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Golden Wonder Beef & Tomato Noodles

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Brand: Golden Wonder / Type: Noodles

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2010 17:54
      Very helpful



      Nice tasting noodles for sure!

      A while ago I wrote a review on Golden Wonder 'The Nation's Favourite' Chip Shop Curry. It was rather scathing and I simply didn't like it one bit. At the time I remember vowing to myself never again would I be a cheapskate and purchase another one and would opt for a pot noodle over this brand any time of the day. However I received an email from Golden Wonder headquarters themselves and they offered me a voucher for every single one of these pots in the range, gratis, to try out! Even then I wondered whether I wanted to bother again with them but I accepted the vouchers as their only request is that they wanted my honest opinions. So when I have written this review I will then send them it to peruse! Who says manufacturers don't care what we think eh! I will never however lie or tame down my reviews just because a product is free and anyone who ever takes the time to read my reviews will be sure in knowing that. So I put away any preconceived ideas about these and off I went to get some.

      It has actually taken me ages to track these down though. I thought they would be readily available in supermarkets but I have personally found this not to be the case at all and in the end the only place I have seen them after really hunting them out is in a few Sainsbury's stores costing 89p a time but once again not all of them stock them or have every single flavour available (so you do need to keep your eyes peeled for these!).

      One of my favourite flavours of 'Pot Noodle' is this beef and tomato flavour and with my free voucher in hand I picked up the Golden Wonder one instead and got that. Great feeling having a freebie!

      The Packaging:

      93g black plastic tall pot (much like a Pot Noodle in appearance). The lid is peel off and that is a two toned brown colour and on it I'm told what it is and the flavour and that it is 'Full on flavour'. The front of the pot again has the same colour-scheme on it and again I'm told that it is Golden Wonder Beef & Tomato Flavour then on the back of the pot I am told exactly what it is 'Dried noodles in a beef & tomato flavour sauce with soya protein and vegetables. Includes a sachet of tomato sauce', ingredients and allergy advice is listed along with being told that it contains no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours and that it is suitable for Vegetarians, the size (as I have told you already) is also stated, storage instructions and a full nutritional rundown is given and contact details for Symington's (the manufacture) are also stated. The pot is informative enough and all the information given is necessary and well explained and most of all well laid out and of course the instructions for making it are well explained and there is a line to show you where to add the water to on it.

      Making It up:

      The instructions on the pot say to:

      Rip off lid in a manly fashion & free the saucy sachet
      Pour in boiling water to the fill line - don't overstep it - and stir
      Leave lovingly to stand for 5 minutes (stirring half way through of course!)
      Finish by adding contents of the sauce sachet to to pot - if desired. Give it one final stir and enjoy!

      Me And The Pot:

      Well peel off/back the lid and what you are met with is a sachet (that you remove till you want it) of tomato sauce and a hard block of golden and dried noodles, you can see a bit of pinky powder and some tiny chunks of dried carrots and some dried peas within it and it all smells a bit tomatoey with a hint of a garlicky onion aroma too.

      To make it up you follow the instructions as directed and the idea of course is that the hot water gets partially absorbed by the soya, noodles and vegetables within this and that happens, but be sure to give it 5 minutes before eating it or the noodles can be hard and/or brittle and not at all pleasant to eat!

      Taste wise, to be fair I loved this one and found it 100 times better than the one I dissed in the first place (as I mentioned earlier!). The noodles were thick enough, the whole thing was well seasoned, the soya and vegetables absorbed the water making them succulent and the sauce was thick enough and had a real tomato taste to it with as I smelt, a hint of garlic and onion to it which wasn't overpowering and although this had no beef in it of course (although that's what it is called oddly) the soya was plentiful and not too rubbery at all. It's up to you if you add the tomato sauce given in the sachet though there isn't a lot of it and it is a bit on the thin side so I added a bit of my own Heinz to it!

      I must admit to really enjoying this offering from Golden Wonder. It wasn't watery, greasy or too heavy and I found the sauce really tasty and distinctive to what it's meant to be and not one bit powdery. Is it as a good as say a Pot Noodle Beef & Tomato? Not in my opinion no, not quite and in my view that is simply because the noodles used in this offering arent quite as thick however this is a slightly cheaper alternative and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and I certainly would be more than happy to eat this particular flavour time and time again in the future!

      Nutritional Information Per Pot:

      Energy: 394 kcal
      Protein: 10.0g
      Carbohydrate: 65.9
      of which sugars: 51g
      Fat: 10.0g
      of which saturates: 4.3g
      Fibre: 3.5g
      Sodium: 0.62g

      I have only seen this available in Sainsbury's!


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