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Lloyds Tens Machine Digital Pain Reliever

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  • Non invasive
  • Natural
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    12 Reviews
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      01.11.2014 22:01
      Very helpful


      • "Non invasive"
      • "Natural "


      Powerful pain relief without drugs.

      I am a great believer in natural or alternative pain relief methods wherever possible, particularly in pregnancy and especially in labour.
      I had never thought about the possibility of using a tens machine for my labour but when offered it has an option in my second pregnancy I was keen to give it a go.
      I didn't actually buy this product as I was loaned it by the hospital for use during my labour and delivery with my second daughter. I have seen them for sale a lot since in pharmacies and even some larger supermarkets too.

      It was important to me to have some kind of pain relief set up for my second pregnancy as it was an induced labour and the drip that they use makes contractions more painful and strong than if it happened naturally. When the midwife showed me this I was keen to try it. It works by sending electrical impulses through your body through 4 pads that stick to you (2 on the lower back and 2 underneath where a womans bra strap would sit). The pads are attached to wires which all attach to a hand held control. On the control you can adjust the level of intensity of the impulses and you can use the 'boost' option for when you are contracting.
      It works by blocking the pain signals to the brain and also gives you a distraction by having to set the control and the vibration feeling it gives in your back. I found it extremely affective and managed to deliver my second baby with no other pain relief...it was amazing!
      The feeling takes a little getting used to but compared to labour pain I know which I would rather experience.
      It can also be used for other types of pain although I have no experience with this so I can't comment on it.

      I would highly recommend women in labour trying these out, it won't affect your baby and really you have nothing to lose!


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      22.04.2013 23:03
      Very helpful



      Not just for pregnant lady - check with GP etc before use


      Most people would associate a TENS machine with labour, that is one use for TENS the other is for pain relief in long term illnesses.

      =My health=
      Unfortunate due to being involved in a couple of car accidents, I was left with permanent back problems, and despite dosing up on a lot of prescription medication, my physio suggested that I try a TENS machine to help relieve pain.

      =What is TENS?=

      Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or Tens, is the usage of electricity powered by a usually small and portable machine. The aim is to stimulate the nerves and release endorphins which aid pain relief.

      For some people TENS can be like a life line, with others, they are not suited, do not get the relief or 1001 reasons as to why they are not for them, it is really a personal choice.

      =My first experience of TENS machine=

      I had mine for 4 weeks from the Physio department to help with my back pain and the TENS machine did make a difference, but if I wanted one for longer, I would need to purchase my own.

      =Lloyds Chemist=
      While I was down in Devon, I saw an advert in a Lloyds Chemist window advertising a TENS machine, for £14.99 - off I went in.

      =The machine=
      This was a basic machine compared to what I had borrowed from the hospital, but if it gave me some pain relief I was willing to try anything. The machine measures about 12cm x 6cm, and is small enough to fit into a pocket. The unit is plastic, and is not heavy to use.

      The machine was a single channel machine with a digital display screen, and this had two attached electrodes.

      There are buttons that adjust the current and the pulsing pattern, there are full instructions within the box and recommendations to the length of time and how you it. The buttons are easy to locate and use, and cover the in/off and the

      There is a 15 minute timer on the unit.

      The unit runs on 2 x AAA batteries, which I found lasted quite a while, but this would depend on your individual use. I had to buy my batteries separate as they were not included in the box.

      =Electrode Pads=

      As this is a single unit it has 2 electrode packs, thus clip to the machine and then go on to your body like a sticky plaster. The cord is 3ft long, so you do have some moveable room with the unit to the location of pain.

      =Replacement Pads=
      Like everything in life, the pads do not last forever, the sticky eventually becomes non sticky, and at this point you need to replace the pads, these can be purchased from Amazon or Lloyds Chemist, and can be in the region of £10. I find that using the machine 2 or 3 times a week that the electrodes last between 9 and 12 months.

      There are complete instructions within the pack, but I would say if you are unsure about whether these would be suitable for yourself, speak to your GP, physio or even the Pharmacy.

      The most well known use of Tens machine is in labour, but they can be used for conditions such as pain management, sprains, arthritis and sports injury.

      =For Me=
      I have found the tens machine to be a welcome addition to the medication that I take, and I do find that it helps my back pain, but like all medicinal aids what suits one person may not suit another, so definitely take advice.


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      28.03.2013 23:31
      Very helpful



      An excellent tool in the management of topical pain.

      I first experienced the joys of a Tens machine when in labour with my now 3 year old daughter. I had decided on a homebirth and no pain relief ( fool ) and had begged a Tens from the Community Midwife team. The one that they gave me was a dual channel machine (better for labour ) and it was a bit battered. Considering the life that it had led ( howls of agony and much foul language I imagine ), it did the job well. The whiskey and hot baths helped too of course.

      My daughter was delivered safely and I achieved my aim of minimal pain relief (bar whiskey and swearing) so all was well that ends well. Or maybe not. Having my daughter left me with a permanently unstable pelvis and painful back, and as a result of this I am on strong opiate pain patches and top up codeine/morphine/ tramadol probably for the rest of my life. I also walk like John Wayne so if you see a pink haired hippy type hobbling around the Welsh beaches, do stop and say hello....

      The medicine that I am on is semi-effective but I do get some quite harsh breakthrough pain. As I breastfed I did not want to keep popping yet more pills ( even though my Dr gave me the go ahead and only a tiny amount is transfered in breastmilk anyway) so I looked towards more topical treatments and another Tens machine for home use. As the previous one had gone back to the midwives, no doubt to witness more foul language, I decided that I would grab one of these Lloyds pharmacy ones.

      Now I love David Hasselhoff as much as the next person, but I doubt that even the smooth talking hairy one could send electricity down my spine and pelvic regions quite like this little machine... (I do not want to think about this too much though....)

      I have had this for 3 years and it has even survived being dropped down the toilet. Twice. Unlike Mr Hasselhoff I would imagine.


      Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or Tens, is the usage of electricity powered by a usually small and portable machine. The aim is to stimulate the nerves and release endorphins which aid pain relief.
      The benefit of TENS for pain is controversial as some people find it does not work or they cannot stand the sensation of being slowly and cruelly electrocuted. Many people including me find them invaluable. There ARE some serious contraindications for certain people so please check out the safety section below.


      The Lloyds one was the easiest one for me to access locally and it seemed to be a very reasonable price. I think that I paid £14.99 for mine when it was on offer. It was basic and certainly had less features than the maternity one but this is a single channel machine and I did not expect too much. It came with two attached electrodes and a digital screen. There were several options for adjustment of the current and pulsing pattern which is useful for those who do not enjoy the experience of being electrocuted continuously at high power. I however did and found the lower settings far too weak and wibbly for my obviously quite masochistic needs. When powered up full whack, this little plastic box packs a punch. There is a 15 minute timer on the unit but I have worn it for hours at a time with no ill effects.

      The unit itself is a housed in a white and clean looking plastic case with decent sized buttons for on/off, mode and stop. The buttons are large enough for somebody with a visual impairment to navigate as they are not too close together or tiny. It features an adjustable current/intensity and a timer facility. The Lloyds Tens machine is quite a dainty piece of kit at just 12 x 6cm and can easily fit in a pocket. Like all of the Tens I have seen, it has a belt clip on the back allowing it to be securely attached to jeans etc or even a shirt pocket. This machine is powered by 2x AAA batteries, but these are not included in the box which is a bit of a drawback.


      All single channel Tens units have two electrode pads (the dual channel ones have four ).
      In the case of the Lloyds one the electrodes are attached to a decent and sturdy 3ft cable. The electrode pads clip to the top of the machine and replacements are available for between £5-£9 online via Amazon or Lloyds themselves. I have replaced mine twice due to cat hair issues and water damage (see below ).
      I have not experimented to see if another brand of electrodes would fit but I would hazard a guess that they would going by the standard design of the connectors on this machine. The pads have a peel off cover and are sticky yet residue free. To use these you basically plonk them where you want them to be and they do stay put. You can replace the covers if you wish when finished with the machine or stick them to the back of the Tens like do. Each set of electrodes lasted me approximately 9 months or so after a lot of heavy use (and cat wrestling).

      HOW TO USE:

      The Tens from Lloyds comes with decent enough instructions which are easy to follow. There is also a wealth of information available on the net. In a nutshell though, you would need to choose the appropriate mode relative to your pain levels and needs and the location of said pain. I would recommend that anybody who is new to the experience of being pulsed by sharp stabs of electric current starts off on the lowest setting unless you want everybody in the vicinity to laugh as you hit the ceiling. A lot.

      The Tens is useful for many types of pain including arthritis, back pain, labour pain, sports injuries, period pain and all manner of sprains and aches. It is especially suited to back pain.
      Although not a miracle cure in any capacity the Tens is very useful tool to have when you suffer from chronic pain.


      * Predominantly safe and effective for the majority of people but read up on contraindications in the case of pregnancy, cancer, epilepsy and infection.
      * Simple easy to use interface with decent sized controls
      * Minimal side effects (some topical skin irritation is noted in some users )
      * Easy to Use, Lightweight and Portable
      * Complete with 2 (single channel ) very sticky pads that stay put.
      * Easy to buy replacement electrode pads
      * Adjustable Power and pulse patterns to suit a variety of needs.
      * Provides temporary pain relief
      * Requires 2xAAA batteries (not included)


      This list is very important to consider if you do decide to give a Tens machine a go.

      Tens should NOT be used by anybody with an artificial cardiac pacemaker (or other indwelling stimulator, including across its leads) as it can interfere with the implanted device. ( Digby, G. C.; Daubney, M. E.; Baggs, J.; Campbell, D.; Simpson, C. S.; Redfearn, D. P.; Brennan, F. J.; Abdollah, H. et al. (2009). "Physiotherapy and cardiac rhythm devices: a review of the current scope of practice".)

      It is unclear whether there is risk attached to using a Tens over a site of infection and there is the concern that this could spread the infection deeper into the body, however there are few peer reviewed studies on this. I imagine that the electrode pads would need to be replaced for every use in the case of infection therefore making it a costly exercise.

      Tens machines are also contraindicated for people who have epilepsy and ironically pregnancy is also contraindicated despite their main uses being for labour.

      The electrodes should not be placed across the eyes, uterus if pregnant, across the larynx/voicebox, internally, on broken skin or wounds, over a tumour (in vitro experiments show that electricity promotes cell growth ) or directly on the spine.

      In conclusion:

      Tens machines used to be fairly unobtainable for the mere mortal a few years ago but have become more popular and less expensive in the last decade and I can understand why. I find this little machine to be very affective in breakthrough pain management and it has often stopped me from having to reach for strong medication. I recommend this 100%. Eventually I will replace it with a dual channel one which is more powerful but for everyday use this gets full marks from me. The only downside would be the rather mean lack of batteries in the box.

      Thank you for reading my (long) review....


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        31.07.2010 14:41
        Very helpful



        Highly Recommended

        The Lloyds Tens Machine Digital Pain Reliever is available in most Lloyds pharmacies. I've got the exact model pictured, but I do know they've since released a more modern version which looks a little different to this. As far as I know, both machines work pretty much the same way, they've just got different cosmetic designs. Price wise I paid about £10 for my machine, but at present it's on their website for only £7.49 which I think is a real bargain.

        This machine works by attaching the sticky pads onto your back on either side of the affected area. So if it's a throbbing pain in the centre of your back which is causing you problems, you'd place a pad on either side of that about two inches from the site of the pain. Then you turn your machine on, and select one of the settings to zap away your pain.

        The sticky pads are fairly easy to apply, you just reach around and slap them on. However you must remember to keep track of the little clear plastic sheets which go on the pads when not in use. If you don't put the plastic covers back onto the pads after use, you'll get all kinds of bits of dust and debris stuck to the sticky gel. Despite this, for some strange reason the sticky stuff doesn't leave any residue on your skin (and yet it refuses to give up dust???).

        Also note that these pads will last for a year or more if looked after properly, but they are quite expensive to replace. Replacement pads cost around the same price as the machine does! Bit of a scam. At least they are easily fitted though, there's a release catch towards the ends of the wires where you can just unplug the pads and plug in the new ones.

        The settings are basically just different rhythms and paces of zapping. Some run in consistent patterns while others vary between dots and dashes of zaps (it's a bit like someone doing morse code on your back!). My personal choice is the 'E' setting which rhythmically zaps away then pauses, zaps away then pauses. I like the predictability of it, and I also find this the most effective relief for me.

        There's a 15 minute pre-set timer here, which the packaging says you should not exceed. However, when I had physiotherapy for sciatica, I was told that I can have it on for as long as I like - providing I do not ignore the fact that the pain is for a reason. So I can numb it for as long as I like, providing I remember to actually deal with the problem by doing my physio exercises!

        I find this a really effective little gadget that's easy to use and very fast at dealing with back pain, even that which was caused by pretty nasty sciatica. If my pain is really bad, I have the intensity right up at seven or eight (eight is as high as it goes). If it's not so bad, I can only tolerate it at four or five else it hurts me. You do have to make sure you find the right intensity for you which is strong enough to work, without hurting you. I often find that one fifteen minute course is enough for a mild pain, while up to an hour is required for bad pain. Either way, I nearly always find that this puts the pain at bay for anything up to a day. That's more than I can say for paracetamol!


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          17.06.2010 12:02
          Very helpful



          See Review

          My doctor advised me to buy one of these machines as I have a lot of pain in my shoulders and elbows and have had to have a lot of surgery on both. He said that it could help to relieve the pain along with my medication.

          I bought the machine in Lloyds Pharmacy at the end of 2008 and have used it quite a lot since then, may be up to 4 times a weeks, sometimes more depending on how bad my pain is.

          The letters TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It works by passing harmless electrical signals into the body via some small pads which you attach to your body. These pads feel sticky and cold to touch but they come off easily and you can easily move and replace them if they are not in the right place. They have a small piece of plastic covering them in the box which you remove before using but after you have finished you should place the plastic back on the pad so it will keep the pad moist and sticky for next time. As I said earlier, I have been using mine since end of 2008 and the pads are still fine now. It says in the book that if they lose some of the stickiness you can rinse them under the tap and they will be fine again but I have not had to do this yet to mine. Once they have worn out altogether you need to buy replacement pads from Lloyds.

          The signals that come through the pads work in two ways, it blocks the pain signals that come from the damaged area through the nerves to the brain by interrupting the signals, and it stimulates the production of endorphins which your body makes as a natural pain killer.

          This model has 8 different settings to use to suit different pain areas. Some of them feel like someone prodding your with their finger on the area, some feel more like someone massaging the area.

          You set the machine to come on for 15 minutes at a time but you can stop it quite easily if you want and you can regulate how powerful you want the machine to work and change it while it is going. I usually start it off on level 5 (it goes from level 1 to 8) and then increase it if I need it increased.

          The pads are quite easy to attach to your body yourself depending on where the pain is. Sometimes I need someone to help me reach the back of my shoulders if my arms are really playing up.

          The wires can come down under your clothes if you want them to be discreet, my doctor advises me to have it on 4 times at a time so making an hour altogether so I sometimes do this and then place the control in my pocket.

          The control is about as big as a home phone (depending on your home phone I suppose but it is a bit bigger than a mobile) and it is quite lightweight. The screen on the front with the numbers on is easy to read so you can see how much time you have left or what setting it is on.

          The settings A to F on the machine are single functions that just do the one kind of stimulation where as G and H go through multiple sequences using all the types of stimulation.

          The device takes two AAA batteries and I am still using the same batteries that I bought to go in it when I first had it. It comes with a clip which you can attach so that you can clip it to your clothing to carry it around with you.

          I have found this machine to be very helpful for my pain. It doesn't get rid of it completely but it does help, like if I have been using my arm a lot then in the evening I have a lot of pain in my shoulder so I put the pads on the back of my shoulder and have it on for an hour and it really does help, like having someone behind me massaging the muscles. I still have to take the pain killers as well but this really does help.

          I would highly recommend one of these pain relievers if like me you suffer a lot, but I would also ask you to check either with your doctor or your pharmacist before using to make sure it is right for you.


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            17.02.2010 08:42
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Very good basic entry model and worth a try.

            I've suffered from a wide spread chronic pain condition for many years and I have searched for anything that will ease the symptoms. I have tried so many different complimentary therapies and till now only found massage and a Jacuzzi bath have been the most affective. Now it's expensive to get a massage everyday and having a Jacuzzi bath while you are in the middle of doing something is not practical. Pain killers can help but the really strong ones make you drowsy and restrict you.

            I thought about giving a Tens machine a try but was very sceptical and just assumed that it would cost too much and just be a waste of money. To my surprise my sister bought me one for my birthday and I love it. Now don't get me wrong it's not the cure for pain but it is just as affective as a massage or a Jacuzzi bath and a hell of a lot more practical. It feels like loads of little hands massaging you and can be quite relaxing.

            How Does it work?

            It relieves pain by passing electrical pulses through the pads which block the pain signals and also stimulates the body's production of endorphins - its own natural pain killer.

            What conditions will it help with?

            Back Pain
            Sports sprains and pains
            Almost all muscular skeletal pains

            What is in the box?

            TENS Digital pain Reliever
            User Manual
            Output Cable
            2 Adhesive Pads
            Belt Clip

            What are the benefits?

            Safe and effective method of reducing pain
            It's simple to use
            It can be used alongside drug therapy
            It is light weight and portable
            It has 8 treatment modes to suit different pain areas
            It has adjustable intensities to suit your needs
            It can also be used as a massage to relax you.
            It is very affordable.

            What are the disadvantages?

            Only two pads so will only cover on area so a bit limited when using for wide spread multiple pain conditions.
            No clear guidance on how the 8 setting should be used for different pains so it is trial and error.
            The manual is very basic and could have been more helpful.
            Does not come with batteries.


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              12.01.2010 16:58
              Very helpful



              Good machine, well worth the initial outlay

              I have been a regular user of the Lloyds Tens machine for quite a while now, plenty long enough to offer my humble opinion on its merits

              I currently suffer from Osteoarthritis in my Lower back, upper spine / neck area, left wrist and both hands - more locations to follow in due course no doubt....The pain is usually manageable with exercise and painkillers but not always. These are the occasions on which external assistance is required, enter the Tens machine...

              I was advised, by my physio, to obtain one and give it a go. I duly complied, trained to obey orders you see, and these are the results / observations of my ownership and usage.

              The machine is quite small and compact, around the size of a mobile phone, quite sturdy and appears well made.

              It comes complete with a pair of leads two self adhesive pads with clear plastic protectors, along with a small and not very detailed Instruction book.

              The machine itself has two basic controls, apart from the on / off button, one controls the intensity of the stimulation (Using a scale of 1 to 8), the other controls the way in which the stimulation is applied (pulses, long, short, constant, etc Rated A to G - each letter is simply a different pattern of pulses). It is down to a trial and error basis to determine which setting is required, on each control, to suit your particular need. There appears to be no other way to determine this.

              So to using the device in anger.

              Switch the machine on, apply the two adhesive pads to the pained area - either side / above or below / opposite each other, play with the controls in order to find settings which are comfortable and feel good. Not really very scientific or particularly satisfactory, but it seems to work.

              This illustrates the only real problem with this machine, and I suspect many other similar machines. I would really like some form of "Guidance" on where to site the pads, relative to the pained area in order to maximise the benefits of the machine.

              Each cycle lasts 15 minutes, after which the device automatically switches off. If you need another session just start it again.

              But does it work I hear you ask?

              The simple answer is yes! It does help to relieve aches and pains, and can be very soothing as well. If you get the settings right it can almost send you to sleep - well it can me anyway. I use it on all of my pained areas and have good results with all.

              All in all, a good device, well worth trying.


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                04.01.2010 13:33
                Very helpful



                An excellent pain relief tool for women in labour

                Tens machine is a must for all pain sufferers and most especially for women in labour.

                I used this tens machine when I was experiencing labour with my daughter. From the beginning I started having contractions I needed instant pain relief as my baby was laying spine to spine with me and therefore from the onset the pain was excrutiating.
                Being at home I only had the tens machine and paracetamol to help, and at first when the pads are stuck on and its switched on its a little shock as if someone has stuck an electric probe on your skin. It doesnt hurt at all, but just stuns you slightly.

                The pads stick onto the skin easily and stay attached with no problem. The digitilisation of the machine makes it incredibly easy to use and be adjusted to any level at any point. The higher its set the more pulsations that run through the body to releive pain.

                One tip is to always have spare batteries when using this for severe pain relief.

                When I was experiencing labour for an hour or so I felt the tens was doing nothing at all, however each time I stated this and my husband took it off me I immediately asked for it back on as then the difference in pain was quite astronomical.

                It works at a fascinating level but you only realise this when you have it taken off and your body almost gets used to it being on you therefore there is little notice, however I kept it at a high rate for many hours, and it helped considerably.

                I would highly recommend this tens machine for pain releif and labour, it helps at home when you are without any drugs and can help throughout the labour, in my case 24 hours long!

                Obviously it cannot be used in a water birth but previous to getting in a pool it can be.


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                16.05.2009 13:04



                I wouldnt write this off it just didnt work for me.

                I know this has great reviews on here but i though i'd add my experience as well. Firstly i'll tell you a little why i bought it.

                My back issues:
                I have sciatica in my left leg due to a herniated disc in the bottom of my back. I get shooting almost elelctric shock like pains pretty much constantly and a horrible pain in my calf.

                Where did i hear about tens?
                A few of my freinds have tried this for other back problems to great effects. A little like the other people who reviewed this. They said that in some cases pain went away totally. After being in agony for 6 months i decided to invest in one so popped off to my local lloyds to get one. I paid £10 and got the main unit with 2 pads that you stick onto your back.

                What lloyds say about the machine:
                They say it delivers small, electrical pulses to the body via the electrodes that you have stuck on your skin. This is supposed to block pain signals coming from the affected area and help your body release natural endorphins which are the pain relieving chemical. They say it can help pain caused by arthritis, sports injuries, sciatica, whiplash, shingles and menstrul pain.

                What i say:
                The machine has 8 setiings for different intensities. When i first turned it on the setting was on low and i felt a light vibration. Once you turn it up you can feel contractions under your skin from the electric pulse. To me it almost felt like being stabbed with tiny needles. Now this took my mind off my sciatica a little because i was feeling the pain from the machine. It didn't however help me with what i had bought it for. I do not blame the machine. I know that sciatica is a difficult thing to treat and i would try the machine again if i had say pulled a muscle in my back.


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                11.01.2009 18:11
                Very helpful



                works wonderfully

                As a nurse i tend to suffer with back pain..every day! only some many times will a hot bath releive this, it has got to the point now my poor veins are at risk i have to have my baths so hot! second to drugging myself into a comatose state i would have to have a glass of some alocoholic beverage to help me sleep and theres only so many times you can harrass your parter to give u a back massage!
                I brought one of these for relatively cheap and was not convinced that it would help at all.after a particularly stressfull 13hour shift my back way agony so i decided to try the tens machine.
                IT WAS WONDERFUL! except for when the electrodes came slightly loose and i got zapped, it really did feel like i had somebody deeply massaging all my aches and pains away.

                i would actually recommed this to any patients i nurse in the future.


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                06.11.2008 12:38
                Very helpful



                I would give this a bonus star if I could!

                I absolutely love my Lloyds Tens Machine to pieces so I thought I would share my experience with others in case it helps them to make up their minds that this might be good for them too. I have suffered from a bad back for some years now and I seem to have weakened joints at the base of my spine and this aggravates the nerves causing me repeated and often intense pain. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to cure this problem, I will have it for the rest of my life and it is unlikely to get worse or merit medical intervention. I can manage the pain though and my physiotherapist encourages me to use my tens machine as often as I feel the need to because we know why I have pain and the important thing is that the pain needs to be controlled because the cause cannot be dealt with.

                To use this tens machine you just place the sticky pads on your back either side of where the pain is. So if you have pain at the base of your spine, you place a pad either side of this about one inch or so from the source of the pain. The sticky pads remain sticky for many, many uses and adhere to your skin in a clingy way rather than a sticky way. You have clear plastic covers to keep the adhesive pads clean in between uses.

                To use the machine, I just turn it on using the up button and this takes me to level 1 of 8 levels. I can keep pressing the button to increase the intensity right up to level 8 if I want to. I found that I quickly was able to realise what level I needed the machine at and sometimes I need the full 8 and can barely feel a thing whereas others, level 8 stings me and I can only tolerate level 4 or 5. I think where you put this on your back affects the level of intensity you require too but you will work this out for yourself.

                As well as intensity levels there are also different modes to suit different needs from mode A through to mode F. I personally prefer mode E as this is a repeated electronic sensation that pulsates and I find I quickly get into the rhythm of it. Modes are more about personal choice than any being more affective than any other, they are simply different rates, speeds and pulses.

                The timer automatically starts counting down from 15 minutes when you switch this on and I usually find that once those 15 minutes are up, the pain in my back has almost gone if not completely gone. It truly is amazing and the pain is cured considerably more so than when I used to simply take pain killers. I have been instructed by my physiotherapist that I can put it on again if the pain is still there after 15 minutes but you should consult your own medical advisor before doing so.

                I paid just £9.99 for this last year and £2.50 for a set of replacement pads. This year, there is an updated model of the same principal available from Lloyds and I would recommend that anyone with back problems consider investing in one. My tens machine is still going strong despite repeated use for over a year and is as effective as ever.


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                  06.11.2008 07:16
                  Very helpful



                  Buy one if you suffer with pain

                  I suffer with Chronic Pain Disorder to which I have to take Morphine Slow Release Tablets twice a day but before that I was on Morphine every hour.Then I was changed to Slow Release with a Tens machine which was set up for my pain. Since using this TENS machine I have cut down at least the amount of morphine I was taking.

                  I saw an advert on Tv for Lloyds Tens Machine at half price. Normal price £39.99 down £19.99. So whats £20 if you are suffering pain. I purchased one then my hubby got sciatia and tried the Tens machine on it and it soon sorted it out.

                  TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation. This a recognized safe and highly effective source of pain relief. Even doctors now recommend TENS for treatments.
                  TENS machines work by passing harmless electrical signals into the body from its pads. This relieves pain in two ways.
                  Firstly it blocks the bodys pain signals.
                  Secondly, TENS stimulates the body's production of Endorphins-its own natural painkillers.

                  The box contains :
                  Main Unit
                  Cables x 2
                  Gel Pads X 4
                  And 4 x AAA Batteries (not included)
                  It is very simple to set up this TENS unit. You connect the cables to the machine and to pads and away you go.

                  The machine has 8 different settings that you can choose from. They range from slow tapping for pain relief to kneading fast for more intense pain relief. The programs are set and you select which level of relief that you require and then place the sticky conductor pads where it is needed. There are diagrams in the book for how to place pads for different pains in different areas. On turning on the machine you will feel like a pulsing sensation it tingles but it should not hurt if it does you need to turn it to different program. TENS machine is set up to work for 15 minute sessions but it recommend that if you use it more than 15 mins check pads are not causing a sore area. This device can also be used as a massager to help you relax.
                  TENS machines can be used for:
                  Back Pain
                  Sports strains and sprains.
                  Almost all muscle related injuries.
                  Some TENS machines are used to help during Labour as well.

                  The unit has very few buttons so you cant get confused. There is :
                  On/off button
                  Mode Button to set program required.
                  INT Button to select intensity.
                  A + B Button which when pressed shows the program and intensity on that channel.
                  Up + Down Button for changing mode and intensity.

                  So not complicated to operate.
                  Its not suitable for people with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices,or for people with rhytnm problems.
                  Cancer patients, people with epilepsy or dibetes should consult their doctor before using this machine.
                  Hope this is of use to readers and I must say it was the best £20 I have ever spent. And the relief I get is great so I now have a bit more of my life back. TENS machine is very portable just clip on to clothing or you can buy a belt to fasten it to.


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                  TENs digital pain reliever - user manual - output cable - 2 adhesive pads - belt clip Can also be used as a massager to help relax you. Not for use during pregnancy or labour. Not suitable for people with pacemakers or other implanted medical deives, or for people with heart rhythm problems.

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