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Asda Pepperoni Pasta Bake

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Brand: Asda / Type: Pasta

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    1 Review
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      04.11.2009 10:00
      Very helpful



      A tasty dish with hell of alot of calories!

      Theres recently been an Asda open up near me so I have been shopping in their and trying out many of their products. I've always loved Asda but as I don't drive I've never had one close enough to do a proper food shop. At the moment I'm impressed with many of the products I've tried and one range I am enjoying is the Asda Italian Dishes which can be found in the fridge section of Asda.

      Asda italian dishes are microwaveable meals which are suitable for freezing if you don't feel that you will eat them in the required time. They are usually £1.90 for one meal but are on offer at the moment 3 for £4. One of the many meals I've tried and loved so far is the Pepperoni Pasta Bake.

      All of the meals have the same style and colour theme, each meal comes sitting in a plastic black tray sitting in a deep green cardboard sleeve. The cardboard sleeve has an appetising picture of the meal that's inside. The side of the sleeve tells us this is the 'italian' range and the top of the sleeve informs us it is Asda's own and underneath we find out what the meal is, which in this case is Pepperoni Pasta bake. This meal is 'egg penne with pepperoni in a spicy tomato and chilli sauce topped with a creamy mature cheddar sauce and a crunchy cheese crumble, we are also told that this meal serves 1 and as for the spicyness this is a medium heat! The cardboard sleeve also informs us on the top that the meal contains No Artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat.

      It's the nutrition bar that's a little worrying though mostly being in the colour 'Red'. This one meal for one person contains;
      755 calories
      8.4g sugar
      38.8g fat
      16.0g saturated fat
      3.9g salt

      You can either oven cook the meal or microwave it, although I've only microwaved for convenience as it takes a shorter amount of time and it tastes lovely. Although the 400g plastic tray may seem small, it's quite a deep tray and overall I found the meal extremely satisfying and filling, which is good for me as I have such a big appetite.

      The top of the pasta looks just like a crumble, a creamy colour yet slightly golden at the very top. It's a soft yet at the same time slightly crunchy crumble but you soon sink your teeth into into a fantastically thick and creamy, white sauce, which has a very subtle cheese taste. The pasta tubes are a generous size, soft to bite into yet not too soggy that they don't seem edible. Each piece of pasta is smothered in a deep red sauce, that has the sweetness of the tomatoes and the tangyness of the chilli. Nothing too hot and spicy, it's just right balanced out perfectly by the fruityness of the tomato sauce. The pasta is plentiful and every bit is coated perfectly in the sauce making each tube just as toothsome and tasty. Thats not all though as just as you think you've finished your delicious dish you come to arbout 10 pieces of pepperoni sitting comfortably at the bottom all ready to be devoured. Overall all the textures and flavours blend perfectly and compliment each other well. You can taste each individual flavour and spice but everything combines perfectly to make this satisfyingly flavoursome pasta dish.


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