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Radian B TENS

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Brand: Radian B / Type: Electronic Pain Relief Systems

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    1 Review
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      11.06.2009 20:04
      Very helpful



      A very good alternative

      For several years now, I have suffered with very bad monthly pains. Having been to the doctors numerous times and worked my way through the various painkillers, leaving me with only those that left me feeling either very tired or nauseous that actually having any effect, it was recommended I tried a TENS machine.

      TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and involves placing electrodes on the skin which send electrical currents to the skin which stimulates and can cause contractions of the muscles they are placed around. This is meant to stimulate non-pain carrying nerves which are meant to then block the pain signals or alternatively, stimulate the body to create endorphins depending on which setting the machine is on.

      The Radian B TENS machine comes with 4 square electrodes about 5cm x 5cm. You can use either two at a time or all four together by connecting to the TENS unit by the leads. I only tend to use two at a time, but for pain over a large area, such as the back, there may be a greater benefit from using four. The handbook gives advice as to what positions may help most for different types of pain, which can be a good starting point, although trial and error helped me find the most effective position for me.

      The machine has seven different settings, each with different pulsing or tingling sensations and you can adjust the strength of the sensation according to whichever you are most comfortable with. I found that after a couple of years of use I now have the programme set at a much higher level than I used to and some programmes I can stand a higher level with than others. If using four electrodes at once, you can also have it set at different strength on each pair, which is great for if you have one pair set in a more sensitive area than the other pair. The booklet advises which programmes to use for different sorts of pain, but again trial and error is the best way to find which is best for you.

      The machine is relatively small and can fit in my pocket; it also has a belt clip if you wished to use it that way. Personally I wasn't very comfortable wearing it out at first, but when it came down to exams and needing some sort of pain relief during it, I had little other option and have since become more comfortable about wearing it out of my house. I can hide it quite easily, ok, so there is a bulge in my pocket, but it could be assumed to be a phone or mp3 player.

      This machine has helped me a lot; it doesn't relieve all my pain entirely, but allows me to manage with regular painkillers rather than those that leave me with harsher side effects. It's not cheap, I purchased mine for £49.99, but it has proved very effective and I believe it was a worthwhile investment.


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    • Product Details

      Helps to relieve acute and chronic pain.

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