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Asda Great Stuff Pasta letters

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Brand: Asda / Type: Pasta

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2009 10:42
      Very helpful




      Any regular readers of my reviews will know by now that I like to keep small snacks in my cupboard as I often cannot manage a full sized evening meal, and much prefer to eat a snack most of the time.

      For this reason, I quite often buy small tins of food such as beans and spaghetti, as I find they are just the right size for a small meal for me.

      As this quite quickly gets boring, and I am very easily bored lol, I am often on the look out for alternatives to bog-standard beans and basic spaghetti, just to add a bit of variety!

      It was whilst I was browsing the aisle of tinned goods at my local Asda supermarket, with a view to buying several small tins of spaghetti and beans, that I happened upon the little tins from the "Asda Great Stuff" range. Looking at the range of beans and tinned snacks, I quickly calculated that they were so reasonably priced that they deserved a trial.

      With that, I returned my small tin of 'Heinz Spaghetti Hoops' to the shelf, and opted instead to buy the "Asda Great Stuff Pasta Letters in a Tomato Sauce". The Great stuff option was quite a bit cheaper than the Heinz Spaghetti Hoops, and cost me only 26 pence. - I was more than willing to eat letter-shaped pasta rather than hoop-shaped pasta if it saved me some money! ;-)

      The tin is easily recognisable as it has a bright green label on. The wording "Great Stuff" is in a very bold print, within which there are two little smiley faces in the form of a cartoon-type image. I have bought other products from the "Great Stuff" range in the past which have identical wording etc, so there shouldn't be too much confusion when it comes to recognising the brand - it is definitely an eye catching design/brand.

      The tin doesn't have a ring pull design, so you will need your tin-opener if you decide to give the pasta letters a try. There are cooking instructions on the label for both microwave and hob method, and it informs me that the pasta letters shouldn't be reheated.

      I opted to cook it by the hob method, and plopped the contents of the tin into a pot before placing it onto a medium heat. I was impressed by the first impressions of the tinned pasta, it looked appetising enough and I was pleased to note that the tomato sauce looked quite thick. (I have found own branded tinned pasta products tend to be a bit on the watery side before).

      Whilst the pasta and sauce was heating on the hob, the smell wafting from the pot was certainly a pleasant one and was quite appetising. The amount of time it took to heat the pasta and sauce was only a few minutes, and I opted to have it served alongside a slice of buttered toast.

      The food, once assembled on my plate, looked to be a very nice snack indeed, and I thought the colour of the tomato sauce was just right - not too 'falsely' orange-coloured like a lot of supermarket-own branded similar products!

      The taste overall was mainly of tomato (funnily enough) and the pasta letters were nice and soft as they should be. All in all, I could not really fault the snack at all, it certainly was tasty, and I would say I enjoyed it as much as any 'Heinz' branded similar product.

      The nutritional information on the tin, which is the dinky little size of 200g, informs me that the pasta letters will provide me with 109 calories per can, and 0.4g of fat, together with 1g of salt. I think this is fairly reasonable for a product like this, especially as I get the impression that the branding of this product is aimed at children.

      I will definitely buy the little tin of pasta letters again, and would recommend it - it is cheap and offers good value, it is just as tasty as similar products from other brands, whilst being equally as filling and fairly satisfying. What more could I want?

      This gets five stars from me - I will definitely buy it again.


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