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Uncle Bens Long Grain Rice

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Brand: Uncle Ben's / Type: Rice

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    6 Reviews
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      11.05.2013 22:22
      Very helpful



      I really rate this product and eat it 2 or 3 times a week.

      I work from various sites and don't have much time to make lunch in advance for work everyday. I'm not one for cheating at something as simple and straightforward as rice BUT this product really does lend itself to a quick tasty, warm meal while at work when you don't have much time.

      I tend to buy with it John West Seared Tuna fillets - found in the tuna aisle. The rice takes two minutes in the mike and the tuna takes 30 seconds - making them perfect for each other! And will always get "ooh that looks tasty and healthy" from your colleagues.

      So, the rice, it comes in packets with enough rice in for two reasonable portions but I often want more. It's vacuum packed, so you have to remember to squish the bag up before tearing it a little and putting it in the microwave.

      The bags themselves get really hot, obviously, so the only criticism I have is that when you tear the bag right across it always gets a bit fiddley at the end and you end up battling with a hot bag with little bits of rice dropping out while trying to finish the tear.

      The rice tastes fine, it's a really reliable quick addition to your meal. The other flavours are ok, other people I know like them, but I prefer the plain rices myself.

      I do sometimes end up throwing some away so think the bags could be smaller/cheaper, but you can plan to share or fridge it. Not sure about reheating it twice though.

      Look out for deals on this rice, quite often you will find it going for £1 (co-op, ASDA) - at full price it's quite costly given what it is and how much it would cost to make from scratch, but as I said, it's a really handy thing if you're strapped for time, cooking utilities but want something reasonably healthy and filling halfway through your working day.


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      18.01.2012 23:43
      Very helpful



      The best tasting long grain rice I have tried, brilliant cooking bags that leaves no mess in the pan

      Rice is one of those kitchen cupboard essentials that I always make sure I have a stock of. Rice can go with a variety of different dishes, both hot and cold. Now there are many different types of rice and different brands. But long grain rice is one of the most popular and Uncle Bens is one of the leading brands. You can purchase Uncle Ben's long grain rice in a variety of forms including loose, express and boil in the bag. Now the one thing that I hate about rice is that it seems to get everywhere when cooking it, not only does some stick to the pan it also sticks to the serving spoon and some always seems to escape somewhere in the kitchen. So this is the main reason that I purchase the boil in the bag rice as it keeps it all enclosed during cooking.

      The only downside to Uncle Bens rice is the cost as compared to the supermarkets own brand rices it can be rather more expensive. But to me it is a great quality and tasting rice so I always look out for it being on special offer and stock up when it is. You can purchase the rice in boxes that contain different sized bags, one that has 8 x 62.5g currently for £2.76 (currently buy one get one free) at Tesco or a box that contains 2 x 125g bags for £1.75. I tend to purchase the boxes of 62.5g bags as I find each bag provides just the correct amount for one adults serving.

      The rice comes in special bags that you boil the rice in. These bags are waxy feeling, transparent plastic bags that have holes in to allow the water to drain from the bag when the rice is cooked. The bag also has other features including a loop at the top to allow you to lift the bag out of the boiling water with a fork so you do not need to touch it and also a cold corner of the bag so you can hold it as soon as it comes out of the water to stop you burning your fingers. There is also a pre-cut 'v' at the top just to the side of the corner of the bag to allow you to tear the bag easily to remove the rice.

      Cooking the rice is very easy indeed you just need to follow the simple illustrated instructions on the back of the box:
      1. Bring a large pan of water to the boil.
      2. Add the required number of bags of rice to the pan and simmer for 10 minutes.
      3. Remove the bag with a fork and hold over the pan for a few second to allow the water to drain from the holes in the bag.
      4. Tear open the bag at the pre-cut 'v'.
      5. Serve and enjoy.
      This for me has always produced perfectly cooked rice. The bag also means that there is no rice left to stick in the pan and no rice escaping anywhere.

      As far as the taste and texture goes in my opinion this is the best cook at home long grain rice that I have tried. I find that compared too many of the rice's I have tried this one cooks beautifully well and is never too starchy and soggy or too hard. Some rice's I have tried have been very sticky and seem to stick to the inside of your mouth but this one is very nice to eat and not at all sticky. It also has a lovely clean fresh taste to it and goes well with so many dishes including sweet and sour, curry, stuffed peppers etc. You can also use this rice to make lovely fresh rice salads from so it is very versatile.

      Overall in my opinion this is great rice and one that I will continue to buy time and time again it is just a shame that it is so expensive!


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      22.03.2011 11:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good item to have on stand-by as it's so quick & easy to prepare

      Normally this is the sort of product that I would laugh at for being ridiculous and unnecessary. Rice in a bag? But you can just boil it up yourself, it's not exactly rocket science! However, my other half seems to have real issues with cooking rice correctly and he has resorted to buying these Uncle Ben Express rice packs. They can be found in most supermarkets and the Long Grain Rice variety cost £1.42 for a 250g pouch from Tesco.

      The rice is part of the Uncle Ben's range which includes many different varieties of easy cook rice, along with pre-made cooking sauces. The rice comes in a compact plastic pouch weighing in at 250g which is just right for 2 portions. The bright orange packaging certainly makes it stand out on the shelf and you can tell straight away that it is made by Uncle Ben's. I haven't used any of these products before as I prefer to cook my own rice, but I decided to give this a go one day when I was very pushed for time and feeling poorly so I couldn't be bothered to cook anything more involved than opening a packet.

      Product description: "Uncle Ben's has steamed this long grain rice for maximum freshness and flavour. Perfect every time. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives."

      With Uncle Ben's Express Rice you can choose from many different types of rice and some have special flavours such as Mexican or egg fried rice. I used the basic Long Grain Rice and was actually very glad of having such a basic and easy to prepare item in the store cupboard. The selling point here is that the rice has already been steam cooked, so to prepare it yourself you only need to open the packet and bung it in the microwave for a few minutes. It really is that simple, as laid out in the cooking instructions below...

      Directions: Store in a cool dry place. Once opened refrigerate unheated rice for up to 3 days.
      How to prepare:
      1/ Squeeze the pouch to separate the rice.
      2/ Tear a 2cm opening to vent.
      3/ Heat for 2 minutes at 700W.
      Cooking instructions for pan: Boil 30ml of water. Add contents of pouch, cover and simmer for 3 minutes.

      Unfortunately I hadn't quite read the instructions correctly, and after squeezing the pouch to separate the rice I tore off the entire top strip of the packet rather than just opening a smaller slit to allow any steam to escape. After I got it out of the microwave it seemed to have cooked through nicely anyway, and although it looked plain and not hugely appealing, it is only rice and rice never looks that exciting!

      The rice had a nice moist feel to it which I was pleasantly surprised by, as a lot of the time when I have had ready meals or reheated rice using the microwave the rice has come out rather dry. I expect that as the rice has already been steam cooked and there is a small amount of oil and orange juice listed in the ingredients, this may have helped the rice to retain its moisture and avoid drying out in the microwave. The taste was as I expected, quite bland but I don't usually pick long grain rice as I prefer the more fragrant type such as basmati. To add a bit more interest and make it taste nicer I added some dark soy sauce which is one of my favourite cooking ingredients. After this the rice had a more lively flavour and I munched my way through the whole 250g amount of it rather than splitting it into two portions as recommended. I think that the texture and moist feeling of this Express rice is lovely, and it was certainly a very easy thing to prepare. The pouch was handy and created no mess at all so there wasn't even any clearing up to do afterwards. The only thing which wasn't quite to my liking was the plain taste, but this can be made more to my liking by the addition of spices, flavourings or sauces after cooking.

      I think this is a helpful product if you are really pushed for time, or if you have problems cooking rice without turning it to mush. It was extremely easy to prepare and I was grateful for such a simple way of cooking this rice as rice is one of my favourite comfort foods and I always eat it when I'm feeling unwell, and don't feel like making too much effort cooking. I would recommend this Express rice, and would consider buying it again but looking at one of the different flavour varieties such as the egg fried rice or basmati rice.

      Typical nutritional values per portion (125g):
      Energy - 779kJ - 184kcal -
      Protein - 3.8g
      Carbohydrate - 38.6g
      of which sugars - 0.3g
      Fat - 1.6g
      of which saturates - 0.1g
      Fibre - 0.5g
      Sodium - 0.10g / 100mg
      Salt - 0.25g / 250mg

      Ingredients: Steamed Long Grain Rice (99%), Sunflower Oil, Orange Juice, Salt, Spice.


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        12.05.2010 13:11
        Very helpful



        The perfect rice for any event

        When I'm cooking with rice there is only one for me and it has to be of course.....Uncle Ben's long grain rice, not the ones in the pre packed bag but the loose kind.
        Uncle Ben's rice is the only food Item I always keep stocked in my kitchen purely because you can do a lot with rice whether it's a dinner or desert.
        If your budgeting you can stretch it out with rice on a number of dinner idea's or if you want to impress by cooking a banquet then this rice will still do the trick, for all you novice cooks out there it is probably the easiest thing to cook because everyone knows how to cook rice, once it's soft enough for you to eat then its done....just make sure it's not crunching and you will be fine.

        A quick thing I have to say if your not too sure if you can cook, well I'm going to say to you what was said to me..."if you can read you can cook".

        The box is identifiable with its famous orange colour with Uncle Ben's name in Blue across the top with a wok filled mainly with rice and also some vegetables in the background, then to the left is a fork with rice on it like its about to be eaten.
        And just under the fork is "10 Minutes" on a blue background (just so you can see it takes only 10 minutes to cook), right at the bottom it tells you "An Adults Guidline Daily Amount"
        which is:

        Kcal 215
        Sugars 0.3g
        Fat 0.8g
        Saturates 0g
        Salt 0g

        They come in (as I have seen) 3 sizes
        on the side of the box you see like a little tab that opens up to make it easier to pour.

        Nutrition Information:

        Per 100 Grams
        Calories 344
        Protein 7.3g
        Carbohydrate 76g
        Of which sugars 0.5g
        Fat 1.3g
        Of which saturates 0g
        Fibre 1g
        Sodium 0g
        Salt 0.01

        The taste I find can vary depending on what I am making, for example, if I'm making a steak and rice I find that after I season it and flavour it I find it more sterner than if I was making rice for a curry which is more softer and creamier just as creamy as if you were making rice pudding.

        The rice is a small hard grain that is slightly yellow in colour but as it boils away it doubles in size and takes on a white colouring which now looks more desirable.

        There are 2 ways you can cook rice, either in the microwave (which I can find a bit rubbery) and on the stove which is always the preferred way.

        This is my method to cooking basic rice
        Fill up your kettle and put it on to boil, when that's done take out your saucepan place it on the cooker and turn it on.
        pour the boiling water from the kettle into the saucepan add salt and add the Rice.
        After about 10 minutes take it off the stove and drain the water out of the rice, should be nice and soft but not so soft as to become like mash.
        the box says for every amount of rice you use add exactly double for the water amount, but to be honest even if you use a little amount of rice and a lot of water as long as you remove it around the 10 minute mark you should be ok.
        if you like it harder take it off earlier or if you like it softer then leave it longer, just keep tasting it till its at your desired level.
        Uncle Ben's is probably the only rice I know to not stick together or be too starchy.

        So if your going to use rice you
        can't really go anywhere else.


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        02.03.2010 00:12
        Very helpful



        Great Results Every Time, Even For A Culinary Clown Like Me

        I'm a bit like Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, the bit that swears and stomps around a lot... Unfortunately that's were any similarities end. I do enjoy my food though, therefore I have to cook, but the reality is that I try to keep things simple when and where I can.

        Uncle Ben's long grain rice allows me that luxury. It even says on the front of the packet "Perfect Every Time" and it's really true. This rice has never let me down. Apparently, every single grain is carefully selected. What an exciting job that must be!

        I purchased the 250g pack, which is "Boil In The Bag" (I did say that I liked to keep things simple) 2 x 125g sachets. There are easy to follow instructions on the back of the packet with little pictures to make it completely idiot proof.

        Step 1

        Bring a large amount of water to the boil

        Step 2

        Add bag (And salt if required) and simmer for 10 mins

        Step 3

        Remove bag and drain well

        Step 4

        Tear open bag at pre cut V

        Step 5

        Serve and enjoy.

        Simples! With excellent results every time this is perfect for me. Light fluffy rice that never sticks in just 10 minutes. No wonder Uncle Ben looks so self satisfied on the front of the packet, in my opinion he really is the governor when it comes to rice.

        Available at all the usual outlets at a price of approx £1.80. Apparently Tesco are selling packs of 8 x 62.5g bags at £1.48 at the moment, which sounds like great value.


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        17.09.2009 17:27
        Very helpful



        A great rice to cook for us none chef types!

        I love rice and have it really very often. I don't know about anyone else but I find it really hard to cook and to get to perfection each and every time. My prefeered brand is this one cos I can get perfection every time I cook it with hardly any effort at all which suits me just fine lol!

        The Packaging:

        This is available in either a 250g price (which costs about £1.61 a box) and in a pouch or as I always purchase it in a 500g box (which costs around £1.93) and of course it is available in other varieities such as Chinese style rice, Wholgrain and Pilau.

        The Packaging:

        Whether you buy this in the pouch or box they look the same in the way of there colour scheme and information listed. The pouch is plastic and easy to open and close and stuff. However I mainly purchase the box as I like the bigger size! So on the box is orange and has an easy pull out spout to the side of it. On the front there is a photogoraph of the rice and then I'm told that it is Uncle Ben's 'Perfect Every Time' Long Grain Rice that cooks in 10 minutes and that it's superior quality and never sticks and there is an at a glance nutritional chart and the size is stated to the bottom of the box. Other information on the box includes being told a bit about the product, instructions on how to cook it, nutritional information is given, contact details for Uncles Bens is listed and up one side of the box there is a guide to how much rice you need per person with little windows.

        To Cook It:

        Bring a large amoiunt of water to the boil in a large pan pour in desired amount of rice. cover the pan and cook for 10 minutes and drain well.

        The Rice:

        Small and translucent and a sort of beige in colour this is so easy to cook! I add as much rice as I think I need to a pan of water and each and every time I get perfect rice! Basically to cook this you need one part rice to two parts of rice and in my view it is important to add salt to this to bring out the grains flavour.

        When cooked it goes to brilliant white looking unstodgy rice with no slime (so rinsing in my opinion is optional though I always do with freshly boiled water). It never clumps up or goes gloopy and never are there tough bits of uncooked rice in it! I like the way that the rice stays al dente, doesn't go to mush and keeps very seperate. Great to add as accompient to meals of any type but I like to add it to Oriental dishes such as stir fries and things like that and it is very versatlie indeed.

        Excellent quality every time with no fuss and in quick time! What is there to not like about it, it's superb!

        Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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