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Healthaid Emu Oil

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Brand: HealthAid / Type: Muscle Rub / Dosage Form: Oil

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    2 Reviews
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      08.09.2013 16:00
      Very helpful



      The Aborigine people of Australia have been using Emu Oil for centuries - now you can too!

      The Product:

      Health Aid Pure Emu Oil

      Size: 50ml


      From Australia and based on old Aborigine medicine, Emu Oil is a little pot of magic. In common with many old remedies Emu Oil has many uses. Similar in texture to Goose fat, Emu Oil comes from the Emu a flightless bird native to Australia.

      Today natural products are no longer allowed to be marketed as remedies for specific ailments, but Emu oil is probably best known for its joint easing properties.

      Health Aid Claims:

      "This Pure Emu Oil (with added Vitamin E) may be applied cold or, if preferred, the bottle may be warmed in hot water and the heated contents applied to skin and joints for an extra-soothing effect. Very effective where other oils have failed."


      "Pure Emu Oil with added Vitamin E"

      Why I Buy Emu Oil:

      A few years ago I was suffering with a painful hip joint. Nothing I tried would alleviate the pain. I read about the healing and soothing properties of Emu Oil. That was the easy part. I could not buy it anywhere (in the UK). This was before I had Internet at home, so armed with the article I booked time on a library computer. Found a company that looked good, selling pure Emu Oil and bought a tub. My first tub was from Aroma, they still sell essential and aromatherapy oils, but by the time I wanted a 2nd jar they had stopped selling Emu Oil. So I now use Health Aid Pure Emu Oil. I remember it seemed quite expensive at the time and I waited for it to arrive with anticipation. The first jar I had was a Petroleum Jelly based mixture of oils including Emu Oil and Vitamin E, with the addition of Eucalyptus giving it a pleasant fragrance and heating properties. So not as pure as I was expecting, it did however only contain nice, good, natural ingredients. The Health Aid version that I now buy only contains Emu Oil and Vitamin E stabilised in Linoleic Acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid found in plants, best known for its use in the manufacture of margarine and not to be confused with Oliec Acid or Linolenic Acid which are quite different things.

      The benefit to me of having the first additive version and the now almost additive free version is that I know I can enhance the use experience of the Health Aid version with the personal addition of Eucalyptus Oil to add fragrance and a pleasant skin heating experience.

      Vitamin E:

      Vitamin E is a powerful skin antioxidant and it protects the skin from pollution, ultra violet light and free radicals. I suspect however, that the addition of Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid to Emu Oil is as natural preservatives, but that is just my thoughts.

      The Jar:

      The jar is surprisingly small for the price paid. On opening the screw top lid, on the plastic jar, you are confronted with a nondescript, creamy white coloured oil encased blob. There is very little natural fragrance and the Emu Oil really does resemble unprocessed goose fat that you may be more familiar with from the supermarket shelves at Christmas.

      To Use:

      Simply scoop a little onto your fingers and rub into the painful area before going to bed. The Oil rubs in easily, leaving the skin soft and smooth. If I have scooped a little too much out, I tend to rub the remainder into my elbows or onto my knees - anywhere that needs a little extra moisturisation.

      How I Like to Use Emu Oil:

      As mentioned I like to add Eucalyptus Oil to my Emu Oil, this heats the skin and gives instant satisfaction that some good is being done. I simply add about a dessertspoonful of Emu Oil to an old moisturiser tub that I have washed and dried thoroughly and add 2 drops of Eucalyptus Oil and stir well together.

      Following the almost complete recovery of my afore mentioned hip problem, I damaged a knee in a trip injury and despite physiotherapy that is another injury this time a deep tissue injury that has never completely recovered. If I have any problem with the knee, I simply rub Emu Oil on before going to bed for a few nights and the results are outstanding. Due to the outstanding results with the joint and the tissue pain, I now rub some into my knees as a matter of course if I have been doing prolonged kneeling, when for example I have been gardening for a long time. This has made a huge difference and I no longer have the problem of aching or clicky knees the next day.

      Aborigine Use of Emu Oil:

      The Aborigine people of Australia have been using Emu Oil for centuries. It is used medicinally to treat muscle and joint problems such as painful joints, sore and swollen muscles and rheumatoid arthritis as well as a variety of skin conditions like eczema, sun burn and psoriasis. They would also use the oil for cooking as well as for keeping leather items such as saddlery supple. Collected by hanging the skin over a tree branch and using the heat of the sun to liquefy the emu fat that would drip into a receptacle placed underneath. Alternatively, the Emu skin would be wrapped around an affected area and the body heat would allow the oil to penetrate the skin.


      Emu Oil has been evaluated as a lubricant and for the reduction of scar formation in healed burns and was found to heal significantly better than a placebo. However, test are limited.

      To find out more about Emu Oil - just type Emu Oil or Emu Oil Clinical into your search engine.

      In Conclusion:

      The Emu Oil lives up to the claims made by the supplier, it really does work where other oils fail, it is more effective that physiotherapy for me and is a staple of my bedside cabinet.

      The price seems high, for such a small jar, but it is worth every penny and seems to last really well as only a small amount is required and you do not need to use for long to gain outstanding results.

      There are no known contraindications.

      Would I Recommend Emu Oil:

      Yes, it has worked for me on soft tissue and joint injuries and for my husband on a muscle strain.

      Price and Availability:

      I buy mine on-line here http://www.althealth.co.uk/products/health-aid-pure-emu-oil-50ml/
      And have found their service very good.

      Current price is £15.99 with a 6 for 5 offer available. Emu Oil is also available via Amazon and eBay outlets and other on-line sources. However, beware. Please try and ensure you are getting the real deal and not a mix featuring Emu Oil as I did the first time.

      Thank you for reading and please do give it a try!

      6 months update: As I could not get onto their website last time I tried I am currently using a different brand.


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        31.05.2013 20:46
        Very helpful



        A medical product based on emu oil

        Australian Emu Oil

        This is yet another great product from the land down under. When I first returned to the UK in 1989 I really missed a number of the Aussie products that you can now buy over here on line and often in shops too. I had to ask friends to send me stuff from the big island for a number of years. This was one of the products along with soft eating licorice and tea tree oil and Lucas Pawpaw ointment.


        This oil comes from the emu bird, native to Australia and is rendered rather like goose fat and similar bird oils from the thick layer of fat on the back of the bird.

        It is used in the production of some cosmetics in Australia but is mainly known for its medical properties these days. The tub I buy is sold as a medicinal help for pain relief; pecifically in joint problems like arthritis, strains, sprains, and muscle pain. It is also great for helping heal wounds like grazes too.


        As always the modern alternative medicines are based on old native remedies and in Australia these are Aborginal remedies. The Aborigine people used emu oil for centuries to help with many medical problems.

        Emu oil has been found to have proven anti-inflammatory benefits so is great for any joint pain and really helps with arthritis and my husband suffers from gout and we use this on his feet when he has an attack.
        It is also an oil that does n't allow bacteria to grow so is good to apply to wounds such as grazes as it seals the wound stopping germs getting in while helping It heal.

        It is hypoallergenic so is not known to cause skin irritation or have any side effects so is great for people with sensitive skin and I use it when I have eczema sometimes as it doesn't irritate my skin and helps it heal.

        It is a lovely gentle soft oil that penetrates the skin leaving it non greasy and also does not clog the pores either so is used in face creams as well.

        This lovely oil also naturally has vitamin E and vitamin A which are both known anti oxidants and also help heal skin. Vitamin A.

        It also has something called Linoleic acid, which is what helps to ease muscle aches and joint pain.
        The Oleic acid is a natural skin cell regenerator so helps with skin healing and has the added benefit of being an anti-wrinkle agent.

        The Sapogens in this oil give it the skin softening properties while the Terpines are natural antiseptics.

        Seeing the ingredients it is easy to see how beneficial this oil is for the skin and healing it heal. 
        I used it when my babies were small on their eczema and also on any nappy rash and it helps with both those issues very quickly.

        I use it on my heels and elbows when they are very dry as well as on my lips when badly chapped. I also use it for my eczema when it gets very dry and sore. I have used It on sunburn and when my face and hands have been very dry and sore from the wind when it is very cold. It makes an excellent hand cream and foot cream which I tend to apply at night as it doesn't smell that amazing.

        I do sometimes put it on my face at night especially on chapped lips and if my eyes have been streaming and they are sore at the sides this is gentle enough to be applied at the corners of my eyes.
        However what is is especially good for is for massaging into aching joints. As I mentioned before my husband suffers from knee joint pain and also gout in his feet and this is very good at helping relief the pain if he remembers to apply it ! There are times when my big toe joint gets very sore and I find that massaging this into my feet for a week or so does really help lessen the pain.

        My children always had this applied to their wounds after I had cleaned them as it doesn't sting and helps keep out any germs while assisting the skin in healing.

        It was always the first thing I applied to sunburnt skin or indeed any burn after cooling it first of course . It also works to take the sting out of insect bites and stop children scratching them too.

        I also used this when I was pregnant to try and reduce stretch marks and I have to say although I did get a few I certainly have fewer than many ladies I have seen so I think it did help.
         WHAT IS IT LIKE?

        It is really like a thick gloopy oil with very little smell. It doesn't smell nice nor does it smell bad. It soaks in really quickly and doesn't feel greasy at all. It comes in a plastic pot with screw top lid and basic labelling so nothing fancy here at all.


        Yes it is really great stuff but obviously not vegan friendly or for veggies at all really. Apparently not a;; Emu oil sold is actually emu oil so heaven knows where that come from. If you want the real thing then check that it is genuine emu oil from Australia as emus are not found anywhere else in the wild. I do believe some places farm them but I would buy Australian to be sure. I stocked up when I last went to Australia but I think it is possible to buy it on line from here now.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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      • Product Details

        HealthAid Emu Oil - Muscle & Joint Rub 60 ML are manufactured by HealthAid / HealthAid have a great reputation for creating high quality supplements.

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