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Asda Smart Price Chicken Flavour Savoury Rice

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Brand: Asda / Type: Rice

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    3 Reviews
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      22.01.2010 23:05
      Very helpful



      Another great product from Asda!

      I prefer to make home-made savoury rice but sometimes it turns out and others it goes wrong, so I like to have a few packets of this rice in my cupboard 'Just Incase.'

      The packets are 120g and cost 28p so not a bad deal. They are simply packaged as are most smartprice items. The plain white pack with green writing at the bottom. Also on the front is a picture of a bowl of the prepared rice. Might I add this is one of the few products that once cooked actually looks like the packet!

      I have used the chicken and the vegetable, I'm not sure if there are other flavours available.

      It is really easy to prepare, just add the contents to a pot and add 1/2 a pint of water I'm sure - this is how much I add anyway.

      The rice once prepared smells really nice although more of vegetables so sometimes I do add a chicken stock cube to give a bit more flavour. On the plate it looks really colourful with the peas, carrots and peppers. This makes it really easy to eat/taste for someone who has never tried it before because it is really appetising.

      One packet is enough for 2 adults as part of a main meal or just 1 person as a lunch or dinner on it's own. I use 2 packets if I am making enough for my son and always have some left over.

      I have added lots of stuff with this rice to make it a meal and also things like ham and extra veg to bulk it out into a meal.

      For 28p you can't really go wrong although I would say to have a proper flavour adding a stock cube makes it a lot better.


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      12.09.2009 17:25
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      Although from the local Chinese I normally get a meal such as Chicken Curry and Rice, it is nice just to have some rice sometimes, and this is what I had last week for a quick snack after a busy day at work. I did add a dollop of Curry Sauce to the top of this and mixed it in, but it was quite nice just on it's own as well.

      This is part of the Asda Smart Price range of food. This is the cheapest range in Asda, and i've came across some good finds in this range. It helps save you money as well. This cost me 28p and the pack size is 120g.

      The packaging isn't that exciting, but then again it's what's inside that matters. It is a thin cardboard feeling pack. It is mostly white, but there is the meduim green colouring that is associated with the Smart Price brand. There is a picture of a bowl of Rice on the front, and it looks pretty appetising with the grains of Rice and the peppers mixed through it.

      On the back of the pack it gives you the cooking instructions. You fill a pan with 3/4 of a pint of water, boil the water and then add the pack to it. You let it simmer for approx 15-18 minutes, and stir occassionally. The Rice absorbs the Water quite quickly and the Rice ends up slightly moist and sticky, but in a good way. I think the Rice looks very dry, brittle and kind of grey looking in the pack, but when cooked then it just looks like normal Rice. Thank goodness for that!

      The dish has enough Rice for 1 decent sized serving in my view. There was some peppers, peas and carrots through the Rice. Not a lot granted, but a little to break it up. I'm not too keen on loads of Veggies through my Rice anyway, so again it was good for me. You could taste the Chiken through the Rice, it wasn't overly strong tasting, but a nice subtle taste.

      Per pack this has
      420 calories
      9.6g protein
      88.8g carbs
      6.4g sugars
      3g fat
      0.6g saturates
      7.4g fibre
      0.5g salt

      This was nice and great for the price. As I mentioned you could liven this up with some Curry Sauce, and I will buy this again.

      Found up the Pot Noodle aisle in my local Asda.


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        31.08.2009 01:10
        Very helpful




        I do love food that is quick and easy to prepare cos A) Who wants to spent their life cooking? and B)...well I'm a rubbish cook! I'm always busy and so I want food when I want it and not to have to stand about messing about for hours on something that gets devoured by me in seconds lol

        The Packaging:

        The rice comes in a white and bright green packet and on the front in black, white and green writing I'm told it is Asda 'Smart Price' Chicken Flavour Savoury Rice 'Chicken flavour seasoning long grain rice with peas, carrots and red peppers, size is stated (120g) and I'm told there are no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat and there is a photograph of the cooked rice in a bowl shown (which does look rather tasty!). On the back of the packet further information includes advice on how to cook it (18-20 minutes) in a pan of 3/4 pint water, ingredients and allergy advice is given as are storage instructions and a full nutritional chart is given. Yes it is cheap looking packaging but it is robust and user friendly (easy to tear the packet open) and is informative enough.

        Me And The rice:

        So I opened up my bag and was greeted with a light sort of beigy coloured translucent dry rice with a slight powdery look to it. The smell was savoury and slightly herby and pleasant enough. I then cooked it according to the instructions and it did take me 18 minutes to get it cooked to perfection and it absorbed all of the water leaving me with a rather moist rice dish but it didn't look fluffy as such.

        Now in the main this is mostly rice (86%) with a bout 9 peas in it and chippings of red pepper and carrot and visibly no herbs can be seen.

        When it was cooked though it looked rather nice. A nice yellow 'golden' colour with bright red and orange pieces throughout. Taste wise, well the rice was cooked and well seasoned and had a light chickeney smell to it. It all tasted very nice indeed, I could taste a small hint of garlic, the rice and peas and red pepper tasted as such and were plump and juicy however the carrot only gave the dish colour and not alot else!


        I really enjoyed this. Ok the rice was small but it cooked well, held firm and was al dente rather than soggy. The majority of the vegetables added flavouring to the rice but what didn't did add a dash of colour. The rice looked nice and tasted great. Easy to cook, easy to eat and digest and gives off a very large one person serving! What is there not to like?! lol.

        Allergy Advice:

        Contains milk.
        May contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.

        Nutritional Information:Per 1/2 Pack:

        Energy: 210Kcal
        Protein: 4.8g
        Carbohydrate: 44.4g
        of which sugars: 3.2g
        Fat: 1.5g
        of which saturates: 0.3g
        Fibre: 3.7g
        Sodium: 0.53g
        equivalent as salt: 1.3g

        Only available in Asda stores priced at 28p a packet!


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