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Sainsbury's Basmati Rice

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Rice

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2010 17:48
      Very helpful



      YUK YUK YUK!

      When it comes to rice it's something I eat rather regularly. Cooking for me and my mate as the moment as I am keeping her company in her house for a while I have been busily cooking us up all-sorts. We love curries, chilli's and Chinese foods etc and cos of that we are getting through a lot of rice lately which is why we purchased this and the reason we got it was simply cos it was cheaper that a lot of alternatives that day whilst out shopping and she will only eat basmati rice and no other!

      The Packaging:

      See-through and orange oblong bag that has a house scene drawn on the front of it and I'm told that it is Sainsbury's Basmati Rice 'Ideal for Indian & Oriental Dishes' Rice and that it is easy to open and resealable, is a healthy living product, takes 10-12 minutes to cook and is 500g in weight (in this case). Other information on the packet includes cooking instructions and a recipe idea, nutritional information is fully stated and contact details for Sainsbury's are of course given. Nice enough packet to use, it's easy to pull open and has a resealable sticky sort of label to the top of it that really does work very well indeed and it's all informative enough of course.

      The Rice:

      White, longish, smooth and slightly glossy grains to look at it with no fragrance at all to it really. All this is of course is basmati rice and nothing else is added at all. You can cook this in a pan of water for 10-12 minutes or if preferred in the microwave for about 11-12 minutes.

      All you do of course is add enough water to cover said rice, add seasoning if you desire and that's it away you go!

      However I time my rice and as I had a full bag of this I have tried to cook with this time and time again! However all I end up with is soggy rice time and time and time again no matter what I do! It's unbelievable and believe me I do know how to cook rice lol! I have tried adding loads of water and not too much water. Adding seasoning to it and not. Cooking it for less time than stated on the packet and rinsing and not rinsing it but once cooked but nothing works it goes to like pudding rice on me every single time and it's horrid and watery!

      We seriously hate this rice. The only thing I have found positive about it is that it isn't hard once cooked and doesn't stick to the pan but I can't get on with it as it holds too much water and tastes vile! Not good this and no wonder it is relatively cheap as it much be a cheap rice!

      Nutritional Information Per 100g Serving:

      Energy: 345kcal
      Protein: 6.6g
      Carbohydrate: 78.3g
      Sugars: 0.1g
      Starch: 78.2g
      Fat: 0.6g
      Saturates: 0.2g
      Fibre: 1.4g
      Salt: Trace
      Sodium: 0.01g

      This is only available in Sainsbury's stores and expect to pay 83p for a 500g bag, £1.61 for a 1kg bag and £3.19 for a 2kg bag.


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