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Eat Water Zero Calorie Pasta And Noodles

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Brand: Eat Water / Type: Noodle

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    2 Reviews
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      08.09.2013 18:17
      Very helpful



      Keep enjoying all your favourite meals for less carbs

      There's a lot of mixed views on the konjac noodle. When purchasing them, people seemed almost offended that the packet doesn't contain an egg-white flour blend pasta and taste exactly like one.

      If you are looking for something to replace that particular taste and texture, you should not look to these. However. if you're looking for a form pasta to enjoy with the family that's low carb, low calorie, high fibre and soaks up flavours like nobody's business then I definitely recommend them.

      When I discovered this range I thought it seemed too good to be true and after prizing them from their fishy smelling container and watching them sludge into the colander, I can't deny the disappointment that weighed heavy from me. As I'm from an Italian background, it was important for me to still feel part of the family pasta meal times and I thought using these would allow that to happen. I was absolutely right. I use these whenever I am on a low carb day and I can still enjoy a good old fashioned bolognese this way!

      It's taken me a while to learn the tips and tricks so here's my advice:
      Remove them from the packet and drain all the liquid. Then rinse under running water (hot or cold, I found it doesn't matter either way) until you can no longer smell the fishy liquid on them.
      You can boil them, dry fry them or dump them straight into the sauce from here but they soak up so much flavour it'd be shame to boil them and just put sauce on top. I recommend dry frying them with already the longer cooking ingredients (eg stock, onions, oil, courgette etc) and then adding the rest on top eg meats, tomato, pesto, coconut milk etc)

      These noodles work for Italian and Asian cuisine alike and I haven't found a dish I haven't enjoyed with them! Think of them like rice noodles, they have that exact same texture, just without all the carbs and calories - they have been a Godsend through my weightloss journey.

      The Eat Water range offer a huge variety of pastas and even have a rice. Fettucine, spaghetti, noodles, penne and rice - I have tried and loved them all.


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      02.05.2013 05:52
      Not Helpful



      A great product to include in a healthy balanced diet to aid weight loss.

      Slim Pasta is an amazing product that I discovered last January from the company "Eat Water".
      Being a food lover I wanted to find something that I could enjoy eating and lose weight with at the same time.
      The pasta which claims to keep you feeling full for up to 4 hours comes in a smart purple pouch with the company's name near the top and lots of exciting phrases on the packet like "low calorie" "fat free" "sugar free" and my favorite of all "ready in 2 minutes."
      It has 7.7 calories in the whole pack which is 200g but wait as there is even better news: These calories which are from the vegetable fibre Moyu do not get absorbed by the body so the pasta is virtually..........wait for it.............. CALORIE FREE.
      You won't believe your eyes when you read the nutritional information on the back of the packet.
      It's got 0.2g of fat, 0.1g of sodium, 2.7g of fibre and 0g carbohydrates.
      It is suitable for vegans, has been approved by the European Foods Safety Authority and the European Commission for Weight Loss and has also been listed as suitable for coeliacs by Coeliacs UK and the Coeliac Society of Ireland.
      The pasta itself is very different to regular pasta. It is made from water and the vegetable fibre called Moyu (otherwise known as konjac) which apparently has been very popular in Asia for centuries due to its health benefits. This fibre gently expands in your stomach to give you a sensation of fullness.
      The pasta is sealed into a clear plastic pack with a food grade calcium hydroxide water (also known as lime water). The water does have a very strong odour when you open the pack. Its like a fishy, starchy smell. This is to preserve the pasta and once it is rinsed and prepared the odour disappears. You have to drain off the water and rinse the pasta in warm water. You then pop it in the pan for two to three minutes or in the microwave for one minute to heat it as it is pre-cooked.
      It has a rubbery, chewy sort of texture which does take a bit of getting used to. The good thing is it absorbs the flavors of whatever you mix it with be it a nice healthy homemade dish or a healthy cooking sauce. The spaghetti version makes a delicious spag bol but without the high calories and carbs of regular spaghetti pasta.
      It is recommended by Eat Water to consume 1/3 of a pack 3 times a day which is quite a small amount but surprisingly you do start to feel full before you are finished your meal. You must drink plenty of water with your meal as this helps the pasta to gently expand in your tummy. This is how it makes you feel full.
      As for the weight loss, well I have included the Slim Pasta in a very healthy balanced diet for 5 days a week (sorry but at the weekend nothing comes between me and a Terry's chocolate orange) every week since January and I have gone down 3 dress sizes.
      I do some light exercise most days of the week but nothing excessive. This pasta has really helped as with past diets I have really had to go hungry in an attempt to lose weight but with the slim pasta I feel satisfied.
      One thing I would advise is to have a different sauce or dish with it every day, otherwise you will get very bored.
      You can find the Slim Pasta on Amazon and at Holland and Barrett, Selfridges, BluKoo, GNC, The Nutri Centre, Revital, Ocado and of course the company's own website www.eatwater.co.uk.
      It ranges in price from £2.49 to £2.55 per packet which is quite expensive considering how small the packet is but at the moment Ocado have it on promotion for £1.86 per 200g pack if you order before 21/05/2013.
      At BluKoo you can get a pack of five 200g packs for £8.99 as part of their promotion at the moment saving you £14 and at Amazon you can get a pack of 5 200g packs for about £10.34.
      Those are the best current deals that I can find.


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    • Product Details

      Zero calorie noodles made of water and vegetable fibre

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