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Golden Wonder Normous Inferno Chilli Noodles

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Brand: Golden Wonder / Type: Noodles

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    2 Reviews
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      28.08.2012 09:04



      i think some "spicy" noodle snacks can be very overwhelming, but this noodle snack is neither too spicy nor bland. overall 7/10


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      13.10.2010 18:49
      Very helpful
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      Not for me!

      I have always loved a pot noodle and although they have no real nutritional importance to me I have always enjoyed them! However a few months back I wrote a review on here about a curry flavoured noodle offering from Golden Wonder and in short (my review is still on here by the way) I didn't like it one bit! So disgusted was I that the marketing and promotion department of Golden Wonder contacted me and actually thanked me for a good and honest review and asked me if I would be interested in getting all of their noodles in pots for free in return for reviewing them and sending them a copy of said reviews. Course I agreed to it on the grounds that I will always be honest....free or not otherwise.... I wouldn't lie. They agreed with that and sent me a load of free vouchers to get trying out there pots and this is one of the one's I picked up of course considering I agreed to review the entire range. Loving chilli flavoured anything's this was the one I couldn't wait to get tucked into and prayed that it wouldn't be as vile as most of their other, sub standard pots of cr....well not so nice noodles!

      The Packaging:

      Well this is available in two sizes and I got the smaller of the two cos Asda didn't have the larger pot available at the time. Oddly enough though I noticed that both sizes are now the same price but are the same product.

      The pot is mainly black with black and red labelling around the main of it and the lid is foil and of the same coloursheme. Around it (and on the lid) we are told that it is Golden Wonder 'The Nation's Noodle' and that it is Inferno Chilli Flavour and there are three red chillis shown. Around the back of the pot we are told a bit about what the pot is and the ingredients are listed along with allergy advice and we are told that it contains no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours and that it is suitable for Vegetarians, the weight is stated (which in this case it is a 90g pot), we are told how to make the noodles up, a full nutritional chart is shown as is the best before date and contact details for Symington's Ltd (the manufacturer of the product) are given. Nice enough pot, and easy to follow instructions are given.

      The 'Nations Favourite' Noodles:

      Well peel back the lid and you get a big hard and reddish coloured block of noodles, red because of the powdery mix. You get a small white sachet you have to snip open so of course you have to remove that prior to filling it with hot water! There is a fill line shown on the outer of the pot and all you do is fill with boiling water to that line and leave it to stand for 5 minutes after stirring it halfway through. Then when the noodles look 'cooked' add the mango sauce if you want to and give it a last stir.

      The noodles do double in size and are moist rather than soggy or hard. The sauce is a reddish brown and you can see bits of red pepper looking a bit shrivelled within it and you can see bits of dried up green herbs in it too which I assume is coriander (which is listed on the ingredient list).

      This is simply ok and thankfully not vile. What you get is plenty of thick noodles in a chilli sauce. I was expecting this to be rather fiery but to me although there was a hint of chilli powder in it, it didn't taste that much to me. There was a slight sweet tomato flavour within the noodles but all you mainly got was noodles in a hint of chilli powder.

      For me this noodle pot had not a lot going on within it and was quite boring. The only thing that did delight me was putting the mango chutney in it which was a peachy coloured thickish sauce that had a fruity smell to it but again that got lost in the pot of other ingredients and didn't really flavour it apart from adding sweetness!

      How they have the cheek to calls these pots the nations favourite is beyond me and I'd love to know how they can say that lol. These are not better than pot noodles and are certainly not of the same high standard. Not for me, any of their pots and this one is the best of a bad bunch so that's says it all really lol.

      Nutritional Information Per Pot (275g made up with mango sauce sachet)

      Energy: 4.5 Kcal
      Protein: 9.9g
      Carbohydrate: 52.8g
      Of which sugars: 12.1g
      Fat: 15.4g
      Of which saturates: 6.6g
      Fibre: 8.0g
      Sodium: 0.58

      Available in all good supermarkets etc at about 80p a pot.


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