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Heinz Mini Cheesey Spirals

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Type: Pasta

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    2 Reviews
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      23.01.2010 01:37
      Very helpful



      Heinz Mini Cheesey Spirals

      The other day my mom went out for the day and left me and my little brother to our own devices and therefore cook what we wanted in the kitchen. Now anyone who reads my food reviews will know that I am possibly THE worst cook in the world so I left finding something for dinner to my 14 year old brother and this pig swill is what he chose to cook us. He assumed that a tin of this each would be like eating a dinner of macaroni and cheese but it would be cooked in about 5 minutes so off he went to cook it when we both got hungry.

      Cooking Instructions:
      This is pretty simple to cook, although a big downside already is that you can only cook it in a microwave which some people wont have.

      So you just open the can and tip the gloopy, yellow contents into a bowl and put it in the microwave. You then just heat it up for about 3 minutes or until you think it is warmed through, enough to eat.

      Nutritional Information:
      per 100g per can
      Energy kCal 78
      Energy 328 kJ
      Protein 3.9 g
      Carbohydrate 10.4 g
      Fat 2.3 g
      Fibre 0.3 g
      Sodium 0.2 g
      Salt 0.6 g

      So its actually pretty healthy for you overall so its a good thing to stock up on if your dieting or watching your weight.

      My Dinner:
      My brother had decided this "pasta" would go really well with a salad so that is what I personally ate it with but I guess you can have it with pretty much anything, if you like it that is.

      The Taste:
      Well first off Id like to write about the smell. When this plate was plopped down in front of me the first thing I noticed was the absolutely VILE smell. It actually smelt like sweaty feet and as I said in an earlier review I go by the philosophy that if something smells horrid it will more than likely taste it too, and in this case I hit the nail right on the head.

      However horrid the smell I was pretty hungry so I continued to try and eat this cheesy mess. So I speared one of the little pasta swirls with my fork and popped it into my mouth. I immediately felt sick. The taste of cheese was so strong and it actually tasted like someone had already eaten it and thrown it back up again. The "sauce" was really thick and didnt taste creamy like I had hoped it was really gloopy and didnt really taste of anything. Now this is I think meant to taste like "Mac & Cheese" which I love and I can safely say that this cr*p did not taste anything like the real thing. And it does not surprise me that this is designed for children, I think Heinz are hoping that their taste buds haven't developed properly yet and they wont be able to taste how vile this pig swill is.

      Overall Opinion:
      I wouldnt recommend that any adult eats this because honestly I do not understand how this is available for human consumption. It may be a good things for young children to have because Im guessing they would really like it, but adults, stay away. Needless to say I tipped my cheesy spirals in the bin and shockingly even my brother, who will eat anything chucked his away as well so that just shows me how dire they were.
      I dont recommend at all.

      Thanks For Reading

      x-0 Salz 0-x


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        14.05.2008 14:57
        Very helpful



        A nice snack for the kids or use as part of your own meal.

        My friend has just left with her grandson and for his lunch I heated him up a tin of Heinz Mini Cheese Spirals that I bought from Sainsbury's for 55p for a little 200g tin. He is addicted to macaroni cheese so I assumed he would like this as well. He is one of those children who have to see you eating a little bit of his lunch before he will have any so even though I do not like cheesy sauces very much I ended up eating some of the spirals.

        It is very easy to prepare and I only had to heat it in a pan over a low heat for a few minutes to warm through. It does not look very appetising because the sauce is bright yellow and the pasta looks very sloppy.

        It tastes much better than it looks though. It is almost identical in flavour to Heinz tins of macaroni cheese but this one is perhaps a little bit creamier and not quite as cheesy. The spirals are soft just like all tinned pasta but I like that these spirals are tightly wound like springs so the sauce clings nicely and inside each spiral a small amount of sauce had gathered. The spirals themselves are quite bland but they come alive within the sauce which is lovely and creamy with a nice robust cheese flavour that tastes surprisingly fresh for tinned cheese sauce.

        The Mini Cheesy Spirals are not greasy in the slightest and left me and Shaun with a lovely creamy aftertaste that lasted for a while. I think they would make a great accompaniment to burgers and chips or anything really that you would ordinarily have beans with because they are that type of food. Shaun ate his in a bowl with a slice of crusty bread and he loved them, I liked them too which is very unusual for me to eat this kind of thing.


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      • Product Details

        Ready made pasta.

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