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Ibuleve Speed Relief Gel

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  • Sinks it quick not sticky.
  • Ordorless
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    2 Reviews
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      11.11.2014 13:27
      Very helpful


      • "Sinks it quick not sticky."
      • Ordorless
      • "Relief after half an hour of application"


      I do believe this works

      This has now found a permanent place in our house and its taken quite a few products tests to find a gel that does what it says it will.

      The common issues within our househlod is back pain and knee pain, due to the sports the guys do and the painting espcieally so we opted for speed relief gel with maximum stregth.

      We're not keen on taking tablets as much as we use too, we never used to pop them but this alternative we find is better for us.

      The tube is such a bright yellow it really stands out, the red deep heat looks a bit terrorising.
      We brought a 50g pack for £8.99 from Boots, who really do the whole range and choice, so this is a recommended store to head to first.
      This is pain relief that is directly applied to the skin, I know you might be desperate for the pain to ease but don't swallow! Its for external use only.
      The liquid comes out faster than you might expected snd is well sealed and needs peircing with the lid, which I find is a good sign of qaulity and you can trusted no one has been trying before they buy [don't get me started on the hand creams tubes you can see have been used in-store]

      The liquid is very cold! When I yelped they thought it was the pain but it was the cream, [I'm such a wuss] the liquid is clear not a white cream like most other brands.
      You don't need a huge amount even if you feel tempted, only apply maybe a small size in the palm of your hand and spread and warm the liquid between your hand or fingers.
      The liquid sunked in every quickly and , thankfully, not sticky I was soooo gratefuk for that. After a minute I was able to replace my clothing whether it was on the knee or back. This has been formulated to soak in five times quicker than other brand and it works!
      Another bonus was, it didn't smell. No ordour whatsoever, no one knew anything when I went out and put it on throughout the day

      The pain was relieved after about half an hour and lasted up to four hours.
      I was again so grateful.
      Make sure you wash your hands afterwards kids.
      You can apply this three times a day, but I chose to do this only twice a day because it was that effective.

      This gel is the equivelent to 400mg of Ibuprofen tablets and there is also less risk of side effects. So this can work qute well and safely with tablets you might be taking for other ailments, but DO check with wither your Doctor or Pharmacist, its really important, you don't want to heal your knee and back and develop something else!
      Now I've tried this, finally, after abandoning the well known red smelly brand, I am not going back, this is far to good.


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      06.03.2011 17:51
      Very helpful



      A good idea, but just didn't offer the level of pain relief I was hoping for.

      I first started having trouble with my back a few years ago. I woke up one morning to find that the low wall outside my house had somehow crumbled in the night, blocking that section of the pavement. Fortunately my sister was staying at the time, and between us we managed to piece the sections of brick back together in some sort of order to clear the path. We were feeling very proud of our handiwork until later in the day, I bent over to pick something up and was suddenly in so much pain I could hardly move! Fortunately, it wore off over the coming days, and I was soon back to normal. Since then, however, the problem has occasionally reoccurred, triggered off by seemingly easy movements that leave me in pain for days. The last time it happened, I decided to try something different from my usual painkillers, and bought this Ibuleve gel for about £5.

      I was hoping that applying a gel directly onto the area causing me trouble (my lower back) would provide targeted pain relief, enabling me to move more easily without having to pop a load of pills every few hours. As the brand name suggests, this gel contains Ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory drug which is often used to treat muscular and rheumatic pain, and any injury or condition involving swelling. The gel's Ibuprofen content is 5%, and it is the only active ingredient.

      The white tube of gel is contained within a blue box, on the back of which are details of how to use the gel and a few warnings (these are given in greater detail on the instruction leaflet inside the box). These are pretty standard- don't use on children under 12, or if you're pregnant/ breastfeeding/ allergic to any of the ingredients etc. The leaflet does state that using Ibuprofen in this gel form carries less risk of the side effects you can sometimes get from taking it orally, but it's still worth reading the blurb just in case.

      The tube itself has a screw on lid, covering a wide, short nozzle. Being gel, the tube's contents are easy to squeeze out by applying a little pressure to the tube. The instructions state that you should apply 4-10cm gel (enough to thinly cover the affected area) and massage it gently until it's absorbed. You shouldn't apply more than 30cm in any given 24 hours, and you should leave 4 hours between applications, applying the gel no more than 3 times a day. Got all that?! Personally, I found such precise instructions hard to follow. It's virtually impossible to measure how much gel you're applying, particularly on a large area like your lower back, so I just stuck with the thin layer rule, and didn't worry too much about the exact amount of gel I was applying. I'm happy to say that my lack of calculation didn't result in any nasty side effects!

      I found that the clear, cold gel was quickly and easily absorbed by my skin when I rubbed it in- very useful when you're applying it to an area usually covered by clothes. I was also pleased by the gel's lack of smell- it has a slight chemically whiff, but nothing majorly offensive or long-lasting. Once I'd massaged it in, the effects were almost immediate, and I found I could move my back a little more easily than before. I'm sure the massaging helped with this, but the gel certainly played a part.

      I was, however, disappointed by the gel's lack of potency. The pain relief I experienced was noticeable, but by no means major, and I found that within about an hour I was back to my pre-gel level of pain, with another 3 hours to go before I could reapply it. The effects of taking paracetamol or ibuprofen orally are probably about the same, but definitely longer lasting.

      For this reason, I probably wouldn't use this gel again if the old back problem returns, but would stick with oral painkillers. I would, however, use the gel for minor sprains or muscle aches on smaller areas of my body, as I think it would probably be quite succesful at tackling lower levels of pain. Fortunately, I've not had the need to test it out in this capacity yet, but I'm keeping the tube just in case- it has a shelf life of several years. For my back, however, it just wasn't powerful enough to produce the effects I'd hoped for, probably due to the intensity of the pain and the widespread area it covered.


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  • Product Details

    New! Ibuprofen is a proven non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) which works by relieving pain, reducing swelling and easing inflammation. The formulation of this gel is designed to be rapidly absorbed into the skin and target the point of pain. Ibuleve Speed Relief Gel provides fast local relief of muscular backache, rheumatic and muscular pain, sprains, strains and sports injuries. Pain relieving, anti-inflammatory. Contains Ibuprofen 5.0%w/w Clear, colourless gel. Non-fragranced. Non-greasy and non-sticky.Directions for use: Lightly apply a thin layer of 4 to 10cm of the gel to the affected area. Massage gently until absorbed.Wash hands after use, unless treating them. Warning:Because Ibuleve Speed Relief Gel is applied to the skin, directly over the painful area, there is less risk of the complications that sometimes arise when ibuprofen are taken by mouth.However Do not Use this product in any of the following cases without seeking medical advice first:If you have ever suffered from asthma, have a stomach ulcer (also called a peptic or gastric ulcer), have ever suffered from kidney problems or already taking aspirin or other painkillers. Not recommended for use on children under the age of 12 years.For external use only. Other ingredients:IMS Carbomer Propylene Glycol Diethylamine and purified water. 40g metal screw top tube.Common Misspellings: Ibiprofen, Ibuproffen, ibeprofen, Ibeleve, Ibeleive

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