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Asda Faster Pasta Spaghetti

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Brand: Asda / Type: Pasta

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2009 13:25
      Very helpful



      all in review

      As I was throwing away a on old packet that had somehow been left in my cupboard I thought to myself "I wonder if this product is in the Dooyoo catalogue?" So I came on to check and it certainly is. To my surprise I am also the first to write a review on the product so..... here goes I hope you find it useful to you.

      The cheap but pretty boring packaging lets the product down. I always think that if something looks nice on the outside that it will good on the inside, kind of vain I know but you know what I mean .It comes in a plastic packet which is sealed tight to keep the spaghetti fresh for longer, however when you open the packet there is not a little zip thing to keep it like that but nothing a little sticky tape will not fix to hold it in place.
      It contains 500g of hard long stick things like a wizards wands except thinner. You are probably thinking what is she on about but I suppose I get a little carried away with myself lol. Me and the children like to play and while I am cooking I try and keep them entertained as they are always moaning at me they are hungry when they get in from nursery so what can I say I am a big kid at heart.

      To cook the Italian pasta spaghetti it suggests that you allow 100g (3 ½ oz) per person. But like me you are not fussy about following instructions just do what I do and put in as much as you think you are going to use. Place it into a large saucepan of slightly boiled water, bring it back to the boil and shimmer uncovered for roughly 3 minutes stirring it occasionally. Drain and serve it straight away although I recommend leaving it to cool down if you are giving it to small children (as I am sure you will already know) and enjoy.

      The ingredient of this spaghetti has durum wheat semolina in it which is suitable for vegetarians. An allergy warning that I will give you is that as you probably have already guessed it does include gluten and wheat so would not recommend if you have an intolerance to these.

      My opinion:
      Ok if I am completely honest here I am not 100% sure what to write I mean spaghetti is spaghetti right? They all taste the same to me. It is a fresh, not gooey taste in your mouth and goes really well bolognaise my favourite meal of all time. Me and the children have lots of fun eating this we get into a right mess and we also see who manages to sook up the big wriggly snake in their mouth first (get game to get children to eat all their dinner and the winner gets a treat). One thing that I did notice different from other spaghetti is that it is cooks much quicker which is great when you are hungry and wanting to eat. It roughly took about 3 minutes to cook where as others have taken around 8 to 10 minutes to cook.
      You can purchase this quick cook spaghetti only at ASDA which you will expect to pay 58 pence for 500g or you can get on offer 2 packs for £1. I have also found that they sell 1 kilogram packet for £1.09 pence so roughly works out about the same although if you are someone that likes to keep the environment clean, tidy and reduce the packaging then I suggest buying the bigger packet.

      I would recommend this product to everybody that buys spaghetti. I would rate it 10 out of 10. The reason that it gets full marks is because of its taste, quick to cook, and not forgetting the price. We all like to save some pennies especially at this kind of price you can't go wrong.

      I hope my review was of some use to you and if you haven't already tried ASDAs Italian Pasta Spaghetti I hope you try it at some point in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my review it is very much appreciated.


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