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My Dolmio Pasta Twists

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Brand: Dolmio / Type: Pasta

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2010 22:14
      Very helpful



      easy for a child to cook

      My daughter is 11 and I am keen for her to start doing things for herself as I am always being told that I do far too much for her and she need to learn to do things. So whilst out shopping I bought a couple of microwavable pastas and sauces.
      One of the pastas I bought was a pouch of Dolmio Twists. I have since learnt they are just for kids. I was thinking they would do any of us for a quick meal.

      Now most people will know what pasta is and tastes like but mainly it's the sauce that gives it the flavour but as this is only the pasta product I can't say too much about the taste. Pasta is bland on its own and a good carbohydrate.

      The pasta comes in a plasticy pouch just like dooyoo is showing and to cook it you can either use the hob or the microwave. My daughter made her own dinner today and she chose this pasta and a sauce. She microwaved them both. So I can only comment on the pasta being microwaved, if it was being cooked on the hob I would buy a big cheap bag but that's me.
      So to microwave you have to cut the top corner open and cook for 1 minute 15 seconds on full power but that is only if you have an 800w microwave. If your microwave has a lower power you have to increase the cooking time. It didn't tell you how long to cook on a lower power microwave so my daughter had to check with me and she suggested one and a half minutes so I said cook it for that and see if it is soft enough for you. To be honest our microwave has a dial timer so I am not 100% sure how long she cooked it for but I think it was nearer 2 minutes. (she had to cook the sauce first and leave it to stand whilst she was cooking the pasta).

      Each pouch contains 280 calories and then if you use a sauce that as well. My daughter used a tomato sauce not sure which one but it only contained 45 calories.
      As i can't remember how much I paid I have checked on line and they seem to be about £1.18 which I am shocked that i actually bought these but they are on offer at Sainsburys for 2 for £2 so maybe I bought them from there but I am still shocked as I normally buy a 500g bag of fussilli for 75p and this little pouch contains 200g.

      It tastes like pasta can't really say anything else about the taste. My daughter was pleased that she had cooked a meal when she had made it so that is good but the price is quite expensive so I am not sure if I will buy it again I might have to start showing/trusting her to do it on the hob ....................................... but I don't think I can.


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