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Asda Boil in the Bag Long Grain Rice

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Brand: Asda / Type: Rice

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    2 Reviews
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      01.07.2011 19:47
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      A fantastic bag of boil in the bag rice.

      If I do say so myself I am quite a good cook, however, one of the things that I just don't seem to be able to master is perfect plain white rice. It is either too over cooked, too under cooked or just plain burnt! It is for this reason that I end up buying boil in the bag rice and as they all seem to be the same to me taste wise I just purchase whatever is cheapest and most convenient when I have run low. I paid £1, in Asda, for a box of this rice. Within the box there are 4 sachets with each weighing 125g. Each packet is enough for serving two adults and this is all I usually cook as it is normally just two of us for tea.

      To make this rice all I do is boil about a litre of water, add the bag of rice, some salt and then cover and forget about it for 15-20 minutes. This rice can be ready in just 10 minutes if you use the 600ml advised on the packet but as I've never cooked it this way I cannot comment if this definitely cooks the rice thoroughly or if this just makes it al dente.

      The packaging of this rice is very ingenious really. Each bag has lots of little perforations allow the boiling water to penetrate the packaging and cook the rice thoroughly. Once the rice has finished cooking there is a loop for placing your fork through and this will help with removing the rice from the water. When removing the rice the holes will allow most of the water to drain away leaving the rice relatively dry. I would not say that this works perfectly however as I often end up opening the bag to find a small pool of water. The way I have got round this is by draining the rice over a sieve and beating it a good few times to ensure that most of the excess water is removed.

      This rice is lovely, it's fluffy and is a generous size. The pieces are quite long so it lives up to its name! The rice is easy to make and can be used as the base of many dishes. I have made egg fried rice using this rice and it is always perfect every time. It's so simple and easy for me to cook and I can heat this through while making some bombay potato on the hob also and with a carton of curry from the takeaway we have a simple 'takeaway' style dinner.

      Overall I am very pleased with the quality of this rice. It's fair to say that this is basically identical to the ones that Sainsburys and Tesco sell, and other places I'm sure. The prices are all similar so I will usually just buy this rice from wherever it is convenient for me. I am very pleased with the ease of this and it doesn't matter that I can't make rice well now as on the occasions where I make a delicious curry from scratch everyone is pleased about it and no-one knows about my little cheat!

      Each 1/2 packet contains 170 calories, 4.5g protein, 35.2g carbohydrates (of which 0 sugars), 0.7g fat (of which 0.1g saturates) and 2.3g of fibre. This contains 0g of salt. Overall this is reasonable and is about what you would expect for white rice which doesn't really have much nutritional value to it but tastes nicer than plain boring brown rice!


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        18.07.2010 20:32
        Very helpful



        Nice, tasty rice!

        On this site I often write reviews about rices that I have bought and tried. This is simply because I'm a nightmare when cooking rice and things of that genre and its a real pity because alot of foods I create do need it such as a chilli or a curry and things such as that!

        I am yet to find the perfect rice and this is my problem. I want a nice fluffy, easy to make up rice. Not one that goes soggy or burns and yep half the time I am personally to blame for that happening lol.

        I do find boil in the bag rices easier to deal with. I like portions that are already measured and I appreciate them being easier to rinse etc...well they are in my humble opinion anyway as at least I don't lose half the rice I've cooked through a plughole lol!

        I purchased this rice in Asda costing 78p and so I popped in my trolley. I hadn't seen it before and thought at that price it had to be worth a whirl!

        The Packaging:

        The box the bags of rice come in is green and on the front (and the back of the box) there is a scribbled on drawing of a pan of bubbling water containing a bag of rice. I am told that it is Asda Boil In The Bag Long Grain Rice and that it is ready in 20 minutes 'So versatile, it's a great choice for any cuisine - no mess, no fuss!' and that the bags which there are 4 of are 125g in weight each (500g for all 4 bags of course). Other information on the sides of the box includes ingredients (100% long grain rice), there is a full nutritional chart shown, I'm given a meal idea and I'm told how to cook it and of course as this is an Asda's own product contact details for them are given. Nice enough box which is easy to open and informative and inside you get 4 whitish bags which are oblong in shape with small holes in each one.

        The Rice Itself:

        All you do is pop 1 of the bags unopened into a pan of boiling water and cover and let it simmer for about 20 minutes or so. When the rice has expanded the bag has a small integrated hoop to the top of it and we are told to drain it so I pop a fort through it. To drain it I always feel is difficult as not much water drains out unless you squeeze the bag which of course at this point is really hot so I bash it with the saucepan whilst its still in the bag in a clean sink lol. We are not told to rinse it yet I always do because the water that does run out of it is really a murky off white colour and looks stodgy but of course its optional.

        When I've done all that I find that per bag there is a lot of rice and that in most cases I can feed 2 people with it. It looks a brilliant white colour though it doesn't go fluffy as such but it appears dense and no odd bits of anything are within it.

        Taste wise , well its rather nice actually. Ok I find it a pain to rinse and everything but it looks good for sure and all it is, is plain rice. It isn't chewy or soggy and being unseasoned I have the option of whether I want to add that or not to the rice.

        This is also great once cooked to fry and add to dishes if so desired. It stays perfectly formed and again doesn't go to mush.

        This is a great, tasty and extremely versatile rice that I rate highly. Sure I wish it would drain itself off easier but most rices in a bag that I have tried before this are usually as hard but at least this tastes great and does actually cook in the time stated on the box and with real ease and me...I'll buy this time and time again in the future, its just a bonus it works out excellent value for my pennies too!

        Nutritional Information Per 125g Sachet:

        Energy: 441Kcal
        Protein: 7.5g
        Carbohydrate: 101.5g
        of which sugars: 0.6g
        Fat: 0.6g
        of which saturates: 0.4g
        Fibre: 0.5g
        Sodium: Trace
        equivalent as salt: Trace

        Only available in Asda stores costing 78p for 4 bags or £1.48 for 8 bags.


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