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Tesco Value Basmati Rice

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Rice

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    1 Review
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      21.01.2010 10:27
      Very helpful



      Slightly cheaper than average Basmati rice

      Tesco Value Basmati Rice currently costs £1.50 per kilo, compared with the Tesco 'regular' (ie. non-value) Basmati rice, which sells at around the £1.60 mark. This is a mystifyingly small price difference, especially since - although this being dry rice brands we're comparing, obviously you can't tell just by looking -the rice sold in the 'value' bags is, I think, definitely of poorer quality than the regular Basmati rice.

      Basmati rice is a type of long-grain white rice, with slender, particularly elongated grains. It's got a fragrance to it when it's dry as well as when it's cooked that give it a special delicious flavour, and as the grains are substantially thinner than the grains in non-Basmati long-grained rice, it cooks more easily and quickly too. I can't tell any difference whatsoever in taste between the Tesco Value and Tesco Standard brands of Basmati rice; the grains in the value stuff sometimes seem a bit more bashed-around-looking to me, but I could well be imagining that. The value stuff comes in an uninspiring pillow-shaped clear bag made that's probably been deliberately made out of that special dull polythene that always slightly grubby / dusty-looking even when it's perfectly clean - just so you know you're buying a discount product, but the actual rice on the face of it, is near-indistinguishable from the slightly more expensive label.

      When I was buying and eating the 'Value' Basmati stuff regularly however, I found myself subject to a series of minor digestive - not upsets really, but let's call them 'difficulties' - which I eventually came to associate with having eaten rice recently. Despite having eaten rice around two or three times a week for all of my life, I eventually gave up eating the stuff as a staple altogether on account of this.

      We got through very little rice during this abstemious period, but eventually ran out, and as Tesco happened to have sold out of the Value Basmati I had been buying when I went to get more, I bought their regular Basmati rice. And do you know what, it could well be a coincidence, or something unrelated, but now I can eat rice as much as or even more than I did before, and I find it doesn't have any negative effect on me.

      I don't know what pesticides / agrichemicals they use in rice growing, but I suspect it's all sorts of 'nasties.' It's a total guess, and I don't know if agrichemical residues in Tesco Value Basmati Rice were what was upsetting me, but I shall certainly never buy this product again.


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