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Go With Nature Sea Breeze Gel

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Brand: Go With Nature / Type: Gel used to relieve headaches / Dosage Form: Gel

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    1 Review
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      11.11.2010 11:44
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      A product which is well worth trying.

      Having a headache is something which I dread. I dislike taking medication of any sort, and if there is an alternative I will try it. My husband is slightly different. He has, up until recently, swallowed 3 aspirin for his neck aches, which clear the problem within the hour to some extent, although repeated doses are occasionally necessary to control the pain, and keep the headache which results from the neck tension from returning.

      We both have different reasons for our headaches, which I will briefly mention as I think it is useful to know in relation to the product I am about to review. My headaches are threefold. Firstly I have a condition called orthostatic hypotension. It sounds a mouthful, I know, but it is related to the disease ME/CFS. In a nutshell it means that your blood pressure falls when you stand, and you get a kind of pain called coat hanger. This is due to blood not reaching the brain in enough quantities when you stand and can cause headaches and dizziness, especially in the morning. It is the cause of horrid headaches which extend to the neck and shoulders. On top of this I also get hormonal headaches related to my monthly cycle, and occasionally I am laid up with a true migraine which is also ME/CFS related. My husband was involved in a bicycle accident when we were first married, and his neck was injured when a car hit him and threw him over the bonnet. This has left him with a weakness for headaches which often begin in the neck.

      This leads me on to talk about a product which I saw on a website I have been using to purchase natural skin care products. www.gowithnature.co.uk is the website, and the company behind this is the property of a lady called Carol, who makes all the products herself, using her knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils. Inspired by the plants in her grandmother's cottage garden many years ago, Carol has developed a range of products which are natural, free from artificial ingredients, and cover many categories from health to beauty.

      Within the health section there are many products with lovely names, including one called "Hobble Joint Cream" which is designed to take the pain out of arthritic joints. However the one which caught my eye was called "Sea Breeze Gel" which is designed to treat headaches. I have said this before in reviews but one thing I really love to see on websites are customer reviews next to products, because from this you can assess the effectiveness of a product. Carol has allowed reviews to be posted on her site and I have really valued this, and the review I read of the Sea Breeze Gel was part of the reason I decided to order it as it was very complementary. Now you are not, as yet going to see hundreds of reviews on this site, as it is a small operation, but I was influenced by the one I read which said -"I have been using Seabreeze for years. It NEVER fails to relieve a headache and also neck pain. It has a lovely scent, and my daughter (24 and sceptical!) also swears by it. It never ceases to surprise me - after applying, a little while later you suddenly realise that your headache has gone, and no tablets! Couldn't be better".

      So I ordered a jar which was £4.50 when I was ordering some face creams, and then sat the jar by the bed waiting for the first headache to strike! Delivery was overnight, payment was secure, and postage is £2.99 flat fee, so it is worth having a look on the site and seeing if anything else tempts you!

      The gel is made from a combination of essential oils which include marjoram, peppermint, lavender and cypress. I really like the fragrance when you open the jar. It is actually lovely just to smell it, and the gel is lightweight and easy to apply. If a headache strikes you simply massage it into the back of the neck, the temples and forehead. A little goes a long way and the product is very economical to use. Even someone with many headaches can use this repeatedly for many weeks.

      So to our experience. I have waited to post this review for some months now, as I wanted to be able to give a true picture as to the effectiveness of the gel. I have suffered with several headaches, and so has my husband, and each time we have used the gel. When you apply it there is an instant tingling feeling which comes over the skin, it is cooling and within a few minutes you can feel the muscles relaxing, and within half an hour every one of our headaches had improved by miles, so that they were barely noticeable. What I have tended to do is to make sure that on a day when I have had a headache in the morning, that I also apply it again before bed to make sure that it is well and truly gone. My husband has been absolutely amazed by this product as his headaches have, for over 30 years, only ever responded to a battery of 3 aspirins which I no longer need to purchase for him.

      During the last few months I have also had one devastating true migraine. This product certainly helped this, although I did also take medication as well as the severity warranted it. However I did feel that the gel helped enormously. I resorted to pills mainly because I was going out later in the day, and needed to be alert, and as my vision distorts with a true migraine this was certainly a case where I had to be more aggressive with treatment. Having said that if I get a migraine again I will certainly try this product, especially if it is a day when I am not committed to something.

      The headache which really responded well to this product more than any was the hormonal headache. I often get this and it ruins the entire day and sometimes spills over into the following one. It used to be that I could eat my way out of it with sugary foods like biscuits and sweets, as they often seemed to be related to drops in blood sugar, but I don't eat these foods anymore as I have changed my diet to exclude them completely. This gel has been my best friend with these hormonal headaches as within half an hour they are gone and better still they don't return!

      I can highly recommend this fantastic little pot of "Sea Breeze". It has really been pain free treatment without pills and for any kind of tension headache it works beautifully. My husband also used to buy Syndol tablets which have a muscle relaxant in them as well as an analgesic, and again these are no longer necessary.

      Conventional pain relievers are certainly not without side effects and my preferred pain killer, ibuprofen, is contra-indicated in many conditions including asthma and for anyone with a history of gastric ulcers. It also should be taken with food which can be inconvenient if you get a headache when you can't have access to food. Paracetamol is banned in our house due to my medical training which included a rather scary lecture on the damage it does to the liver and kidneys, even in fairly small doses which are repeated with frequency. So natural remedies, if they work have a place in treating those ailments like tension headaches which many of us suffer with from time to time.

      I love this product and so does my husband. He came home from work last night with a seriously bad headache. I gave him the gel and within half an hour he was smiling, happy, and enjoying the evening without aspirin in his system. It never fails to amaze him though, and he often says- "well I'll try it and if it doesn't work I'll get some aspirin". So far they lie dormant in the back of the medicine cabinet!


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