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Ibuleve Spray

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Brand: Ibuleve spray / ibuprofen / Dosage Form: Spray / Type: Aches & Pains

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2011 21:09
      Very helpful



      A good Ibroprofen based spray for pain relief

      At the grand old age of 25 I was told I had arthritis in my jaw following years of operations. I was given amongst other medications; 'Ibuleve gel' which is an anti inflammatory. This always worked well at reducing the discomfort and pain associated with the condition but when I found out recently I also had arthritis in my left knee, the doctor advised me to use the ibuleve spray on this area as he said it is more effective than the gel. Hence my review of 'Ibuleve Spray'..

      The product~
      Ibuleve spray is an anti inflammatory pain killer. It works by absorbing into the skin when applied directly to where it is needed and according to my doctor is faster than the gel variety.
      It's recommended for Adults, the Elderly and Children over 12 years for such injuries including:

      *Muscular Backache
      *Rheumatic Pain
      *Pains (muscular)
      *Sports Injuries
      You get the gist.

      The active ingredient here unsurprisingly is Ibuprofen which is part of the NSAIDS group of medicines ('non steroidal anti inflammatory') and is renowned for relieving pain whilst simultaneously reducing swelling.

      The packaging~
      There is nothing overtly fancy about the product really as the spray comes housed in a basic looking 35 ml bottle. The shape is cylindrical, whilst the colouring is a basic white with blue lettering. The bottle is a pump spray which has a standard nozzle at the top and this is protected via a transparent plastic lid.
      The bottle comes in a far more attractive, thin blue cardboard box and has the obligatory information leaflet enclosed.

      Do's and Don'ts~
      I'm not going to go into great detail about instructions as you can pick that information up from reading the leaflet.
      I will however point out that you must not use this more than three to four times a day (leave at least 4 hours between each application); do not use on broken skin; keep away from eyes and mouth etc and do not use near open flames.

      My experience of using this~
      I had been aware of this spray for some time as I had not only been using the gel version for several years, but my dad has been prescribed this a lot in the past for his own arthritis so it was a product I had become familiar with (though had not tried). When my doctor recommended trying the spray I did wonder if it would work as well as the gel, which I had found nearly always gave satisfactory results on my jaw.
      What I like about this product was the fact by absorbing into the skin it gets to work on fighting the pain and reducing swelling quicker than the gel. To use is a very simple affair and you start by removing the lid and hold the bottle upright. 2 to 3 sprays are all that's required at the intended area and once applied, massage well into the skin (remember to wash hands thoroughly after wards). It doesn't completely absorb so don't worry if there is a slight greasiness remaining - this is normal.

      I have always found the spray to emit with ease when the nozzle is pressed and it has never been 'bunged up' like some nozzles can become. The Ibuleve spray is totally transparent and has a look and consistency of water. The only downside of using this is the scent is very overpowering. It's very difficult to describe, and whilst it's not exactly unpleasant it's not very nice either. To describe it best is it's not exactly medicinal but has more of a vague bleach smell to it! As awful as that sounds the smell does not linger for more than a minute or two thankfully, but certainly gets up the nostrils when first applied.

      I have found that once I have sprayed Ibuleve onto my knee and rubbed it in it starts to work within minutes. The pain is almost instantly diminished and I think the main factor in the healing process is the fact it feels icy cold on application. Ice is of course a major factor in relieving swelling to any painful joint or muscle so I think the fact this feels so cold does work. Whether this is a placebo effect I don't know - nor neither care - as if it brings relief then I'm all for it.

      Rubbing the Ibuleve in actually takes longer than anticipated due to the fact it actually feels quite greasy once it's made contact with the skin. This feels slightly odd as the consistency is so watery and thin that you don't imagine it to feel anything but watery on application let alone greasy..but there you go.

      Well this is the main question really isn't it? It doesn't really matter on texture, packaging or even smell at the end of the day..it's if it blooming well works right?
      Well I am very pleased to say that Ibuleve spray does in fact ease the problems associated with arthritis; such as pain and swelling. My husband has also used this spray for muscular injuries and can also vouch for it's effectiveness so it seems to work well whatever area it is applied to.

      I won't go so far to say it cures the problem as I think that would be expecting a bit too much, but I would say it does reduce pain up to 80% within a matter of minutes, so that's pretty good going.

      The only down side is the smell as mentioned. It's quite overbearing and intoxicating (but not in a good way) but the smell does fade very quickly so it's worth putting up with quite frankly.

      Pretty much the entire thing. The spray is easy to apply, takes seconds to rub in and starts to work immediately. As with all medicines there is always a risk of some kind of complications or side effects but I'm pleased to report I have suffered none. I have very sensitive skin but on applying to my knee (several times a week sometimes) I have never suffered any rashes nor allergic reactions.

      Although this is widely available in most chemists, I would recommend asking your doctor about it before deciding to just try it. Although my own doctor informed me taking regular tablet form of Ibuprofen was safe to do at the same time as administering this (as it is a different kind apparently) I suggest you speak to your physician first before taking anything.

      *This is not an endorsement to take this along with other medicines so please speak to a doctor/pharmacist before mixing this with other medicines.

      Although I don't like the fact I have to take any form of medicine or pain relieving drug/spray/gel I obviously want one that is going to work if that is the case. I am happy to say this does what it promises and does relieve pain/swelling so recommend you ask about it next time you are in pain.
      If interested this is available on prescription from your doctor, or for around the £4.99 for the 35 ml spray.


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    • Product Details

      For the local relief of backache, rheumatic and muscular pain, sprains and strains, reduces swelling and inflammation, pain relief in common arthritic conditions / Ibuleve Spray is specially formulated to allow rapid absorption of ibuprofen through the skin for effective relief at the point of pain / It is a clear and colourless spray that contains no fragrance / It is also non-sticky and non-greasy.

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