when I was of an age to have period pains - it would have been a godsend!

      All I can say is that I am so glad that our friend recommended this pad. It helped a lot when mom and dad were alive. Dad in particular used to get very agitated when he had any pains and the pad used to relive his pains and, almost more importantly, comfort and calm him.

      I would definitely recommend this pad - or its successor - to anyone old or young, fit or disabled. If ever mine wears out I will buy another one immediately and you can't get a better recommendation that that can you?


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        21.01.2013 10:05
        Very helpful



        See review.

        Having Arthritis and some muscle problems I find heat relieves the pain and helps me relax a little bit more. I have in the past used a Wheat bag and a hot water bottle to relieve my pain until I spotted this heat pad and I decided to buy it to see if it would be much easier to use than a hot water bottle etc.

        It is kind of like a mini electric blanket. Comes inside a cardboard box. On the front of the box is a picture of a woman holding the pad around her waist. I was pleasantly surprised how large this pad actually was when I saw the closer picture on the box. I bought it from Argos and it doesn't look as large on the picture in the catalogue. It was folded inside a transparent plastic bag. There is an instruction leaflet inside the box, so it is advisable to read the instructions first before using the pad but that is common sense.

        Once taken from the bag, it has a beige coloured kind of really soft fleece material cover and an electric lead which just plugs into the attachment on the corner of the pad. It is very easy to just clip into place to secure it. I have problems sometimes pushing leads into places of this kind but I found it really easy to do. The cord is really long and measures approximately 20 inches in length, so it can be plugged into a socket a fair distance from where you may be sitting when using this heat pad. It means you can move around a little bit more freely and not having to be so restricted sitting or laid in one spot. The cord is much longer than I imagined it would be and a bonus. Is oblong shape and measures approximately 15 inches x 13 inches, so quite a big pad to cover areas of the body you may want to apply heat and ease pain.

        It also has a temperature control device which is approximately a third of the way along the lead. It is a digital control device and has a circular kind of clock which has numbers for each heat setting you may want to use. It has 5 heat settings, obviously 5 being the hottest one. It has a green button, which once pressed shows the clock run through the numbers until it reaches number 5 and then it stops. There is a second button which shows a picture of a man in red and what looks to me like a sewing needle. This button is can then be pressed to which number heat setting you may want to use. The buttons are really easy to press too.

        The pad heats up extremely quickly and in a couple of seconds. I always usually use number 5 as I find when I use this pad I am in a fair amount of pain and want to have some quick pain relief. When I first tried it I was amazed how quickly it heated because I thought it would be the same amount of time as an electric blanket with it being so similar but I was wrong, it heats up in a super fast time scale.

        The pad is very flexible and so can be wrapped around the arms, it feels extremely soft against the skin and the material is as soft as a baby's fleece baby blanket in my opinion. On the highest setting it doesn't feel too hot and it doesn't burn the skin or feel uncomfortable like a hot water bottle feels with a cloth or towel covering the bottle. This pad doesn't feel as hot as a Wheat bag either and just has a constant flow of heat to relieve pain.

        What I love about this pad is that it has an automatic shut off after 3 hours, so if you use it and fall asleep etc it is completely safe. It is also suitable to use in bed, so if you want to go to bed at night and fall asleep it is completely safe and will shut off after the 3 hours have lapsed. So you have peace of mind that the safety feature will kick in. If you then wake up and want to use it again, you can just reset the setting for another 3 hours and so on.

        It is also fully machine washable at 30% and to wash with a normal cycle but not to set an additional spin cycle. The cord must be detached from the pad first before placing it into the washing machine. I cannot comment as to how it washes etc because I haven't had the need to wash it at this current time of writing the review. Cannot be ironed after it has dried and can be just air dried and pegged on the washing line but it is advised not to peg it on the electrical part when hanging it to dry so not to damage it. The setting on the tumble drier must be a low setting and to make sure the pad is completely dry before using again for safety reasons and is just common sense in my opinion.

        It tells me on the box that it only costs 1p per usage, so for a 3 hour usage that is an amazingly good price to run a heated pad in my opinion and so affordable.

        Using this pad has helped relieve my pain and save me having to pop my Wheat bag into the microwave and boil the kettle of hot water and transfer it to the bottle. It is far safer than chancing the boiling water and risk of burning myself.

        I think this is an ideal pad for anyone who is elderly and cannot hold a kettle and pour the water into the hot water bottle, is far safer for older people who want pain relief and live on their own and don't want to risk scolding themselves. I am going to buy my 75 year old mum because when she saw mine she liked it a lot. I just think she would really find this incredibly useful and I then also have peace of mind that she won't have to boil a kettle and scold herself if she drops the kettle etc.

        It targets aches and pain fast and is suitable for anyone adult age group. Is ideal for back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and any area where it can be moulded to the skin. I have used it on my neck when I suffered a stiff neck and it caused me discomfort, it helped relieve the pain and worked a treat. Is ideal if you suffer from period pain and want to place and wrap it over your stomach. Being flexible it does wrap nicely around the stomach and you can just hold it in place or just lay on the bed with it covering the area etc.

        I have used it around my knees and the back of my legs when I have had muscle pain which has been troublesome. Arthritis can be extremely painful and I find this pad just helps relieve the pain a little, although it doesn't remove all of the pain, it does help my pain when I have a bad flare up.

        When I have back pain, I just place it against the back of my chair and sit against the pad and the relief is amazing. The heat just penetrates into my back and feels absolutely fabulous and I can watch the television while the pad is doing the work.

        I wished I had discovered this heat pad a long time ago, it is much safer to use than a hot water bottle and works a treat for relieving pain. Some days my pain can be unbearable, especially in the winter months when the weather is extremely cold. On very cold days like recent days when it has been extremely cold and I have been out for the day and the cold has caused my Arthritis to flare up, I just plug in the heat pad and it just helps ease my pain as much as it possible can do.

        I paid just £19.99 for it from Argos, I think it is a really cheap price for the way it works to relieve pain. The fabric is a very good quality and the digital dial isn't flimsy and a good quality too.

        I highly do recommend this pad for anyone who suffers pain and want an instant heat to the area. Also for a pad which heats up in seconds. Is washable and has a choice of heat settings to suit the amount of pain suffered. A good cord length and extremely cheap to run for any budget in my opinion.

        I would be without this heat pad and when I need another one, I will most certainly buy another one to replace my old one. I am chuffed to bits with the way it works for relieving my pain for all a lot of areas on my body.

        Is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for a relative who suffers pain, also an ideal Mother's day gift too. It can be sometimes hard to choose an ideal gift for our mums who have almost everything and a more worthwhile gift than the usual bouquet of flowers which cost almost the same amount of money in my opinion.

        One other thing I must mention which may help some people is a friend of mine is struggling really badly paying her gas bills at the moment and cannot afford to put her heating on until night time, she told me she is going to buy one of these to use to keep warm during the day until she can afford to get on her feet again after her hubby left her almost penniless and on the brink of losing her home etc. She thinks it will keep her warm throughout the day instead of having to use a hot water bottle to keep warm and the cost would be a good investment for her. So I guess it is could be useful for this purpose too but the air in the room would still feel very cold in my opinion but I am hoping it will serve her well for the next few months, bless her heart! We all aren't as lucky as I am and a lot of people being able to at least put the central heating on at home and in my friends sad situation at the moment.

        Also on Ciao under my username pinky50.

        I give it 5 stars.

        Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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          01.02.2012 11:24
          Very helpful



          A fantastic product that can soothe away aches and pains, as well as provide warmth on cold days

          A few months back my partner was suffering with chronic toothache which had him clutching onto his face. Whilst waiting for treatment the pain was unbearable, and pain killers just weren't even touching the pain. I decided to have a look in Boots to see if there was anything that would give him some relief so he would be able to rest and sleep. After scouring the shelves looking for anything that would provide relief, I came across the Dreamland Therapeutic Heat Pad. I had used one of these before, and knew they were good, and could imagine how useful it would be.

          For £20, I thought this was a reasonable and fair price, and I wasted no time in purchasing one. I was happy to present it to my partner when I got home, and hoped it would provide relief. He grumbled as I told him to plug it in and hold it against his face. Thankfully it proved useful and provided relief, taking the edge of the pain and discomfort. For the next couple of days he had the heat pad held against his face whenever possible. I'm not sure how he would have coped without it.

          I have always loved to have a hot water bottle, as I like to be warm, and find them to be comforting. I also feel the cold easily. However, hot water bottles are not the safest, and have been known to burst. Plus filling the bottle can cause burnt fingers, and they need to be refilled often, as they cool down in a short space of time. I'm also not keen on the rubbery smell, and the ridges easily collect dirt and prove difficult to keep hygienic.

          I was glad when my partner had received his dental work, and was pain free again, as this meant that I could use the heat pad to stay warm. Over the months it has proved most useful, for aching limbs, aching muscles, cramps and general aches and pains. Yes, I think I'm falling to pieces. I much prefer to use natural methods to relieve pain where possible, and find that heat is a great way to provide comfort and relief when needed.

          The heat pad is a good size measuring 40cm by 32cm, so it covers a reasonable area making it useful for any body part. The pad is thin and pliable, which means it can be draped and molded to the skin to provide excellent relief. With the pad being light, unlike a hot water bottle, it causes no further discomfort, and prevents the heat being pressed too firmly against the skin. It also comes complete with a soft material towel covering, which feels nice against the skin and prevents the heat pad from damaging the skin whilst keeping it clean. The towel cover is fastened together with a press stud and is easily removed to be machine washed to keep it fresh and clean.

          The heat pad is powered by the mains, and comes with a reasonable length cable. I find that the cable is ample for my needs, and I can comfortably use it when it bed. The cable features a power control panel which has three heat settings. I always turn it up to number three the highest setting, and this provides a good source of heat. After 90 minutes the unit will automatically shut off for safety reasons. For continued use, switch back to zero and leave for a minute or two before turning back on again. It heats up reasonably quickly, which is a godsend when in pain.

          The heat pad is easily stored away and takes up little space, however, do take care not to crease the pad to prevent it from becoming damaged. We've had this heat pad for several months now, and it gets a high amount of use. If it's not being used to relieve pain, it is used for comfort to keep me warm on cold evenings. If I am in bed alone, then I find it a great comfort and it keeps me warm and cozy. There have been many occasions where I have fallen asleep with it on me, this is not advised, as it could cause entrapment.

          I love the fact that this is readily available and is quick to heat up to provide relief from aches and pains when needed. This is a good way to provide natural pain relief, and is cost effective. Another advantage is that it stays heated for 90 minutes, and it can continue to be used, which is good if you want to rest and recover.


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            29.10.2010 15:40
            Very helpful



            Safer than a hot water bottle and a much more practical & reliable heat pad that does what it says.

            Whilst I have been taking precautions not to hit December with a horrendous cold now rather than two weeks before Christmas like I did last year, my mum has also been spurned into action when a letter arrived at home from our local doctor surgery reminding her to get her yearly flu injection.

            Historically, the flu injection has not been met with success in our family generally. My father used to get ill days after when it was administered to him, and my mother feels tired after she gets the jab. This time however, the flu jab took on a different symptom, which has developed rheumatism that is abundantly painful from the way my mum cradles her arm like a baby during the day. In this respect nothing can be done other than to keep the arm warm with relief and as a result we found Deep Heat being particularly effective in short blasts since the spray and gel only keeps anointed areas warm for up to half an hour before the potency of this product in both varieties starts to subside plus of course, being taken over with the fumes (I love the smell but my mum gets coughing fits with it). Instead I looked online to get an electric heat pad since hot water bottles tend to lose their heat too early on. We used to have an excellent Scholl pad that was well made and very comfortable to use until mum donated ours to a nearby hospital when my dad died.

            Dreamland Thermo Therapy heat pad looks like a small rectangular blanket which measures 40cm by 32cm and could almost pass as a large cushion if it wasn't for its thin 1cm thickness. The pad has a removable golden yellow washable cover made out of what appears to be microfibre rather than true cloth unlike our old Scholl heat pad in thick velour, but for the cost at £14-99 from our local Scottish Power shop, I felt I was making a good compromise, particularly when Boots have a cheek to sell the same product at £19-99 and our old Scholl heat pad was twice the price! At least the Dreamland heat pad comes with a 3 year guarantee and is lightweight at around 249grams.

            The heat pad is powered by a 110 watt element permanently embedded in the plastic wipe proof insert underneath the cover and the power cord is about 3 metres in length. The handset itself has a slider built in with three heat settings and a familiar orange LED behind the numbers that very much mirrors the same kind of Dreamland heated blanket and duvet toppers but also there's a rather strange red LED light that acts as a timer with no info regarding this in the 2 page user manual. Like all Dreamland products though, the product is reasonably well made, clear to use and the hand set has corresponding Braille heat level markings on the underside of the handset. The only difference is that unlike the heated bed linen, this product doesn't have a removable handset point.

            In use, the heat pad just heats up the moment it is switched on to the highest setting. It only takes a few seconds for the pad to fully warm up! Levels 1 and 2 seem to act as "keep warm," facilities in the short term, but long term offer lower bands of heat if the highest setting proves too much. No surprise to find my mum has the pad on the highest setting all the time! I'm sure for those who are like my mother who love to do craft work, it wouldn't be impossible to make a fun fluffy holder for this heat pad if you wanted to, as the microfibre cloth feels okay at first but then reveals a static nature if you are wearing mixed fibre jumpers like wool or cottons. This is where the question of how much comfort you're liable to put up with. On the one hand the pad is flexible enough to be put on anywhere on your body, including shoulders and feet but on the other hand, the roughness of the microfibre isn't soft enough to become universally appreciated. Here is where you can wrap a towel around the pad if you want more comfort. I've used an old T-shirt for example, as I don't particularly like the rough Microfibre cloth!

            On the highest setting the heat pad feels gloriously warm and cosy at a temperature that is similar if not slightly hotter than a just filled hot water bottle with a fluffy cover on it. The difference is that the heat lasts up to 90 minutes total and when it switches itself off, simply turn it on again for heat! Much more safer than a hot water bottle here and the heat pad cover won't burn surfaces or be liable to ignite. A bonus to the pad however is that it is completely warm from the whole surface area, no sides are cold or suffer from cold spots - total heat universally.

            A downside to this product is the cheap feeling cover. It has one popper release located in the middle of the cover that can be broken off. Ours has not had this problem yet, even though the sales lady in the shop told me that they have had a few problems with this quality side of things! Also the product is supposed to have "towel" as its preferred fabric but on close contact it's more like Microfibre than proper Terry Toweling. Whilst I love the idea of microfibre since it is so easy to clean (even if the cover is machine washable) my own experience of microfibre means that the cover can't be washed with fabric conditioner assistance. If it comes into contact with conditioner, the microfibre surface becomes ruined. Not very effective then, Dreamland even if the whole product works really well!

            Another downside to this product is the user manual. It doesn't really provide much help to the product in question and there's a rather unusual warning of folding the heat pad, which can't be done anyway, but mysteriously has been folded when it is packaged and taken out of the box!

            The timer light has finally rendered a reason to why its indication exists. It simply comes on to show the user that the heat pad has switched itself off and the advantage here is that the pad can be instantly manually switched off and activated again for instant heat. Call it a thermal cut out if you will, but very few products on the market like this can't be powered back up after it has cut out and there's no "45 minute cool down time," on this one!

            So far, I've been largely impressed by the heat and the settings on the Dreamland Therapy heat pad. It is flexible enough to fit on all parts of my body including on my stomach if I've eaten too much. The power that it emits isn't as strong as an overall heated blanket though and if you think it will heat you up completely, you'll be asking far too much of its original design. Not only is this heat pad effective for aches and pains, it also provides instant heat whenever you need it and foreseen in many schools I work in for the lack of heat they put into departments, this could be a more effective product to consider than relying on fan heaters that dry my throat out! Safer than a hot water bottle and with a reasonable amount of cord on offer, it really does pay for itself on the basis that long lasting heat can relieve aches and pains. The good news is that the pad has now alleviated my mum's arm completely of the rheumatism, and now provides the call for instant heat as it sits at the side of her arm chair, plugged in and ready to use at a moment's notice. How therapeutic can you get? What more could you ask for, particularly in light of the lower weather temperatures that many have experienced so far? A must for instant heat needs and relief of aching joints or muscles! Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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              09.06.2009 16:44
              Very helpful



              A warm sensaton that helps easy aches and pains

              I recently bought a Dreamland Thermo Therapy heat pad for my father in law, who after a fall was suffering with backache. I saw this product advertisd in the Argos catalogue for £15.98. Cat. No. 442/8121 and decided to get him one.
              This heat pad is covered with a cream soft towelling material and measures 32cm by 40cm and is washable in warm water with a mild detergent. The pad can be used to target aches and pains virtually anywhere on the body but it is ideal for backache, as it can be kept in position very easily.
              I was very pleased to see that it had a special safety devise which automatically regulates the temperature by turning the power on and off and has an auto matic shut down system after 90 minutes - ideal for those who are forgetful.
              The heating pad is also equipped with a heating control which has 4 positions 0-3. By selecting level 3 the heating pad is quite warm after a few minutes and can be placed on the part of the body that needs attention.
              My father-in-law is very pleased by the effect of the heat his back and although it is not a cure, it certainly helps relieve the aches and pains.
              This review is also on Ciao.


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              15.02.2008 21:31
              Very helpful



              Pretty much useless

              The Product

              The Dreamland Heatpad, made by the well-known electric blanket manufacturers, can be picked up for around £15 from various department stores and electrical shops, as well as online stores such as amazon. I believe mine was bought from Argos, where it's currently selling for £15.98.

              Why I Bought It

              Well, technically, I didn't. I actually received it as a gift, but before you start thinking how disappointed you'd be to receive this as a gift, I'll just mention that I did actually request it!

              Whilst I generally get far too hot far too easily (I was always the one at school who still had her jumper tied round her waist in the middle of winter, when everyone else had about 4 extra layers on!), my feet have a tendancy to turn to ice as soon as I get into bed, and often whilst I'm sat at my computer desk. I've tried wearing bedsocks, but they make no difference. I've tried using an electric blanket, but whilst it's nice getting into a warm bed, 5 minutes in one leaves me sweltering and I end up chucking the covers off. I also had a hot water bottle at one point, but it was just too much phaff for me to ever bother with. So, looking through the Argos catalogue for some other way to keep my feet warm, I came across heat pads. They were being marketed primarily as pain relief devices, but I just thought they seemed the perfect size to put at the bottom of my bed to keep my feet warm. The only reason I chose the Dreamland over other brands was that it was the cheapest.


              The product comes packaged in a white box with a picture of the product and brief descriptions of the features on it. Inside the box, the product is protected by a cellophane bag, and comes along with an instruction leaflet.


              In case anyone is wondering what a heatpad actually looks like, it's basically like a mini electric blanket. This model measures approx. 32 x 40cm, and has a light beige towelling cover, which is removable and hand washable, and a 3 metre cord.
              The control unit is about a third of the way down the cord (from the pad end, not the plug end), and is very simple to use. There are 3 heat settings controlled by a switch, and a little window next to the switch which displays which setting the pad is on (0 being off, and 1 to 3 being low to high settings). The numbers light up to show that the pad is on, and there is also a red LED to tell you when the pad has switched itself off.

              The heatpad has an auto shutdown system, which means it switches itself off automatically after 90 minutes, and overheat/over-current protection, which means it switches itself off if it develops a fault. It is also fitted with a 'special safety device' which automatically regulates the temperature by turning the power on and off at regular intervals to maintain a constant temperature.


              Check that the control unit is on the 0 setting, then plug into a mains socket.
              For rapid heating, select level 3. After a few minutes, when the device is warm, place it on the body part you wish to heat and select the desired temperature.
              And the award for most amusing instruction I've ever read goes to........ "Do not use the appliance to heat animals". Because I was so looking forward to heating my cat.....

              For best heating results, keep the heating pad covered so that the heat is not lost when the power is turned off.
              The removable cover should be hand-washed with a mild detergent, in water no warmer than 40°.

              Safety and Maintenance

              There's quite a long list of warnings for this product, which are mostly just common sense, but the main ones are:
              -Check regularly for visible signs of damage, and do not use if any are found.
              -Do not use adapters, multiple sockets and/or extension cords.
              -If the heating pad or protection fuse breaks down and/or fails to work properly, turn off the appliance and do not tamper with it.
              -To avoid any dangerous overheating, unwind the power cord fully during use, and unplug when not in use.
              -Never immerse in water.
              -Do not use the appliance with the infirm, infants or people with pacemakers or other battery-powered medical devices.
              -Avoid creasing the appliance.

              When not in use, the pad should be stored in a dry place, and you should avoid creasing it or placing heavy objects on top of it. If any signs of damage are noticed , it should be sent to the service centre, accompanied by proof of purchase, for repair/replacement under the terms of the guarantee.
              The appliance is guaranteed for 3 years from purchase, against any defects arising from manufacturing faults.
              To keep the heating pad in good condition, the removable cover should be washed regularly, and the pad wiped down with a damp cloth every once in a while.

              In Practice

              The 3 metre cord means it's easy to place the pad where I want it, I don't need to sit next to a socket in order to use it, which is always good. After plugging it in and switching it to the 3rd heat setting as suggested in the instructions, the pad starts to heat up within just a few seconds. It then takes about 5 minutes to get as hot as it's going to get.

              The heat settings on this thing are a complete joke. There may as well be only 1setting as the first 2 are pointless, you can hardly even tell it's switched on. The third setting is the only one worth bothering with, but even that's not as warm as I'd like, or as I would have expected. Don't get me wrong, it is enough to stop my feet from freezing, but it just doesn't give me that warm feeling I was after. According to the information leaflet, the temperature is the maximum allowed by IEC standards to guarantee user safety, but if this is true then practically every electric blanket in existence must be in breach of these safety regulations.

              The size of it is great for me, as it fits nicely at the bottom of my bed and neatly under my computer desk to keep my feet warm when they need it. The towelling cover feels quite nice, and I tend to find myself opening the single press-stud fastening and putting my feet inside the cover so that they're directly on the pad itself, which helps to make them feel warmer.
              The 'automatic temperature regulation' is another completely useless, and rather annoying feature of this heatpad. In fact, I don't know how they can call it temperature regulation, when all it does is switch itself off and quickly turn cold, rather than maintaining a constant temperature as it's supposed to. I tend to find myself turning it off and on again as soon as it goes cold, so that it warms up again quicker.

              When it comes to using the pad for it's intended purpose, I feel it's design is rather flawed. The size of the pad is just too big to be used comfortably or effectively on any body part other than the back or the abdomen. I tried to test out its effectiveness on a pain I had in the front of my upper thigh, but quickly gave up, as I couldn't get it in a position that was comfortable whilst allowing enough contact for me to be able to feel the warmth.
              I have tried the pad out on a pain I sometimes get in my lower back, and whilst it was much easier to use on this particular body area, I didn't feel it was in any way effective at relieving the pain. I did, however, find it effective at relieving menstrual cramps, so it's quite useful around that time of the month. When using it for pain relief I find it's best to do away with the cover and place the pad onto you directly, as this allows you to feel the heat more.

              The Conclusion

              All things considered, I'm not greatly impressed by this product. It does perform the function I bought it for, but not especially well. I'm not convinced that it helps with aches and pains (apart from period pains - but so does a warm bath!), which is what it's designed to do, and it seems flawed in many ways. It's not something I would buy again, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it for any purpose.


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            • Product Details

              3 heat settings to regulate with an auto shut off feature. Helps to relieve aches, pains and tension. 3 year Brand's guarantee.

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