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Tesco Premium Italian Pasta (Riccioli)

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Pasta

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    2 Reviews
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      08.11.2009 22:38
      Very helpful




      This is one of my fave pastas and I've just had a bowl with a bit of sauce because I've got a nasty cold at the minute and plainish pasta always soothes my throat.

      It's a tight spiral pasta that takes about 11 minutes to cook so that it's perfect. I think it goes particular well with a thick cooking sauce but I had mine with a squirt of ketchup today and that was yummy too.

      This pasta is made in Italy from durum wheat and has got a lovely fresh flavour and I can taste the wheat stronger than with other white pastas, it's got a bit of a wholemeal flavour when it's cooked but not too much and isn't as rough tasting as wholemeal pasta.

      Because of the shape of the pasta it's a good one to use when you're having a thick sauce because it clings nice and the sauce will get in among the spiral shape. It opens out a bit while it's boiling and that gives the sauce even more nooks and crannies to hide in so the pasta gets a proper good coating.

      A bag costs £1.09 and even though that's a bit more expensive than the pasta I usually buy I do love the shape and taste of it so much that it's worth the extra money I reckon.


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      19.08.2008 09:21
      Very helpful



      Really tasty and stands its own even without a strong sauce.

      This is my latest favourite pasta. I really do love Tesco's Premium Italian Riccioli pasta. I am not quite sure why it is better than their usual pasta but it just is. I will attempt to explain how dleicious it is now. Wish me luck!

      It is much like the traditional twist shapes but much curlier, if that makes sense. There are a more turns in each piece of pasta.

      For me, this pasta had a slightly stronger taste that other white pasta I have bought from Tesco. It was not as strong or overpowering as a wholemeal pasta but it certainly stood its own. It is mild enough to use in any pasta dish and yet if you want it on its own with a drizzle of olive oil, it is actually pretty tasty in its own right.

      Unlike ordinary white pasta, this pasta has a slightly rough texture. Not a great deal but just enough to make it slightly different to the colourless soulless smooth pasta you often find in supermarket's own brand sections. This slightly brushed texture is excellent for allowing sauce to stick to it, just a little bit.

      I first tried this pasta with a very simple recipe that really showed its flavour to the best. I boiled some Tesco Riccioli pasta and once it was cooked, I drained the water, returned it to the pan and added olive oil (I am quite generous but it will depend on your taste), smoked salmon trimmings and halved cherry tomatoes. Just leave for a few minutes for the tomatoes to warm through slightly. Do not add salt, as there is enough in the smoke salmon. This was simple and delicious and was the meal that made this my favourite pasta ever!

      Contains Durum wheat semolina.
      Per 100g
      12.5g protein
      73g carbohydrate
      2.4g sugars
      1.4g fat
      0.3g saturates
      2.6g fibre

      500g packets cost 99p

      This is a really delicious pasta. The slightly rough texture and ultra-twisty shapes are great for picking up sauce.


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