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Zipvit Arnica Gel

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Brand: Zipvit / Type: Pain Relief / Dosage Form: Gel

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2009 13:39
      Very helpful



      Thoroughly recommended

      Some of you already know, and some of you don't, that I suffer from Hyermobility Syndrome which apart from meaning my joints are looser than they should be also lends itself to clumsiness. By clumsiness I mean I frequently misjudge things and walk into objects and the syndrome also means I bruise very, very easily. This is all part of the condition and I generally have so many bruises on me that physios in the past have started to question if my partner is beating me up! I can assure you he isn't and it's all down to the lack of proprioception caused by my joints.

      Because of this I like to have Arnica Gel in stock at all times so if I get a particularly nasty bruise I can apply some to help it heal quicker. I always buy the gel from www.zipvit.co.uk because it is cheap enough at £6.99 for a 100ml tub and because I can add it to my order for other items and have it delivered to the door. Well we wouldn't want me stumbling into things in shops and getting even more bruises would we?!

      Arnica has long been used for the treatment of bruises and works by stimulating white blood cells which help clear congested areas, also known as bruises. Studies have shown that applying it topically does indeed get absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream although there are still many sceptics who claim it doesn't do anything. I beg to differ and find it works very well on bruises and although it can't get rid of my whoppers it does decrease the healing time.

      The gel from zipvit comes in a plastic tub that tells us very little except to apply to bruises. It has a screw off lid and the gel is clear. One tip is the gel goes a yellow colour if you've had it too long and that's the time to replace it. It warns not to apply to broken skin, I suspect this is because it would probably sting and to keep out of reach of children.

      I've been using this particular gel for years now and I find if I bump myself and then apply it I get an immediate cooling and soothing sensation on the injury. You only need enough to cover the bruise with a thin layer and don't rub it in just rub over and leave it to dry. It does feel sticky at first but that goes once it's dried. It does leave a coating on your skin which you won't be aware of unless you rub it and then little bits flake off but otherwise if you leave it and wash it off you don't know it's there.

      Not long ago I woke up with an enormous bruise the length of my shin, I'd had a bad dream in the night and must have kicked out and kicked the bed frame but I wasn't aware of it until I woke up. I didn't have any arnica gel to hand so I left it and 3 weeks later it hadn't changed from the huge, swollen, purple bruise it had been in the beginning. Realising it wasn't going anywhere, slow healing is another hypermobility trait unfortunately, I started applying this gel and within a week it had calmed down to a mere shadow of its former self. Within 2 weeks it had completely gone. I often use it on smaller bruises too and find it speeds up healing so they are gone within a few days whereas if left they can take weeks.

      I think this is something for everyone's medicine cabinet, it is inexpensive and very handy for bruises. It smells a bit of alcohol to begin with but soon becomes fragrance free and really does speed up healing of bruises. Highly recommended.


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