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Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch

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5 Reviews

Manufacturer: Ortho-McNeil

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    5 Reviews
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      19.03.2013 05:23



      Not worth it for the side effects suffered.

      Im 30 years old and i've tried microgynon over the years on and off (mostly off) because whenever i do try it i experience nausea. A friend of mine recommended Evra patch and i thought why not give it a go. Within 24 hours i experienced nausea and i ignored it because i thought it would go away and just a mild side effect. But then during the night i developed a numbness in my right leg, (foot and calf muscle). I knew immediately it was the patch because ive always had reasonably good health and never needed to take medication for anything. Also one of the <b>WARNING SIGNALS are "weakness or numbness in an arm or leg" </b> I removed the patch because i was afraid i would develop a blood clot which several others have talked about online.
      I have been searching through the net to get advice how to relieve the <b> numbness/ tingling sensation/ severe tightness in calf muscle. </b> Someone said to elevate the leg, another person said drink lots of water and take a paracetamol and someone mentioned eat a banana (potassium). I did all of these things. The numbness has lessened and i will go back to see the doctor tomorrow morning.

      This is definitely the end of my birth control attempts! Health has to be more important than anything else. <b>Please read thoroughly about Evra online before using it. I skimmed through some information and only saw the good reviews, but many women have made complaints about the severe effects of this patch.</b>
      <b style="color:#8E2CD4">

      Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of these side effects while you are using the ORTHO EVRA® Patch:
      Sharp chest pain, coughing blood, or sudden shortness of breath
      Pain in the calf
      Crushing chest pain or tightness in the chest
      Sudden, severe, headache or vomiting, dizziness or fainting, disturbances of vision or speech, or weakness or numbness in an arm or leg
      Sudden partial or complete loss of vision
      Breast lumps
      Severe pain or tenderness in the stomach area
      Severe problems with sleeping, weakness, lack of energy, fatigue, or change in mood (possibly indicating severe depression)
      Jaundice or yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes along with fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, dark-colored urine, or light-colored bowel movements


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      23.01.2010 16:22
      Very helpful
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      The advantages outweigh the disadvantages!

      I have been on the Ortha Evra Patch for around 5 years now. I switched from the Pill as I have IBS, which making the pill less effective.

      You stick it on your legs, bum, arm, back or stomach every seven days. It delivers the same hormones as the pill through the patch. You change the patch every seven days and then have a 'patch free week' after the third week.

      - Easy to remember when to put on (only weekly, rather than daily with the pill)
      -Is not affected by stomach problems, being sick or having an upset stomach.
      - Really convient to use.
      -Over 99% effective.
      - Put it on and forget about contraception for the week!
      -Fertility returns straight away (unlike some other methods)
      - Regulates periods (This was a big bonus for me!)

      - Sometimes can become loose when in the bath.
      - Same side effects as usual pill (spotting, breast tenderness etc)
      - Can become dirty around the edges.


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        25.08.2009 20:06
        Very helpful



        love it love it love it!!


        I have tried two other forms of contraception previously before finally sticking with the patch. My first contraception choice was the pill which I was on through my teenage years and for a short time after having my daughter. If like me you found the pill to be a real pain to have to remember to take it every day then the patch may be good for you too. My second form was the implant or 'Implanon' which is a small rod that gets inserted in your arm. This is good as you do not have to do anything for a year, but this has a very common side affect ... bleeding and bleed I did and for a very long time, so this I found pointless and I had it removed.

        This is when I cam on the search a more convenient and easy to use form of contraception. I was advised against the injection due to my age as it can affect the bones. I was then told about the patch.

        ==THE MAIN INFO==

        The patch is a small skin tone square patch 2x2inches that you apply to you skin either on thighs, bum, tum or arm. It is visible. I tend to put it on my thigh's as high up as possible then it's not really ever seen other than by partner or when swimming. It works by releasing hormones into your bloodstream through the skin, the same hormones as used in the pill. The patch protects you in the exact same way as the pill but with the peace of mind of not having to remember every day. You have to change the patch just once a week. You set your self a cycle which is so simple to follow in comparison to the pill. Starting for the first time you would usually start on the first day of your period and you would be protected straight away. If you were to start mid cycle then you would have to use another form on contraception for 7 days. The day you begin is the only day you need to remember. So if you put your patch on Tuesday then this is the day that you will need to change you patch on each week. An easy thing to remember is 3 on 1 off; apply it weekly for 3 weeks followed by 1 week patch free. This week is where you will bleed. All you need to do then is remember to start your cycle again the following week on the same day chosen at the beginning. It is as simple as that.

        I tend to set a weekly alarm on my phone so I always have my personal reminder. In the patch you also get a set on stickers for each cycle saying 'week 1, week, 2, week 3 and patch off' this is great for remembering where you are. Simply stick them on you calendar of type it in you phone calendar and you're away. You can't go wrong.

        ==SIDE EFFECTS==

        Obviously like any medication there are side effects, personally I have had none with the patch which I am very happy about I was also the same with the pill. So if you have had the pill and like me you have had no bad sides then I would recommend as this is just like taking the pill. If you did experience sides with the pill then you will probably get them with this too.

        The most common side effects listed with the Evra patch are:-
        - Breast pains, swelling and tenderness
        - Headaches
        - Menstrual cramps
        - Nausea
        - Skin irritation
        - Rash
        More serious side effects are:-
        - Blood clots
        - Stroke
        - Heart attack
        These risks are increased if you smoke, especially if you're over 35.

        ==THE DOWN'S==

        The main down sides to using the patch is the visibility and that the patch can some times come off. Although it is usually very good, for me I found it is more likely to come off if you use body lotions after showers. And a couple of times a bit of the sticky side had peeled back and then stuck to my jeans, then when I pulled my jeans down it ripped the patch off with it. But as long as you put another patch on within 48hrs you are fine. The same goes for if you forget to change it or forget new patch day you have 48hrs to stay protected which is great as you have a bit of time.


        So I love this as my permanent contraception. It's so simple and easy to use, reliable, convenient and has no side effects (for me personally). It fits in well around my lifestyle and easy to keep track of and the main thing you only need to worry about it once a week! Evra patch is not suited for every women and you must always consult your doctor or nurse before starting. Your blood pressure needs to be taken also. Once you are given the go ahead and you start to use it you can then come back and get several months supply on repeat prescription. I do hope you have found all you need from this review.


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        18.07.2005 15:19
        Very helpful



        Give it a try, but if skin problems occur, try something else immediately!

        First of all, I know several women who are very happy with Ortho Evra, so I'm not saying you shouldn't try it. It is easy to use, particularly if you have trouble remembering to take a pill, and is more convenient than injections. However, I just want to put in a quick word about the problems I had with Ortho Evra.
        I started on the patch after 9 years of using the pill because my cycle was getting irregular and my doctor wanted to switch up my birth control method to try and fix this problem. Ortho Evra definitely helped with managing my cycle, but I had several problems with it.

        1.) One major problem was that I had terrible mood swings! I would get really cranky and snap at people, which is not normal for me at all. I thought at the time it was just stress, but now that I'm off the patch, I can see that it was hormones! (Now I am on Yasmin, a pill with a low dose of hormones, and I'm having no problems with mood swings.)

        2.) The patch starts looking dirty after a day or two. The very edges of the patch will peel up a little and fiber particles from clothing will stick to it and make it look dark around the edges. It's like if you were to wear a Band-Aid for several days. It's going to get dirty. This was just a vanity issue for me--it just grossed me out, but wasn't a huge deal.

        3.) I had trouble with the patch peeling off. I tend to take long baths at the end of the day to relax, and I think this caused the patch to de-stick (even though you are supposed to be able to go swimming and take baths with the patch on). Again, this was just a minor annoyance, but I was constantly worried that the patch would fall off and a couple of times, it did and I had to put on a new one.

        4.) Here is the reason I couldn't stand the patch anymore: MAJOR SKIN IRRITATION! I don't even have sensitive skin, so I didn't think the patch would cause any problems in terms of skin irritation. The first few times I wore it, it wasn't too bad--just a couple of zits under the patch and a little itchy. But after several months, the skin irritation became so itchy and painful, I couldn't concentrate! I would take great pains NOT to put a new patch where an old one was. I made sure my skin was clean and dry before applying the patch. I tried different parts of my body (butt, thighs, lower abdomen). None of these things worked. When I took the patch off, it would always leave an itchy red square with zits that would stay on my skin for MONTHS. After awhile, I had itchy red squares all over me and nowhere left to put new patches! That's when I switched to another form of birth control. I just couldn't take it anymore. The red squares were still there 3 months after I switched. I realize this isn't a problem for everyone, but I just wanted to warn you!

        So, to sum up, you should give the patch a try if you have trouble remembering the pill. It's quite easy to use, and a lot of women don't have any problems with it. However, I wouldn't recommend it if you have sensitive skin. If you start on the patch and have skin irritation, it's not going to get any better, believe me! Also, if you start on the patch (or any new form of birth control) and you start experiencing mood swings, it may be the hormone you are using and you might want to try a different method. It is NOT fun being cranky all the time. (Again, I'm on Yasmin now and I'm very happy with it.)

        Good luck!


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          02.06.2005 13:43
          Very helpful



          I have been on these patches for well over a year now so I think that I am pretty qualified to review them. I am going to tell you my story of pregnancy and contraception from the beginning.

          &#9829; MY STORY&#9829;

          When I was 11 I had an operation to remove a Cyst from my ovaries. When they did this they had to remove my ovary as well as the cyst. The doctors told me that I probably would never be able to conceive naturally, but at 11 you don't really think that these things would be a problem. As I grew up I met my to be husband, I was 15 when I met him and at the age of 17 I fell pregnant with my first child. I was very shocked as you might think to learn this especially as I didn't think I could have kids. Although it was a shock I was quite happy to be having a child although I was young. After the birth I was determined not to have any more children just yet so I had the contraceptive injections. I was on the injections for three months when I realised they were making me balloon. I put on 2 stone in 3 months.

          I finally decided enough was enough and I couldn't keep having these injections. So after the second injection they told me to wait 3 months then to go back for the pill. So I waited and then one day I got them niggling feelings again the same ones I had felt before. I was pregnant. Although I didn't want another baby I knew that I couldn't give him up. So I went on with the pregnancy and 9 months later I had my second child.

          That was it NO MORE, so I went on the pill. Now im not the best person to remember things, and so it happened again. My Daughter was born 9 months later and after a terrible pregnancy I was adamant that there would be no more. So after a trip to the local Family Planning Clinic the nurse told me about these evra patches.

          &#9829; WHAT ARE THEY? &#9829;

          The patches are a contraceptive containing synthetic derivatives of the naturally occurring female sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. Ethinylestradiol is a synthetic version of oestrogen and norelgestromin is a synthetic form of progesterone. These hormones are similar to the hormones that are used in combined oral contraceptives (the pill) and work in the same way. These two hormones are contained in skin patches designed for weekly use. The two hormones work as a contraceptive by over-riding the normal menstrual cycle. During a woman's normal menstrual cycle, the levels of the sex hormones change. Oestrogen levels rise, causing an egg to ripen (maturation) and be released from the ovaries (ovulation). This causes levels of progesterone in the body to increase, preventing the release of more eggs from the ovary and preparing the lining of the womb for a possible pregnancy.

          Now that's the medical bit over

          &#9829; EASY TO USE? &#9829;

          The patches are simple to use. A box contains three months supply of the patches. Each patch comes in a little foil wrapper. When opened the patch has a backing on it like a plaster. Peel off the backing and stick to your desired part of your body. Using the palm of your hand for heat you cover the patch for a few seconds to make sure it has stuck down securely. It's as easy as that. You wear this patch then for one week, so if you put it on, on a Friday you change it the following Friday and so on. When you take of the patch you just discard it in the foil wrapper of the new one and bin it. You are ready to place your new patch on now. You can either put it in the same place as the previous one or you can put it in a different place.

          &#9829; WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE&#9829;

          The Patches are shaped as a square about the size of a 50 pence piece. They are skin coloured so they are not totally visible. The patch can be placed in one of four different parts of the body including the upper outer arm, upper torso (front and back, excluding the breasts), abdomen, or buttocks. The patches have been tried and tested by myself as I have done everyday normal things including bathing and showering and the patch has failed to come off. Infact the only time it has ever come off was once when I placed it on my bottom and my knickers ripped it off.

          &#9829; WHAT IF YOU FORGET TO CHANGE IT&#9829;

          Unlike the contraceptive pill the patches are a lot more flexible when it comes to protection. With the pill if you forget to take one you have to use other contraception (i.e. condoms) for a week. With these patches as long as you are not more than 48 hours late in placing the next patch on you are not required to use any other protection. If one patch comes off half way through the week you just place another patch on and away you go.

          &#9829; WHO CAN USE EVRA PATCHES? &#9829;

          Evra is designed for use in woman from 18 to 45 but has been shown not to work well in woman who weigh 90 kilos or more, as the level of hormones released may not be enough to protect against pregnancy. Women who have just had a baby should wait at least 4 weeks from birth until using the evra patch. You can use evra immediately after having a miscarriage or abortion as long as the pregnancy was no longer than 20 weeks. Do not use Evra if you have suffered or are suffering from Thrombosis, heart disease, Migraines or unexplained vaginal bleeding.

          &#9829; USE OF OTHER MEDICINES&#9829;

          Many women who use the pill will know that if you take antibiotics the pill doesn't work whilst you are on them. With Evra only a handful of antibiotics cause this. I have used then normal ammoxcillin that most doctors give as antibiotics and the evra patch has worked fine. Evra will be affected if you use Anti-HIV and other viral infection treatments, mood enhancing treatments and some antiepileptic treatments.

          &#9829; MY VERDICT&#9829;

          As with Most things these days the patches can have unwanted side effects so they may not be suitable for everyone. I have however found these patches excellent. Because I don't have to change it everyday it is so much easier to remember. They come in a handy little box in packs of 3 so you can put a pack in your bag so you don't forget about them. You should have normal periods with these as long as you take thelast patch of at the end of the month to break for your period you shouldnt have any problems. I am the first to admit that I am not overly careful about contraception but after three children I really don't want anymore. They are really discreet and I have found the best place to wear them is on my lower abdomen this way no one sees them unless im naked, which im not very often. I would recommend these patches to anyone who is forgetful with the pill and doesn't want any more children or any children yet. As for me I will continue using these until im 26 and the doctor will let me be sterilised.

          Thanks for reading

          Lynz xx


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