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Tesco Disney Cheese And Ham Filled Pasta

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Pasta

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    2 Reviews
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      25.05.2010 13:00



      Reasonably priced and the kids love it - a great product

      As the mother of 2 very fussy eaters, I'm always on the lookout for foods that they will eat without complaint.
      I love the Tesco fresh filled pasta, so when I saw this kids Mickey Mouse version I thought it would be worth a try.
      The pasta comes in a plastic tray with a thick cellophane lid. It's not re-sealable and once opened you have to use it within 2 days.
      It's a 200g pack and I find that half a pack serves my 2 and 4 year old for one dinner.
      The pasta itself is in the shape of Mickey's head - a big circle with the traditional Mickey ears - you get the idea! The middle of each pasta piece is filled with cheese and ham. It's unbelievably simple to cook. You put it in a pan of boiling water for 5 minutes, drain and serve - that's it!
      I personally add a few chopped cherry tomatos and grate some cheese on top - add a piece of garlic bread and you've got a nice, tasty, healthy dinner.
      Half a pack contains 1 gram of salt and 220 calories, it has no added artificial preservatives or colours and it is nut free.
      It freezes well and also can be cooked straight from frozen just by boiling for an extra minute.
      It's usually priced at £1.60 a pack, but is frequently on offer (currently £1 a pack). From my point of view, if the children eat it without complaining, then it's money well spent.


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      28.03.2010 23:17
      Very helpful



      Delish Filled Pasta For Kids

      I was eating some filled pasta the other day while I was looking after my mate's little boy, he kept nicking bits off my plate and I thought I had killed the poor sod when he started choking on the pasta. He loved it that much though that he was STILL eating it even though his eyes was watering! I thought about him a few days later when I did the Tesco shopping online and saw this Mickey Mouse pasta.

      It's a proper cute idea, filled pasta specially for kids. It's shaped like Mickey Mouses head and the pasta is tomato flavoured. The filling is kind of like the sort of filling you get in a cheese and ham pasty from Greggs, it doesn't taste HEALTHY like adult filled pasta is but the taste is big time yummy!

      The pasta doesn't actually TASTE of tomato to me but it deffo has got a different taste from plain pasta. It takes 5 mins to cook and that's quite long because the filled pasta I get usually only takes 2 mins, the pasta pieces are a bit smaller than the normal filled pasta so you'd think it wouldn't take as long to cook but I think it's because the filling is thicker and it takes longer to melt.

      The filling isn't what I'd call CREAMY but it's got a yummy flavour and the texture of it goes proper nice with the pasta. You can taste the ham through the whole thing and it goes wicked with the cheese, ham and cheese always goes nice and this is a good combo for a pasta filling I reckon and perfect for getting kids into eating stuff like this.

      A 200g pack costs £1.50 and I think that's a good price because this pasta is wicked quality and a nice change from the normal filled pasta I buy. A pack will do 2 little kids with just enough but if I was going to have some I'd do myself the whole 200g up because half the pack is deffo not enough for me!

      Recommended.... perfect for giving your kids more variety at mealtimes.


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