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Napolina Fusilli Pasta

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2 Reviews

Brand: Napolina / Type: Pasta

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    2 Reviews
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      27.10.2013 00:36
      Very helpful



      Great pasta!

      I am a huge pasta fan. Whenever I go to a restaurant you can guarantee I will always go for the pasta option. I also eat a lot of pasta at home. Whilst pasta is quite a simple staple food I don't like forking out a lot of money on such a simple food whilst at the same time I hate cheaper brands of pasta as they just aren't as tasty and they usually have a rubbish texture. So when I came across this pasta by Napolina, I was quite pleased to discover that it is a good quality whilst at the same time is really cheap at just 60p for a 500g bag.

      The pasta comes in a plastic see through bag which is good as you can see how much is left in there. It also comes with a sticky label so that you can reseal the bag to stop it 'drying out' (even though it's already dried?) haha! One thing I don't like about the packaging is that if you happen to split the bag a bit too much when opening it then the pasta spills everywhere which is a bit of a pain.

      The pasta comes in 'twisty' shapes so they are quite interesting to look at. The pasta is easy to cook. Simply boil a pan of water and then add the pasta and cook for approximately 10-12 minutes, making sure that you stir it so that it doesn't stick to the bottom.

      The pasta cooks well and is always of high quality. It never goes mushy and always has a good al dente (firm to the bite). It cooks perfectly. I tend to have it simply with melted cheese on the top or in a pasta bake.

      I would definitely recommend this pasta!! It's very good and at a great price too!!

      Thanks for reading!
      October 2013


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      26.09.2013 22:35
      Very helpful



      A lovely quality pasta that won't break the back and is easy to cook!

      For a long time I bought pasta that was cheap, like supermarket own brands etc. I always thought it as good as the stuff that I could possibly buy for treble that amount until that is cos I upgraded to this when it was on offer way back from Tesco (50p a bag infact) andnI soon then learnt the difference and now won't buy the cheaper brands.....for reasons I will come on to!

      Since that first 50p bag on offer in Tesco I have really come to appreciate this brand not only for its dried pasta offerings but for the tinned tomatoes too and now, well I don't mind paying a bit more for this premium brand at all.

      The Packaging:

      This pasta comes in a clear plastic bag mainly with a black coloured band section which is quite wide to the middle of it and on that we are clearly told that it is Napolina Fusilli 'Premium Quality Italian Pasta' and then on the back of the bag other information listed includes being told a bit about the product, we are told how to cook it, the ingredients and nutritional information are given, the size is stated (which in this case is 500g) and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly stated. To the top of the bag there is a sticky reseal label, handy for keeping this stored safe once you have opened the bag.

      The Pasta Itself:

      What you get is lots of very dried, brittle yellowy but still sort of transparent pasta, sort of in twirls so it has a nice shape to it. To cook this all you need to do is pop the amount that you need into a large pan of boiling water for about 10 minutes, you can add salt should you want to and allow it to simmer from its boiling point.

      This pasta is made from mainly Durum What and it is suitable for the consumption of Vegetarians and is naturally a low fat food but high in carbohydrate. Its simple to cook through and when you have done so it isn't a sticky or a clumpy pasta and certainly not one bit soggy and a nice looking pasta to boot!

      I rather like the taste of this. It has little flavour really so I do add a bit of sea salt to it and then when I drain it a touch of olive oil and pepper to pep it up a bit but what I like most about this is that it just isn't soggy and looks nice on my plate and if I leave some for later it still doesn't go mushy and/or unappetising looking.

      I use this on its own and as a side dish or I turn it into a pasta bake so I cook it through first and add other ingredients to it and pop it in the oven and either way still really like it. I see this very much as a brilliant quality product, reasonably healthy and very versatile and filling and at about a pound a bag (In all good supermarkets) I think that's a very good price, not as good price wise as say Tesco Value at about 40p a bag but this is so much better in my view!

      This is a product that I purchase often as me and my partner love it and it its filling and versatile!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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    • Product Details

      Premium quality Italian pasta 100% durum wheat A low fat, high carbohydrate food Suitable for vegetarians

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